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Notice: GPIA Rules (read me first) [07 June 2010]cruinne002:59, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
Open World/Sandbox Apocalypse (player factions possible]   [last]Veritas11716:11, Today by Tamlin57
Scorpion (the TV show)   [last]UltraSPARC1100:00, Today by UltraSPARC
43AD anyone?   [last]captrooper222:47, Yesterday by captrooper
IC: Modiphius' Star Trek Adventures...   [last]liblarva923:26, Tue 18 Oct by liblarva
4e D&D: Retaking the ancient cities   [last]engine1217:32, Mon 17 Oct by engine
IC: Stargate, Harry Potter, Cthulhu, and WoD, oh my!   [last]Carakav1221:27, Sun 16 Oct by Carakav
[IC] Survival Horror   [last]TenFoldMore1716:03, Sun 16 Oct by Merevel
IC: Mad Max-esque game   [last]mediiic1910:41, Sun 16 Oct by mediiic
Looking to Try RPGs - noobie noobie nooooob   [last]clubspecialbee316:48, Sat 15 Oct by Merevel
Superheroes?   [first|last]ironleg2822:16, Fri 14 Oct by ironleg
Sources of a community's wealth in Forgotten Realms   [last]Ginkgo Bear1315:05, Fri 14 Oct by engine
IC:  Warhammer 40 K   [first|last]MKelly3316:32, Wed 12 Oct by MKelly
IC: TSR 80s mega mega module   [first|last]sbodmann3212:01, Wed 12 Oct by sbodmann
Dante's Inferno pathfinder/d&d IC   [last]TinyTim521:36, Tue 11 Oct by Nurgles_Rot
IC: Old World of Darkness   [last]silverelf601:14, Tue 11 Oct by silverelf
Interest Check - Mutants and Masterminds 3E   [last]BaronsCourt1210:24, Sat 08 Oct by BaronsCourt
IC: Teen Wolf-esque or Monster Hunters   [last]Yaaraer804:06, Sat 08 Oct by Yaaraer
Tenra Bansho Zero?   [last]Nintaku419:50, Fri 07 Oct by Nintaku
IC Crossover game Mutants and Masterminds and BTVS   [last]Rothos11517:20, Fri 07 Oct by Rothos1
IC: Stars Without Number: Starvation Cheap   [last]Cosmic Latte416:33, Fri 07 Oct by aguy777
IC: Checking Out Rolemaster United   [last]klingsmith.a1100:50, Fri 07 Oct by klingsmith.a
IC: Call of Cthulhu   [last]AnotherAndy300:23, Fri 07 Oct by Bane Root
IC : Skyrim open world game using GURPS   [last]Bane Root1923:34, Thu 06 Oct by Bane Root
IC: Powered By The Apocalypse discussion forum   [last]Alyse1121:36, Thu 06 Oct by Alyse
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