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Dnd 3.5 character seeking home   [last]ne68127221:17, Wed 18 May by ne68127
Co-GM / Writer SoughtJhaelan020:59, Wed 18 May by the author
D&D 3.5 - LF small group (2-3 players) & GMspectre308022:46, Tue 17 May by the author
Original Freeform game   [last]smithjd89221:48, Tue 17 May by smithjd89
Looking for a Game or Two   [first|last]Rez34113:13, Tue 17 May by Rez
Looking for Heroes Unlimited and/or Dead Reign games.   [last]Sittingbull401:33, Tue 17 May by Sittingbull
BattleTech/A Time of War GM wanted   [last]EightBitEighties1000:04, Tue 17 May by lordblackk
BOIT or TROS   [last]Dakien1620:18, Sun 15 May by Dakien
Rise of the Black Sun - Star Wars Saga Edition   [last]Balthazar715:18, Sun 15 May by bblaney
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition   [last]dragonslayer0429214:46, Sun 15 May by BFink
IC - D&D 3.5 - Dragonborn of Bahamut   [last]jkeogh301:03, Sun 15 May by jkeogh
D&D 5e: Published Adventures?mattymoron017:42, Sat 14 May by the author
Seeking a home for an orphaned Fighter .Bannacor014:53, Sat 14 May by the author
Some FATE-based (maybe AW 2E) ideas, Telltale Games-style   [last]Samus Aran705:05, Sat 14 May by Jacob_VVV
Numenera, Dark Heresy 2nd Ed., Dungeon Worlddragonslayer0429001:05, Fri 13 May by the author
Crafter/trader   [last]azule300:17, Fri 13 May by azule
Would like to play Shadowrun 5e   [last]Kurodani820:44, Thu 12 May by helboyDJ
Lurking through Apocalypse World   [last]Cloudy117:00, Thu 12 May by klingsmith.a
Straightforward PathfinderJarilye016:27, Thu 12 May by the author
Looking for a GM to run a camp!   [last]Rinthor_Skymoore707:24, Thu 12 May by mole75
solo superheroine with elements of space opera   [last]purpleprose923:01, Wed 11 May by dakota91
Looking for 1-5 Gm to help with Pathfinder crafting game.   [last]Elerndale118:48, Tue 10 May by Elerndale
Marvel Universe Game   [last]CrazyUncleZed416:10, Mon 09 May by Thanos_Infinity
A Song of Ice & Fire RPG   [last]Sengoku105:54, Mon 09 May by Rinthor_Skymoore
Rifts GM's   [last]MasonEcv705:02, Mon 09 May by chupabob
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