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Multiple Portraits for Characters   [last]Verisimilitude422:39, Yesterday by LoreGuard
Easy Tables and Grids.   [first|last]jase19302:09, Sun 20 Apr by jase
Bars for health and such   [last]Akronom1620:42, Fri 18 Apr by Brygun
Warhammer test dice system   [last]Akronom1119:43, Wed 16 Apr by Mortixx
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A suggested change to the Fudge dice options   [last]burlingk1804:40, Wed 02 Apr by burlingk
Edge of the Empire - Roller Errors   [last]MosesofWar1620:06, Mon 31 Mar by Unknown Blitz
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Wanted - Players changes   [last]Genghis the Hutt907:16, Sun 16 Mar by Skald
Update to edit Bio lines to be like edit tags   [last]Brygun823:33, Tue 11 Mar by Grimmond
Linking to a Specific Post   [last]LonePaladin703:35, Sun 09 Mar by Brygun
PMs to NPCs   [last]Grimmond203:14, Sat 08 Mar by LonePaladin
Dice Roller More Flexability in Reroll Maxmerpius006:11, Fri 07 Mar by the author
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