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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
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I want to commit some felonies.   [last]NowhereMan1309:39, Yesterday by DannyG
Weapon XDannyG001:49, Yesterday by the author
Lord of the Rings - Pathfinder   [last]Balthazar101:07, Yesterday by TheSnowpanther
Terminator in the late 1800s   [last]doom291691100:25, Yesterday by doom29169
Rifts! Or maybe Mechs!   [last]Murcurie618:15, Tue 25 Oct by Murcurie
Anyone willing to teach a newbie whilst we play D&D or PF?   [last]kageyko516:19, Tue 25 Oct by kageyko
Shadowrun please   [last]doom291691212:53, Tue 25 Oct by doom29169
The One Ring - Party looking for a game to play   [last]Balthazar200:28, Tue 25 Oct by Alyse
Looking for a Free-Form game.   [last]kageyko318:07, Mon 24 Oct by DarkLightHitomi
Anyone willing to run some Freedom City? (M&M 2nd ed)   [last]RosstoFalstaff2415:19, Mon 24 Oct by CosmicFluxPDX
D and D 3.5e   [last]morganalefay207:09, Mon 24 Oct by morganalefay
Looking for GMs for Warhammer 40K   [last]drenica123:01, Sun 23 Oct by Lukey77
Mutants, Space Marines and Vampires   [last]FMBT120:50, Sun 23 Oct by Gamer75
Looking for One of Four: New GMs Welcome   [last]Tyr Hawk616:28, Sun 23 Oct by Tyr Hawk
Hack/SlashSeanoftheUndead014:37, Sun 23 Oct by the author
cyberpunk 2020   [last]Gamer751912:45, Sun 23 Oct by BFink
Small group looking for Pathfinder GM   [last]eggellis101:35, Sun 23 Oct by Hunter
Only War   [last]Novocrane414:25, Sat 22 Oct by deadmanshand
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