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Notice: GPIA Rules (read me first) [07 June 2010]cruinne002:59, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
[IC] VtR 2nd Ed set in 2002 NYC   [last]Steeldragon05201:40, Today by Sleeping Darkness
IC: Bleach: A New Chapter   [last]zanith722:01, Yesterday by zanith
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Im doing a SAO RevampSlewis125019:36, Yesterday by the author
IC: Returner's Guildhall Chat   [last]steelsmiter1917:16, Yesterday by steelsmiter
Interest check - Powered by the apocalypse game   [last]DoctorLadyGaga715:51, Yesterday by DoctorLadyGaga
IC: 4e Epic Level Game   [last]engine514:34, Yesterday by engine
Input wanted:Tailored Rogue Campaign /Thief Guild Adventures   [last]Mentor409:03, Yesterday by CarolineTrahan
Interest Check - Buffy the Cyberpunk Vampire Slayer 5e   [last]knight371008:38, Yesterday by CarolineTrahan
Games I'd Like To Play (Multiverse Sandbox)   [last]aspectuscape602:26, Yesterday by aspectuscape
Space   [last]Lord_Johnny1623:42, Mon 02 May by Livember
Chronicles of Darkness solo gameRetias016:55, Mon 02 May by the author
IC: Changeling the Dreaming...   [last]liblarva1318:50, Sun 01 May by liblarva
IC: Shadowrun   [first|last]deadmanshand3114:56, Sun 01 May by bigbadron
IC: God Game to M&M 2e/Pathfinder/3.5e   [last]Carakav518:21, Sat 30 Apr by Carakav
Interest Check: Conspiracy X 2.0   [last]Spyrogyra522:15, Fri 29 Apr by Spyrogyra
Interest Check: Aliens 4   [last]Solar_Dawn1419:54, Fri 29 Apr by Livember
IC: BESM 3rd Ed. (Roll20 for battles)Zarazel019:27, Fri 29 Apr by the author
Rewarding engaging play without penalizing the status-quo   [last]V_V1014:38, Fri 29 Apr by Mrrshann618
TMNT: Those Who Are Not Turtles   [first|last]steelsmiter2719:55, Wed 27 Apr by steelsmiter
Interest Check - Heroes style game with a mythological twist   [last]AxiomBlack2418:22, Wed 27 Apr by AxiomBlack
IC: PA Game   [last]sbodmann200:18, Wed 27 Apr by sbodmann
IC: Monster game   [last]Dchsknight318:54, Tue 26 Apr by Dchsknight
Almighty Johnsons style Scion Game   [last]Vane661605:13, Tue 26 Apr by Vane66
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