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Notice: GPIA Rules (read me first) [07 June 2010]cruinne002:59, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
dothack's "The World" as an RPG   [first|last]Kaedan942500:10, Today by Merevel
IC Star Wars Padawan Stories   [last]BewareofCrisps800:04, Today by dlantoub
Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra game   [last]Skyman1800:01, Today by dlantoub
Interest Check: Wuxia Homebrew   [last]WinterRat12202:17, Yesterday by Alectai
Roleplaying in the Bad Movies   [last]steelsmiter1020:48, Thu 18 Sept by steelsmiter
IC 'Web of the Spider Cult'   [last]AnotherAndy1114:11, Thu 18 Sept by AnotherAndy
Pulp Action Game: Interest Check   [last]MysteryAddict1518:53, Wed 17 Sept by MysteryAddict
Star Trek-Star Wars: Exile (Crossover using EotE/AoR/FaD)   [last]Coridan1517:44, Wed 17 Sept by Coridan
Dual D&D 5e game Player/DM partnerThomas Berg016:05, Wed 17 Sept by the author
IC Building from Scratch   [last]Rothos1102:29, Wed 17 Sept by Azraile
Bunnies & Burrows   [last]Bod Man2021:54, Tue 16 Sept by DarkLightHitomi
New Lone Wolf RPG Discussion Group   [last]Silverfoxdmt731417:33, Tue 16 Sept by Silverfoxdmt73
Freedom-verse game w/ growth? (M&M 2nd ed)   [last]Sir_Chivalry1105:25, Tue 16 Sept by archus
Has anybody heard of the Warlord CCG/RPG?Panacea004:26, Tue 16 Sept by the author
[IC] Star Wars d10 (nWoD 2nd Ed)   [last]Steeldragon051922:07, Mon 15 Sept by Hunter
Game of Thrones like game   [last]Tzuppy917:02, Sun 14 Sept by Skyman
(I.C.) nWoD Gotham v.s. New York: Batman Hunter the Vigil   [last]Broletariat722:07, Sat 13 Sept by Steeldragon05
IC: Continuum - the RPG of genuine time travel   [last]BlueShift820:07, Sat 13 Sept by BlueShift
once upon a time role play   [last]buttercupp234114:30, Sat 13 Sept by dnich1123
I want to run a second game...   [last]iamtim519:50, Fri 12 Sept by Jayde
the Drangeon   [last]the_Cava716:19, Wed 10 Sept by the_Cava
Pathfinder Gritty Low Magic Swashbuckling   [last]st_nougat819:40, Tue 09 Sept by st_nougat
Sandbox, Multi-racial nWoD game.   [last]PsychoJester1522:15, Mon 08 Sept by NnySquee
IC: Humble Beginnings Shadowrun-based Savage Worlds   [last]swordchucks1204:50, Sat 06 Sept by swordchucks
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