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Notice: GPIA Rules (read me first) [07 June 2010]cruinne002:59, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
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GTA RPG rules?   [last]steelsmiter722:01, Yesterday by steelsmiter
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Four Color FAE   [last]airellian415:41, Yesterday by airellian
Warhammer 1st   [last]Perdido323:34, Mon 25 May by chazmo
Dune - Interest check   [last]jmlima518:07, Mon 25 May by jmlima
Look, matey, I know a dead parrot when I see one: comic AD&D   [last]jimlafleur1410:02, Mon 25 May by jimlafleur
IC: Dark Sun using Only War/Dark Heresy 2nd Edition   [last]deadmanshand717:26, Sun 24 May by deadmanshand
Horror/messing with players   [last]wolfsforza515:32, Sun 24 May by kouk
IC: Dungeon World Role Reversal   [last]DarkPrince400:07, Sun 24 May by DarkPrince
A different colour of  'Werewolf: The Forsaken'.   [last]metulmonkee217:45, Sat 23 May by metulmonkee
Star Wars: Rule of two   [last]Solar_Dawn1317:29, Sat 23 May by Solar_Dawn
1e AD&D, 1e GW, SW WEG or FASERIP?   [last]Justisaur1716:01, Sat 23 May by Peace
HARP/Rolemaster   [last]Superdad920:42, Thu 21 May by Superdad
Nomic: A Game of Self-Amendment   [last]LonePaladin506:01, Thu 21 May by LonePaladin
Story, RP heavy gestalt Eberron game   [last]gladiusdei1903:19, Thu 21 May by gladiusdei
Looking for a fantasy game system   [last]Grimmond2103:04, Thu 21 May by tulgurth
DnD 5e: High Levels   [last]Mustard Tiger817:36, Wed 20 May by That Guy With The Face
Axis and Allies   [last]Jacob Bowden417:33, Wed 20 May by Jacob Bowden
Trinity?   [last]mattdude00205:51, Wed 20 May by mattdude00
Sword Art Online-esque (VR Simulation)  Game   [last]Icedark1117:54, Tue 19 May by srgrosse
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