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Notice: GPIA Rules (read me first) [07 June 2010]cruinne002:59, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
IC: undecided D&D 5e game   [last]OutlawJT311:23, Today by Beychaliban
IC: Vikings in Space   [last]BewareofCrisps408:08, Today by tom power
IC: The Dark Knight   [last]LordIce623:37, Yesterday by Xiphoniii
D&D 3.5 Incarnum game?   [last]Rothos1204:28, Yesterday by Rothos1
Apocalypse game but not zombies!   [last]Vane661003:06, Yesterday by Vane66
Mutant chronicles game   [last]Katataban216:52, Fri 27 Mar by N0-1_H3r3
IC: Rifts, Wandering the Multiverse   [last]Jhaelan1207:27, Fri 27 Mar by Jhaelan
Star trek 'freeform' game   [last]Katataban723:27, Thu 26 Mar by Katataban
I.C. Old World of Darkness Mage or Dark Ages Vampire   [last]modestmouse923:24, Wed 25 Mar by modestmouse
Rebels or Imperials?   [last]Nurgles_Rot422:22, Wed 25 Mar by Nurgles_Rot
IC: Develop a Pokemon RPG and then play in that system!   [last]tommy2k4318:39, Wed 25 Mar by tommy2k4
Secure. Contain. Protect. (A Unisystem SCP IC)   [last]deadmanshand806:36, Wed 25 Mar by deadmanshand
IC: Conspiracy X (Unisystem)   [last]Dark Siren Sally801:47, Wed 25 Mar by Dark Siren Sally
Street fighter Game   [last]Runemage621:51, Tue 24 Mar by Chaos_Void
Moved: Game based on the anime SAO12pema020:38, Tue 24 Mar by the author
Kingmaker Pathfinder Adventure Path   [last]face-hits-ground117:41, Tue 24 Mar by rlovie
IC: Anyone want to play Hunter? (OWOD)   [last]Covenant1419:23, Mon 23 Mar by Covenant
interest in a Sorcerer game?   [last]xjermx614:56, Mon 23 Mar by csroy
(5E) Dragonlance: War of the Lance   [last]dm_punks904:01, Mon 23 Mar by Metal Fatigue
IC:Pathfind, No more waiting for heros.   [last]TinyTim1221:24, Sun 22 Mar by TinyTim
I.C. Gotham v.s. New York, Your Version of Batman   [last]Broletariat205:49, Sun 22 Mar by zeone3000
Super hero game   [last]Runemage1004:28, Sun 22 Mar by banjo_buddy
Moved: IC: Canon Superhero Game Where PC's are Replacements?Santo-Ghidorah020:21, Sat 21 Mar by the author
IC: "Underworld" versus   [last]LordIce221:58, Fri 20 Mar by LordIce
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