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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
The Witcher   [last]kensai119:57, Yesterday by BFink
Player needs a home   [last]9945519:24, Yesterday by 9945
Looking for game that wont fizzle out.   [last]jaws78514:17, Yesterday by Mondego
[Adult Game] Courtesans?   [first|last]RossN2709:08, Yesterday by Gaffer
D&D 3.5 Gestalt mid to high level   [last]V_V1621:38, Thu 16 Apr by wizzard
Avengers vs Justice League Co-GM   [last]DLtheLegend102:22, Thu 16 Apr by TD
Exalted 2.5 - The Last Grand Hurrah   [first|last]Sleeping Darkness2520:09, Wed 15 Apr by Sleeping Darkness
Any GM willing to run 'The Caverns of Thracia'   [last]jmlima812:22, Wed 15 Apr by jmlima
Trio looking for V20 gameMichi_chan001:01, Wed 15 Apr by the author
Moderators sought for new Pathfinder Resources ForumAlexei Yaruk-Mundhenk020:53, Tue 14 Apr by the author
Final Fantasy RPG 3e (NOT d20 or FFd6)   [last]steelsmiter1418:01, Tue 14 Apr by 1shinigami
Orcs! [5e DnD]   [last]SummitOfLies316:56, Tue 14 Apr by SummitOfLies
Let's go pirate hunting! D&D 3.5   [last]kark2110:23, Tue 14 Apr by kark2
Wanted FATE or Cortex Plus game   [last]Shadowsmith402:33, Tue 14 Apr by Shadowsmith
Cypher System Gamma World or Culture-based game   [last]Unsung323:55, Mon 13 Apr by Unsung
Looking for a Game or Two   [first|last]Rez24318:17, Mon 13 Apr by Rez
savage worlds   [last]TheRhinos412:12, Mon 13 Apr by TheRhinos
Char idea for VTM (V20 or VTM Revised) - Clan Venture   [last]ddgon19100:03, Mon 13 Apr by robertod
Discworld roleplay anyone?   [last]Roir1223:13, Sun 12 Apr by Fireinthahole
Looking for a Wrath of the Righteous path   [last]bblaney318:38, Sun 12 Apr by bblaney
Looking for a villain game   [last]Vane66506:20, Sun 12 Apr by Case53
Forgotten Realms 5e   [last]bburdi02705:42, Sun 12 Apr by StarMaster
Seeking Pathfinder or D&D 5E   [last]rb344120:57, Sat 11 Apr by hobgob
Couple game types that I wouldn't mind playingKnight_Vassal019:09, Sat 11 Apr by the author
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