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Star Trek PbP New & Needing Crew.Taylorrpgs018:56, Thu 11 Dec by the author
Lost Worlds D&D 3.5 Eberron Chat-Based gameeternaldarkness018:45, Fri 21 Nov by the author
Gods and Ghosts: 3.5 Adventures in FaerunBrodencrantz007:01, Thu 13 Nov by the author
"Demon: The Fallen" Chronicle, Cleveland OH, westsiderobninja005:45, Wed 12 Nov by the author
Gehenna by Night - Play-by-Post Vampire The Masquerade ForumMouseGBN009:25, Sun 09 Nov by the author
Dragon Lore - new fantasy play-by-postNautica016:50, Sun 26 Oct by the author
Just found an interesting game!Odman016:00, Tue 21 Oct by the author
Bleach Online Based on Mangamiyagi004:20, Mon 20 Oct by the author
Roll20 Mutant Epoch gameEco Cola006:18, Sun 19 Oct by the author
Pathfinder Player Looking for a DM for Roll20 (or similar)Miruruneko017:59, Thu 16 Oct by the author
Endless Fantasy Tactics(war battles, R20)Xiphoniii022:53, Sun 12 Oct by the author
Roll20 Crimson skies fate based gameseekerofshadowlight017:31, Thu 02 Oct by the author
5e DnD play by post campaignartteach004:20, Wed 01 Oct by the author
Roll20: Way of the Wicked campaign (13th Age rules)White Cat005:44, Thu 25 Sept by the author
Roll20 AND Skype PF: Carrion crownAndrew Wilson004:24, Tue 23 Sept by the author
Burning Post II - a MuD RPGZalon023:55, Mon 22 Sept by the author
New player looking to play rpg in skypeStalker05002:07, Tue 16 Sept by the author
IRC based X-Men game looking for playerscalthas016:06, Mon 15 Sept by the author
Austin, Texas, Sunday EveningsThruxus023:52, Wed 10 Sept by the author
Lexicon games looking for playerskirby1024006:08, Wed 27 Aug by the author
C&C: EberronVon Stalhein012:25, Mon 25 Aug by the author
Humanspace Empires (OD&D Tekumel in Spaace!)Baron017:41, Thu 14 Aug by the author
www.xaviers-children.netKingsLandingDragon003:40, Thu 14 Aug by the author
Novus Utum - D&D 3.5 Chat-Based gameeternaldarkness010:05, Tue 12 Aug by the author
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