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Removing game from sticky list doesn't work like FAQ says   [last]Genghis the Hutt1218:32, Tue 12 Jan by bigbadron
SUGGESTION: Able to Organize games   [last]mystickdreamer305:25, Tue 12 Jan by Evil Empryss
Page: Character Details doesn't right border rightBrygun019:25, Sat 09 Jan by the author
SuggestionDarkCloudNinja!023:55, Tue 22 Dec 2015 by the author
Need a new GM?   [last]CosmicGamer419:12, Tue 22 Dec 2015 by Grimmond
Addition/change: nWoD into "Chronicles of Darkness"   [last]Samus Aran112:14, Sun 13 Dec 2015 by bigbadron
Suggestion:  Ability to archive a game as a single file   [last]burlingk310:17, Thu 03 Dec 2015 by burlingk
Feature Idea: Alphabetically ordered lists   [last]steelsmiter404:32, Thu 03 Dec 2015 by GamerHandle
Suggestion: Keep a record of past games for GMs   [last]jshaffstall1002:25, Thu 03 Dec 2015 by Shannara
Suggestion: Extra Player Module   [last]Warrax503:20, Mon 30 Nov 2015 by bigbadron
Bug in Edit Character Biosmatthewfenn021:11, Fri 13 Nov 2015 by the author
Suggestion: Change to Contrast Theme   [last]Wiglaf322:43, Wed 04 Nov 2015 by locojedi
Unable to change posting character after previewPat013:23, Wed 21 Oct 2015 by the author
Misplaced links, I think   [last]DarkLightHitomi201:05, Wed 21 Oct 2015 by jase
GM viewing as a Player   [last]tulgurth806:10, Mon 28 Sept 2015 by LonePaladin
Suggestion: Show number of players in ad listing   [last]Samus Aran810:13, Wed 23 Sept 2015 by Shannara
Big Text   [first|last]DarkLightHitomi2513:34, Fri 18 Sept 2015 by Skald
Easy Tables and Grids.   [first|last]jase21312:48, Wed 09 Sept 2015 by Skald
Req: View Character Sheet from Description screen for GMs   [last]Pat218:47, Tue 08 Sept 2015 by Pat
Moved: Should the FFG Star Wars game systems be consolida...praguepride019:59, Tue 01 Sept 2015 by the author
Browser Tab titles   [last]Skald1119:44, Tue 01 Sept 2015 by GamerHandle
Dice Roller Request   [last]steelsmiter2423:20, Sun 30 Aug 2015 by locojedi
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