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New Character Transfer Option for GMs   [last]Evil Empryss817:08, Sat 16 July by icosahedron152
Allow embedding of youtube videos   [last]ribblle1204:53, Sat 16 July by Brygun
Smoother character sheet interface.   [last]Piestar502:19, Sat 16 July by DarkLightHitomi
Google Doc-Style Comments   [last]The Pretender712:39, Wed 22 June by The Pretender
Concerning Portraits -   [last]Savagedamsel220:14, Mon 13 June by Savagedamsel
Update preview   [last]Piestar1612:06, Fri 10 June by PrettyBirdie1
Page: Character Details doesn't right border right   [last]Brygun118:14, Sun 29 May by Brygun
Request: Images as percentages of window width   [last]Pat403:42, Sun 29 May by bigbadron
Colors of Thread Hyperlinks   [last]Krampus521:50, Wed 25 May by SunRuanEr
Text highlighting of new post flags   [last]DarkLightHitomi503:46, Wed 25 May by Godzfirefly
Unable to change posting character after preview   [last]Pat219:03, Fri 22 Apr by LoreGuard
Cast list sorting   [last]PushBarToOpen1807:12, Wed 20 Apr by matthewfenn
Moved: ApplesKenshi Morugu005:27, Mon 18 Apr by the author
SUGGESTION: Able to Organize games   [last]mystickdreamer507:45, Sun 17 Apr by Piestar
Search Option for Within Games   [last]Evil Empryss2017:03, Fri 08 Apr by Evil Empryss
Expanding certain aspects of tags   [last]gygax101423:40, Thu 07 Apr by LoreGuard
New dice roller option - T&T Attributesbigbadron019:35, Wed 30 Mar by the author
Free the maps!   [last]Piestar1312:48, Wed 23 Mar by C-h Freese
Game system list: Please add Fantasy AGE   [last]Pat416:18, Thu 17 Mar by locojedi
Unofficial themes will be going down   [last]adrasteia1316:42, Sun 06 Mar by adrasteia1
Filters   [last]Piestar602:41, Thu 03 Mar by PrettyBirdie1
Addition/change: nWoD into "Chronicles of Darkness"   [last]Samus Aran205:05, Fri 26 Feb by Genghis the Hutt
Removing game from sticky list doesn't work like FAQ says   [last]Genghis the Hutt1218:32, Tue 12 Jan by bigbadron
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