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Looking for Burning Wheel GM   [last]Verrain301:28, Fri 23 Sept by Pleiades
4x Gaming?   [last]Lord_Johnny100:33, Fri 23 Sept by Nu_Fenix
Looking for GM for anti-hero werewolf, solo, duo, or group   [last]PhatJackal823:50, Thu 22 Sept by PhatJackal
4e D&D   [last]engine722:33, Thu 22 Sept by dulldreams
Looking for a 2nd Edition Werewolf or Mage game.   [last]SergeWolf1404:32, Thu 22 Sept by Wiskadajack
What's Old is New: FUTURE   [last]Larrikin301:55, Thu 22 Sept by shryke
World of Darkness - Hunter [Vigil]   [last]Tyr400:44, Wed 21 Sept by peloria
Exalted, 3rd Edition (or 2.5e Infernals, why not)   [last]Sleeping Darkness118:29, Tue 20 Sept by Sleeping Darkness
Evil/Non-Good Adult Gestalt Pathfinder   [last]Trilogy916:45, Mon 19 Sept by rlovie
Looking for: A game of serious, epic fantasy   [last]Christian Aas112:58, Mon 19 Sept by r3burns
A couple of games...   [last]Larrikin502:27, Mon 19 Sept by Agrotera
Looking for Heroes Unlimited and/or Dead Reign games.   [last]Sittingbull1700:01, Mon 19 Sept by Sittingbull
Beginner looking for fantasy setting   [last]humra523:07, Sun 18 Sept by Aslanii76
Bloodshadows: Fantasy-Noir RPGSamus Aran005:15, Sun 18 Sept by the author
Looking for an ST for Heresy/Rogue Trader/Black Crusade   [first|last]Plucky2804:19, Sun 18 Sept by Gordian Sorvus
Pathfinder AP Wrath of the Righteouseggellis018:26, Sat 17 Sept by the author
Mecha games (solo)   [last]Yozi106:54, Sat 17 Sept by lilbug
Sword Art Online   [last]Zalon203:56, Sat 17 Sept by Styric
Clockwork/Steampunk/Diesalpunk airships (PF, 5e, etc)RedTeamPyro002:28, Sat 17 Sept by the author
Adult One on One Fantasy   [last]Ghaele219:09, Fri 16 Sept by Ghaele
Character for a city-based campaign, Pathfinder (Negotiable)RedTeamPyro001:30, Fri 16 Sept by the author
Someone willing to run something like this?   [last]Lena1975715:50, Thu 15 Sept by Furry Teddy
Adventures in Middle Earth ?   [last]Silverfoxdmt73212:46, Thu 15 Sept by Silverfoxdmt73
Looking for a DC Adventures (M&M 3e) game   [last]RossN101:01, Thu 15 Sept by InvisibleSword
Masks: A New Generation...   [last]liblarva1023:27, Wed 14 Sept by liblarva
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