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Pathfinder Ultimate Intrigue   [last]doom29169214:13, Thu 18 Aug by doom29169
Warhammer 40K   [last]Retias310:26, Thu 18 Aug by BlonderChick
Looking for a Game or Two   [first|last]Rez35701:56, Thu 18 Aug by Rez
Ars Magica and other games   [last]Shadowsmith800:55, Thu 18 Aug by Shadowsmith
Forgotten Realms AD&D   [last]Bannacor520:58, Wed 17 Aug by Fyrerain
Looking for Strategy GM   [first|last]Lord_Johnny2820:51, Wed 17 Aug by Lord_Johnny
Looking for several possible games   [last]CDragon415:26, Wed 17 Aug by ginny
Blowing the dust off a characterRedTeamPyro003:34, Wed 17 Aug by the author
Looking for Pathfinder GM!   [last]Deedee_k203:06, Wed 17 Aug by locojedi
Single-Player Fantasy Game?biskits001:49, Wed 17 Aug by the author
Final Fantasy d6?   [last]Xiphoniii317:21, Tue 16 Aug by biskits
World of Darkness: prefer Kindred of the East   [last]Cici_Outsider405:28, Tue 16 Aug by Avilister
Looking for an intrigue free form fantasy settingRedTeamPyro002:42, Tue 16 Aug by the author
New player looking for solo D&D game   [last]Zelfano120:04, Sun 14 Aug by jkeogh
Mage: the Awakening 2e? Group or Solo.   [last]Trilogy711:14, Sun 14 Aug by SergeWolf
Moved: Princess The Hopeful - Magical Girl Team needs a GMChenroth000:55, Sat 13 Aug by the author
D&D 3.5 shadowy underworld in an urban setting   [last]spectre308622:04, Fri 12 Aug by spectre308
Legend of the Five Rings 4th ed.   [last]Kikuchiyo712:53, Thu 11 Aug by Shoul
D&D 5e city-based game.GammaBear004:43, Thu 11 Aug by the author
A bizarre adventure in the world of achievement hunter   [last]TD404:36, Thu 11 Aug by TD
Shadowrun: Anarchy   [last]liblarva101:03, Thu 11 Aug by roy-d
I want to make a Dragonborn *Edit* Fighter, 5e.   [last]RedTeamPyro719:54, Wed 10 Aug by RedTeamPyro
Seeking existing or new Twilight 2000 game or GM   [last]asavery619:34, Wed 10 Aug by mediiic
Looking for GM for anti-hero werewolf, solo, duo, or group   [last]PhatJackal523:17, Tue 09 Aug by PhatJackal
Savage Rifts   [last]Thruxus121:42, Tue 09 Aug by JurneeJakes
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