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Open D6, Anyone?   [last]superdice422:15, Sat 26 July by Pat
Looking for Wrath of the Righteous   [last]DethBySquirl320:22, Sat 26 July by SilentGokai
D&D with animals   [last]Bod Man417:30, Sat 26 July by Bod Man
Looking for an Epic Game (Pathfinder/Forgotten Realms)NooDleZ000:57, Sat 26 July by the author
LF: Game based on Cosplayers in another world   [last]chaosninja2323:49, Fri 25 July by Azraile
D&D 5e   [last]Andhaira420:09, Fri 25 July by StarMaster
Co-GM to help develop The Gamer system   [last]Prustan317:18, Fri 25 July by Merevel
Cyberpunk Rokugan!   [last]bmsattler1716:22, Fri 25 July by bmsattler
Dark Heresy: Ascension Ordo Hereticus game   [last]Hatten714:15, Fri 25 July by Hatten
Monsterhearts GM needed   [last]drfeck214:13, Fri 25 July by drfeck
L5R   [last]the_outer_church704:57, Fri 25 July by KraznyOctobr
A game in which gamers game   [last]Tortuga1623:41, Thu 24 July by Knell
Rebuilding from the Wreckage   [last]Jarilye1022:06, Thu 24 July by dzubak
Sailormoon anyone?   [last]ScooterinAB219:56, Thu 24 July by cero1
The Elder Scrolls (Tamriel)   [last]GimmeVegetables916:19, Thu 24 July by steelsmiter
Let's Get Dead (Dungeon Crawl Classic)Brodencrantz014:15, Thu 24 July by the author
A Solo or Duo Game   [last]Hexariah613:35, Thu 24 July by eternaldarkness
Babylon 5 Mature Game [Babylon 5 RPG Rules]   [last]tkolter923:53, Tue 22 July by Alyse
7th Sea set in historical Venice   [last]Bod Man921:40, Tue 22 July by Chaos_Void
oWoD Mage   [last]El_Phantasmo1115:44, Tue 22 July by eternaldarkness
Looking for a Pirate Game   [last]PsychoJester207:13, Tue 22 July by OggyBenDoggy
OWoD Co-GM Needed   [last]Eggy308:45, Mon 21 July by Eggy
Pathfinder Adventure Path   [last]Mystrich1402:20, Sun 20 July by warjoski
DnD sans big 4 races and classes (4e/3.5 or PF)   [last]kaiisaxo1715:21, Sat 19 July by Damian_Alpha
Looking for solo DnD 4th Edition game   [last]Ameena114:51, Sat 19 July by Ameena
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