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Seeking a WFRP game.RossN015:38, Wed 18 Nov by the author
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Terrain of Magical ExpertiseBlazeofglory001:12, Wed 18 Nov by the author
Mutants and Masterminds 2 Edition Coming into there own!   [last]wolvbane422:49, Tue 17 Nov by wolvbane
FASERIP? Anyone?rustyhelm004:50, Tue 17 Nov by the author
Mid-level Dnd 3.5 or Pathfider   [last]Malevolent317:05, Sun 15 Nov by ne68127
Seeking GM for a Dark Heresy 2nd Edition game   [last]wb1019115:45, Sun 15 Nov by Hatten
Vampire the Masquerade   [last]Malevolent1414:51, Sun 15 Nov by Hemophage
Passing on the mantle- Star Wars game   [last]Jacob_VVV204:17, Sat 14 Nov by black_fox9653
GM Needed For Fading SunsAlarus003:15, Sat 14 Nov by the author
Star Wars SAGA:  13th level with a twist   [last]Sardis417:10, Fri 13 Nov by Sardis
GURPS - female warrior solo gameVarsovian012:18, Fri 13 Nov by the author
Looking for a Superhero game   [last]Gamergirl1508:09, Fri 13 Nov by Sittingbull
Star Wars D6   [last]Malevolent100:36, Fri 13 Nov by Klinktastic
Kingdom Game Co-Gms needed!Jacob_VVV021:23, Thu 12 Nov by the author
Pathfinder: Kingmaker / Ultimate Campaign Solo   [last]minioch120:46, Thu 12 Nov by minioch
Wheel of time  (High level 12+)   [last]Sardis720:23, Thu 12 Nov by Sardis
Gestalt Pathfinder?joshyfox020:02, Thu 12 Nov by the author
Unknown Armies, Delta Green or... something similar   [last]Varsovian419:31, Thu 12 Nov by Darkstorm05
Numenera   [last]Varsovian619:31, Thu 12 Nov by Varsovian
Want to learn Serenity   [last]Finlos318:34, Thu 12 Nov by Focus
D&D 'Oriental Adventures'?   [last]RossN1218:41, Wed 11 Nov by maxmcgloin
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