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Rise of the Runelords   [last]eggellis600:23, Fri 27 Feb by eggellis
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Variations on a Theme   [last]Alexei Yaruk-Mundhenk623:20, Wed 25 Feb by aguy777
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Looking for Eclipse Phase GameThe_Selfish_Meme021:44, Wed 25 Feb by the author
Fantasy GURPS Lite with full character rules   [last]Pat316:58, Wed 25 Feb by Pat
Numenera - Out of the Weal of Baz   [last]Isida KepTukari412:48, Wed 25 Feb by adrianovaroli
Babylon 5   [last]grezo2012112:29, Wed 25 Feb by TinyTim
[D&D 3.5] Book of Exalted Deeds Vow of Poverty   [last]cooneydad205:24, Wed 25 Feb by ne68127
Changeling the Lost Duo   [last]Retias119:00, Tue 24 Feb by Retias
Seeking Co-GM for Free-Form   [last]JinxMage2314105:15, Tue 24 Feb by Inkrune
Looking For a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Game   [last]NAB2016104:16, Tue 24 Feb by Tuttu
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