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Inverse World or Dungeon World?   [last]StarlitSpider621:59, Thu 23 July by mileszs
Only War anyone? Looking for a GM/group for some active 40k!Epichero021:53, Thu 23 July by the author
GM/DM Wanted for Shadowrun 5th Edition - New Player   [last]razielStrakes620:18, Thu 23 July by razielStrakes
Bookhounds of London   [last]cymon508:08, Thu 23 July by tutunaku
Recon   [first|last]aguy7772603:26, Thu 23 July by aguy777
Honor+Intrigue   [last]hegemon117:07, Wed 22 July by atminn
Need 1-2 GMs to help run fantasy gameXethryl006:52, Wed 22 July by the author
Iron Kingdoms   [last]Willis402:32, Wed 22 July by Nightracer
Nobilis 3rd Edition   [last]StarlitSpider517:06, Mon 20 July by StarlitSpider
A couple game ideas I'd like to play   [last]Vane66416:18, Mon 20 July by Vane66
Black Crusade: MAXIMUM HERESY (Solo or Group)   [first|last]Alectai3103:37, Mon 20 July by NotTheRedWire
Looking for Pathfinder with old-school/classic feel   [last]Morgan Coldsoul1222:02, Sun 19 July by rurousha
Heroes -the series- meets D&D? (3.x, PF, 5e or M&M)   [last]kaiisaxo202:56, Sun 19 July by kaiisaxo
Star Wars Edge of the Empire   [last]Bannacor319:52, Sat 18 July by praguepride
Looking for a GM/DM   [last]Jarethdrag219:51, Sat 18 July by Jarethdrag
Talislanta (any edition)?   [last]RossN518:39, Sat 18 July by RossN
Classic MSH   [last]Bod Man403:21, Sat 18 July by Bod Man
i want to join a game!   [last]leon2112108:28, Fri 17 July by Westwind
5e Solo Game?   [last]Phanos121:51, Thu 16 July by Yannick
D&D 5e   [last]KnightSteve220:17, Thu 16 July by kaiisaxo
Looking for casual D&D 3.5 game   [last]SillySnowFox1913:44, Thu 16 July by leon2112
Request for a 4th Edition D&D Game of ANY KIND   [last]onlie2004307:12, Thu 16 July by Robocoastie
Paleomythic, Stone and sorcery in the land of Ancient Mu.   [last]TheSnowpanther1306:14, Thu 16 July by chupabob
Experimental 4eKolysea003:45, Thu 16 July by the author
Looking for supers under a specific system   [last]Phantom Mouse2002:37, Thu 16 July by Bod Man
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