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Notice: GPIA Rules (read me first) [07 June 2010]cruinne002:59, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
Interest: Vampire the Requiem based around relationships   [last]dancingrabbitz415:27, Today by dancingrabbitz
IC: Homebrew setting, "Noblu Zubaen"DarkLightHitomi014:36, Today by the author
IC d20 Fallout type adventure   [last]Rothos1905:48, Today by Odin442
Exalted - Graceful Wicked Masques - The Fair FolkIllfirin004:42, Today by the author
Possible Lord and/or God game   [last]Superdad301:59, Today by Superdad
restarting a Dark Ages Vampire game set in non-canon Venice   [last]gladiusdei401:46, Today by drewalt
Moved: JAGS WonderlandArchAngel950001:06, Today by the author
Input/Interest for a DnD 5e game   [last]Puppet Cancer221:24, Yesterday by Puppet Cancer
Checquy filesrgr020:24, Yesterday by the author
GURPs WWII?Arkyn019:18, Yesterday by the author
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2E Question?!?   [last]Undeadbob207:06, Yesterday by Undeadbob
Arkham Asylum Anarchy   [last]Uebelator1311:28, Tue 21 Oct by Uebelator
[Interest] D&D 5E - Hoard of the Dragon Queen   [last]Coridan823:08, Mon 20 Oct by Redfoxmagi
Existential Horror   [last]Tortuga2420:32, Mon 20 Oct by pfarland
(IC) Rogue Trader: Servants of the House Leporidae (Adult?)   [last]Alexei Yaruk-Mundhenk817:45, Mon 20 Oct by Alexei Yaruk-Mundhenk
D&D 5th Edition Players Wanted- 5 max   [last]Gleep Wurp813:27, Mon 20 Oct by bonni56
Gumshoe with GUMSHOE   [last]committed hero821:45, Sun 19 Oct by committed hero
Moved: Writers BlockTinyTim005:47, Sun 19 Oct by the author
Ork Rogue Trader Game   [last]aguy777523:02, Wed 15 Oct by aguy777
Superheroes, Cyberpunks, or Paranormal Investigators (oh my)   [last]Tortuga1322:24, Wed 15 Oct by Tortuga
IC: Murder in Baldur's Gate D&D 5th Edition   [last]liblarva619:40, Wed 15 Oct by bobbofeet
Advice on game system for low-fantasy game   [last]johnblue2018:44, Wed 15 Oct by bigbadron
Interest check: rules-light low fantasyjohnblue010:40, Wed 15 Oct by the author
Lone Wolf RPG... IC   [last]Silverfoxdmt73615:14, Tue 14 Oct by the_Cava
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