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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
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Adventures in Middle-Earth Cubicle 7cymon000:44, Yesterday by the author
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Asst GMs wanted for long-running settlement game [ADULT]   [first|last]Morgan Coldsoul3207:03, Tue 20 June by Morgan Coldsoul
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Player requesting Pathfinder Kingmaker AP   [last]bmsattler115:33, Mon 19 June by praguepride
Shadowrun 5 GM?   [last]Nu_Fenix114:58, Mon 19 June by Khotanos
Looking for a Game or Two   [first|last]Rez40517:33, Sun 18 June by Rez
Exalted 2e + a non-level based fantasy game   [last]V_V1416:39, Sun 18 June by V_V
Progression Based Freeform   [last]Talon316:32, Sun 18 June by Talon
West End Games Star Wars GM wanted   [last]texanhick20200:28, Sun 18 June by texanhick20
Co-GM Needed Farscape/Fantastic Four inspired gameSalamanca018:47, Sat 17 June by the author
Monster Fighting Backgingernuts011:05, Sat 17 June by the author
Wanted: GM willing to help me learn the ropes   [last]persnicketypeahen722:11, Thu 15 June by Tancred
Seeking character-oriented solo RP (freeform)   [last]maroonfox110:00, Thu 15 June by maroonfox
Ptolus Campaign   [last]byzantinex422:20, Wed 14 June by byzantinex
D20 Modern Gestalt   [last]Gray-Exile43121:20, Wed 14 June by Gray-Exile43
Fate-universe/Holy Grail War Game   [last]Trilogy319:32, Wed 14 June by Trilogy
Moved: SW: Force and destineyHakazu019:13, Tue 13 June by the author
Champions - Deathstroke   [last]DiegoD89219:09, Tue 13 June by DiegoD89
Curse of Stradh   [last]gingernuts121:58, Mon 12 June by Panacea
Looking for games...   [last]Lord_Johnny114:22, Mon 12 June by Lord_Johnny
Evil monster PC 3.5 or d20 Modern   [last]PhantomSkyfire2106:33, Mon 12 June by Isida KepTukari
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