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Pathfinder 2E playtest!   [last]Samus Aran319:31, Thu 02 Aug by kthrynwtkns
3pp Pathfinder Character ConceptMrBlackstone009:57, Thu 02 Aug by the author
Idol Group in Fantasy World?Hunter002:11, Thu 02 Aug by the author
The One Ring   [last]Willis218:58, Wed 01 Aug by Samus Aran
Charlie does not surf aka Recon (Revised and Expanded)   [last]mediiic311:37, Wed 01 Aug by aguy777
DH2e - all scum, hives and villainy optional   [last]Novocrane508:33, Wed 01 Aug by Novocrane
LF solo Pathfinder, GURPS, or Mutants and Masterminds game.Vicedets000:37, Wed 01 Aug by the author
D20 Modern Gestalt   [first|last]Gray-Exile432523:06, Tue 31 July by Gray-Exile43
Warhammer Fantasy 4E   [last]Willis316:14, Tue 31 July by Lukey77
Looking to learn pathfinder   [last]failuretofly123:22, Mon 30 July by Luney1
Adult or Mature GPC   [last]thattripletguy222:24, Mon 30 July by thattripletguy
I want to play a doomed character. (roleplay over roll-play)   [last]jess_car_fix222:23, Mon 30 July by Halloweendm
Larhas looks for games!   [last]Larhas805:10, Sun 29 July by Starstruck
Mercenary or Military Pathfinder   [last]MrBlackstone801:14, Sun 29 July by kbdevil1a
L5R RPG Sandbox   [last]Sengoku1819:57, Fri 27 July by Novocrane
Halo   [last]Hakazu2117:38, Fri 27 July by ricosuave
Seeking Pathfinder: Solo Run (APs, PS, Homebrews all OK!)   [last]KaiWriter307:50, Thu 26 July by Luney1
VictoriousLordXenophon017:04, Wed 25 July by the author
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