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The One Ring:  seeking a LoreMasterSpyrogyra001:34, Sun 27 Nov by the author
Dnd 3.5ne68127023:40, Sat 26 Nov by the author
Looking for a supers game   [last]Phantom Mouse220:19, Sat 26 Nov by Phantom Mouse
The Dark Eye 5e   [last]Andhaira714:09, Sat 26 Nov by Andhaira
Who's up for Mage The Ascension: 20th Anniversary Edition   [last]NeoII407:36, Sat 26 Nov by dybbuk67
Harry Potter/Hogwarts/Generic Wizarding [expletive]Blazeofglory001:54, Sat 26 Nov by the author
Looking for an Atomic Highway game   [last]Gremlin719:11, Fri 25 Nov by rb344
Degenesis: Rebirth   [last]Hatten1016:36, Fri 25 Nov by Hatten
Seeking GM for Pathfinder Duo GameNoedig015:52, Fri 25 Nov by the author
Moved: Offering GM for solo gamejmlima008:50, Fri 25 Nov by the author
Looking for a Game or Two   [first|last]Rez37404:44, Fri 25 Nov by Rez
Anyone willing to run some Freedom City? (M&M 2nd ed)   [first|last]RosstoFalstaff3308:27, Thu 24 Nov by smokinbarrel
I want to commit some felonies.   [last]NowhereMan1608:09, Thu 24 Nov by RiftWalker
I want to play Tenra Bansho Zero!   [last]Trekkie Monster604:01, Thu 24 Nov by cooneydad
Trapped in another world (our world)   [last]LunarKitty1200:21, Thu 24 Nov by tmagann
skynet   [last]Malakhon121:31, Tue 22 Nov by Gamer75
Eberron? (Solo/Small group?)   [last]mattdude00220:36, Tue 22 Nov by Gamer75
D and D 3.5e   [first|last]morganalefay4213:54, Tue 22 Nov by RosstoFalstaff
A couple of games...   [last]Larrikin713:31, Tue 22 Nov by Starstruck
Keep on the Shadowfell Request   [last]onlie2004623:48, Mon 21 Nov by onlie2004
Looking for a D&D 3.5e   [last]TiberianOasis114:30, Mon 21 Nov by Gamer75
PTU solo/small group   [last]Aurzel123:39, Sat 19 Nov by Aurzel
In Nomine!   [last]RossN722:55, Sat 19 Nov by skoriaan
Looking for a Rifts GM   [last]Rockwolf66121:10, Sat 19 Nov by Trask
Would like to play 7th Sea (2nd Edition)   [last]MrInsecure720:51, Sat 19 Nov by Inritz
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