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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
GURPS Fallout   [last]Jarilye1000:13, Today by Jarilye
DnD 4th character looking for a homeAmeena011:29, Yesterday by the author
Burning Wheel?   [last]Covenant1000:37, Yesterday by Thud
Players As City Guard, Most like D&D, Pathfinder if possible   [last]God_of_Awesome400:12, Yesterday by OptimalCarnieage
EXALTED!!   [last]Nurgles_Rot305:27, Fri 22 May by God_of_Awesome
Princess seeking Kingdom.   [last]PrincessCrystal305:14, Fri 22 May by Grimjack
Games I am seekingcraeric002:34, Fri 22 May by the author
Post Apocalypse   [first|last]Mustard Tiger3321:23, Thu 21 May by Jacob Bowden
Bunnies and Burrows   [first|last]Holobunny5220:54, Thu 21 May by Unsung
Co-GM for a Freeform game   [last]Feast220:18, Thu 21 May by PrincessCrystal
Dark Heresy Second Edition Adepta Sororitas   [last]Hatten620:06, Wed 20 May by Cripple X
D&D 3.5 (maybe pathfinder) Game   [last]Jacob Bowden219:58, Wed 20 May by Rinthor_Skymoore
Brave New World - Superhero gaming   [last]jamat1514:55, Wed 20 May by jamat
D&D 3.5 Gestalt mid to high level   [first|last]V_V4410:24, Wed 20 May by kark2
D&D 3.5 Solo Sandbox   [last]sillybilly8497104:30, Wed 20 May by Rinthor_Skymoore
I want to play Deadpool.   [last]Bebo8096201:59, Wed 20 May by TinyTim
The Witcher   [last]kensai1001:37, Wed 20 May by Hermeticas
Moved: 1e AD&D, 1e GW, SW WEG or FASERIP?Justisaur023:16, Tue 19 May by the author
Solo PTU game   [last]ValeriaVilla114:39, Tue 19 May by Aurzel
D&D 3.5 story heavy, slightly high power game ideas   [last]gladiusdei1414:37, Tue 19 May by ne68127
Savage Worlds intro: World of the Dead/Accursed/Broken EarthSamus Aran005:29, Tue 19 May by the author
Mythic Pathfinder with a specific abilityGelidus002:07, Tue 19 May by the author
A Little Bit of Everything   [last]Tyr Hawk317:42, Mon 18 May by Tyr Hawk
Pokemon?   [last]Karnage306:35, Mon 18 May by Michi_chan
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