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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
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Bard/thief searches for home...JuniperJenny019:16, Yesterday by the author
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Second Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons   [last]Bannacor701:02, Yesterday by EvilGenius
I am looking for a co gm for dnd 3.5ne68127021:23, Mon 31 Aug by the author
Solo FFG Star Warspraguepride020:37, Mon 31 Aug by the author
DnD Slayer Dwarf Needs home9945019:46, Mon 31 Aug by the author
Fading Suns or Dragonlance?   [last]SeventhZombie1109:41, Mon 31 Aug by SeventhZombie
New to pathfinderwolvbane007:11, Mon 31 Aug by the author
PF - Looking to try out a Magus, not picky about setting.   [last]Keroman103:47, Mon 31 Aug by godlearner
1e ADnD Oriental Adventures?   [last]Kroork1202:56, Mon 31 Aug by smokinbarrel
Looking for GM for solo Pathfinder game.   [last]LivingScarecrow421:37, Sun 30 Aug by LivingScarecrow
Other Dust or Stars Without Number   [last]von_das407:10, Sun 30 Aug by StarMaster
Seeking a freeform Batman game   [first|last]TD2502:35, Sun 30 Aug by TD
Norse nature-loving PCs   [last]greenvoid611:21, Sat 29 Aug by smokinbarrel
wanted, pm rp.bre_alex200010002:40, Sat 29 Aug by the author
WoD requests! Vampire, Mage, Mummy and others!   [last]Varsovian622:18, Fri 28 Aug by robertod
Eden Studios' Witchcraft   [last]Varsovian322:16, Fri 28 Aug by Varsovian
Ragnarok!!!   [last]Nurgles_Rot620:26, Fri 28 Aug by novelcoon
Magic Girls with a twist.   [last]NotTheRedWire919:34, Fri 28 Aug by Sleeping Darkness
Inappropriate Character Solo requestOnar Idein016:40, Fri 28 Aug by the author
Talislanta (any edition)?   [last]RossN2215:33, Fri 28 Aug by Xhaosdaemon
Medieval free form rpg   [last]Giancarlo213:53, Fri 28 Aug by Giancarlo
Fairy Tail 3.5   [last]Joltzz805:47, Fri 28 Aug by Kazzaroth
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