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Seeking RP freeform game   [last]coffeejunkie516:20, Fri 20 Mar by Bebo8096
Adult Pathfinder Eberrondoom29169013:42, Fri 20 Mar by the author
Wanted  Street-Level MnM 3rd Ed in Gotham or Spiderman's NYC   [last]swimdoll201:52, Fri 20 Mar by banjo_buddy
Variations on a Theme   [last]Alexei Yaruk-Mundhenk1021:50, Thu 19 Mar by Sithraider
Super hero game   [last]Runemage121:25, Thu 19 Mar by banjo_buddy
D&D 3.5 Gestalt mid to high level   [last]V_V807:23, Thu 19 Mar by Sardis
ThreePlayers ISO DMv3.5...   [last]Deacon402:01, Thu 19 Mar by Chaos-Theory
Pathfinder, maybe some Solo   [last]Damnitbraum301:34, Thu 19 Mar by JacquesCousteau
Looking for a Wrath of the Righteous path   [last]bblaney201:23, Thu 19 Mar by bmsattler
Looking to learn   [last]Behemecoatyl200:38, Thu 19 Mar by LonePaladin
Pink Mohawk Shadowrun   [first|last]Novocrane2523:45, Wed 18 Mar by ElCosoLoco
Game of Thrones: To Rule the Kingdoms (southern campaign)   [last]Lord Caladin1221:35, Wed 18 Mar by Lord Caladin
A game set in the Warcraft setting?   [last]ArcticDragoon618:49, Wed 18 Mar by bblaney
Soul Eater (Freeform, Seeking Co-GM)   [last]17dragonboy116:40, Wed 18 Mar by 17dragonboy
Looking for EotE Game   [last]magicman202514:50, Tue 17 Mar by Unsung
Diablo-esque DnD 3.5 gestalt (1st level)   [last]Sardis1720:48, Mon 16 Mar by Medeval_Metal_Head13
Interest check: M&M/WoD modern era demonic apocalypse   [last]ElCosoLoco216:32, Mon 16 Mar by ElCosoLoco
Interstellar Drift (or maybe Mongoose Traveller)   [last]SummitOfLies1706:50, Mon 16 Mar by SummitOfLies
Blades in the Dark   [last]jshaffstall221:57, Sun 15 Mar by Stalker05
Pokemon GM wantedOutlawJT019:27, Sun 15 Mar by the author
Lords of Gossamer and Shadow   [last]grezo2012114:28, Sun 15 Mar by Pookaking
Mutants & Mastersminds 3  DC Heroes, curious origins idea...   [last]swimdoll903:15, Sun 15 Mar by swimdoll
Would love to see a Tianxia [FATE] game..   [last]Gatecrasher114:38, Sat 14 Mar by ArchAngel950
DND   [last]Mortannis1504:18, Sat 14 Mar by ne68127
Looking for some Pathfinder, perhaps some Thunderscape   [last]Damnitbraum218:47, Fri 13 Mar by Damnitbraum
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