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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
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AD&D 2.5 - Player's Option   [last]cymon107:55, Today by willvr
[Dungeon World]   [last]Zeroku107:15, Today by Sithraider
Nights Black AgentsTheObsoleteMan011:33, Yesterday by the author
Waterdeep Detective Agency (gestalt, level 15+)   [first|last]Sardis2504:46, Yesterday by Sardis
Solo game - Mage: the Awakeninglogos_021:57, Sat 28 Nov by the author
Solo or small group - Mecha and Magic style game!   [last]metulmonkee206:38, Sat 28 Nov by SKINer
Seeking freeform game for my chaotic good necromancer   [last]PhatJackal1602:48, Sat 28 Nov by PhatJackal
Pathfinder 5th or +Pookaking022:30, Fri 27 Nov by the author
Solo game   [last]kenton222:26, Fri 27 Nov by ne68127
Dark Heresy / Exalted: looking for a solo gameYyrkoon011:30, Fri 27 Nov by the author
MERP - Middle Earth Roleplaying - Campaigncymon003:45, Fri 27 Nov by the author
Star Wars SAGA:  13th level with a twist   [last]Sardis503:19, Fri 27 Nov by Sardis
Rise of the Black Sun - Star Wars Saga Edition   [last]Balthazar203:07, Fri 27 Nov by Balthazar
Marvel Universe What-If? GM needed.   [last]EmeraldDream81705:26, Thu 26 Nov by nuric
Solo Player for GM [LoG&S]grezo2012022:56, Wed 25 Nov by the author
A great evil rises once again . . . and it's the player!   [last]Norwood115:07, Wed 25 Nov by flelm
Fate Core Discworld   [last]steelsmiter123:06, Tue 24 Nov by Dr. Mindermast
Looking for Star Wars (RCR or Saga)   [last]NowhereMan519:52, Tue 24 Nov by Dyllie
Mini Mighty Heroes! (DnD 5e)   [last]athan_untapped217:14, Tue 24 Nov by Aurzel
Exalted 1st edition ST wantedCappadocius009:35, Tue 24 Nov by the author
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