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New World of Darkness Crossover (2nd Edition)Synthesis021:46, Yesterday by the author
Wuxia meets Pathfinder (Gestalt 16th+)   [first|last]Sardis3221:21, Yesterday by Gray-Exile43
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Looking for a Game or Two   [first|last]Rez53911:39, Yesterday by Rez
Earthdawn?   [last]Dr. Mindermast1806:20, Yesterday by Pyrate
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MASKS a new generationPhantom Mouse011:59, Tue 19 Mar by the author
The Forgotten Realms   [last]Bannacor908:21, Tue 19 Mar by Lord Psynister
Looking for a GM for Fading Suns   [last]Alarus119:50, Mon 18 Mar by Wynternight
Looking for a card game based RPG   [last]V_V115:48, Mon 18 Mar by V_V
Laundry files (Adult pref. Or mature)   [last]Starchaser106:34, Mon 18 Mar by Starchaser
Adorable Corporate Secret Weapon   [last]LoonyLadle110:42, Sun 17 Mar by LoonyLadle
This might be crazy, but looking for a Continuum GM   [last]Dblade26705:29, Sun 17 Mar by Dblade26
Star Wars FFG Criminal Crew   [last]praguepride521:00, Fri 15 Mar by praguepride
Wrath and glory 40k   [last]jamat309:16, Fri 15 Mar by jamat
Looking for a Gestalt Pathfinder Game   [last]Luney1311:34, Thu 14 Mar by Luney1
Unity rpg   [last]jamat121:00, Wed 13 Mar by jamat
Solo Shadowrun 5E for a New(ish) Player   [last]NowhereMan314:22, Wed 13 Mar by NowhereMan
GURPS: Black Ops   [last]Wynternight102:16, Wed 13 Mar by Bane Root
Orphan Water Dancer seeks  a home.   [last]Bannacor200:09, Tue 12 Mar by Bannacor
Seeking Godbound   [last]Flarelord618:11, Sun 10 Mar by Flarelord
Genesys - Android: Shadow Of the Beanstalk?   [last]TCArknight116:18, Sat 09 Mar by TCArknight
Exalted 2.5   [first|last]V_V2510:04, Sat 09 Mar by V_V
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