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Co-GM for a Freeform game   [last]Feast120:18, Thu 21 May by Feast
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D&D 3.5 (maybe pathfinder) Game   [last]Jacob Bowden219:58, Wed 20 May by Rinthor_Skymoore
D&D 3.5 Solo Sandbox   [last]sillybilly8497104:30, Wed 20 May by Rinthor_Skymoore
I want to play Deadpool.   [last]Bebo8096201:59, Wed 20 May by TinyTim
The Witcher   [last]kensai1001:37, Wed 20 May by Hermeticas
Moved: 1e AD&D, 1e GW, SW WEG or FASERIP?Justisaur023:16, Tue 19 May by the author
Solo PTU game   [last]ValeriaVilla114:39, Tue 19 May by Aurzel
Savage Worlds intro: World of the Dead/Accursed/Broken EarthSamus Aran005:29, Tue 19 May by the author
Mythic Pathfinder with a specific abilityGelidus002:07, Tue 19 May by the author
A Little Bit of Everything   [last]Tyr Hawk317:42, Mon 18 May by Tyr Hawk
Pokemon?   [last]Karnage306:35, Mon 18 May by Michi_chan
ScoobypocalypseBod Man023:59, Sun 17 May by the author
Palladium Fantasy   [last]Hermeticas219:17, Sun 17 May by TheSnowpanther
Pathfinder GM needed!grezo2012016:36, Sun 17 May by the author
Savage worlds accursedjamat009:12, Sat 16 May by the author
All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Looking for GameZeroku007:10, Sat 16 May by the author
Dungeon Crawl Classics (anything and everything)   [last]copacetik500:53, Sat 16 May by copacetik
Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is  seeking CO-DM's.   [last]i2amsocial313:39, Fri 15 May by i2amsocial
Icons   [last]jamat613:25, Thu 14 May by Kevlyn
PTU 1.05   [last]Joltz102:42, Thu 14 May by eggellis
Star Wars Saga   [last]pearldrum1202:12, Thu 14 May by pearldrum1
A Certain Scientific Railgun/Magical Index   [last]grezo2012323:49, Wed 13 May by donutz10
Moderators sought for new Pathfinder Resources Forum   [last]Alexei Yaruk-Mundhenk219:39, Wed 13 May by Alexei Yaruk-Mundhenk
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