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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is  seeking CO-DM's.   [last]i2amsocial718:44, Yesterday by i2amsocial
Looking for Co-GMs for exploration based Pathfinder GameIllfirin015:00, Yesterday by the author
Super Orphans for Hire   [last]NotTheRedWire203:08, Yesterday by InvisibleSword
Looking for a reciprocate GMjmlima020:33, Wed 01 July by the author
Looking for a DnD 5e game   [last]Burn213:49, Wed 01 July by hobgob
Looking for a Game or Two   [first|last]Rez26319:18, Tue 30 June by Rez
Solo Party Pathfinder   [last]praguepride418:59, Tue 30 June by ne68127
Paleomythic, Stone and sorcery in the land of Ancient Mu.   [last]TheSnowpanther218:40, Tue 30 June by locojedi
Looking for a character-oriented solo or co-op game   [last]fireice212:52, Tue 30 June by ne68127
Recon   [last]aguy777605:28, Tue 30 June by aguy777
Dark Ages Fae   [last]Cassieledm703:51, Tue 30 June by icosahedron152
Trying to track down nWoD.   [last]face-hits-ground103:23, Tue 30 June by Michi_chan
I want to play a Fairy/Pixie Illusionist in Pathfinder   [last]Illfirin1816:16, Mon 29 June by Illfirin
Black Crusade: MAXIMUM HERESY (Solo or Group)   [first|last]Alectai2515:16, Mon 29 June by Damnitbraum
Looking for Heroes-style supers game   [last]Kazaran709:17, Mon 29 June by ne68127
Co-GMs for a Freeform Sci-fi (Create your own alien) Game   [last]Feast502:22, Mon 29 June by Feast
Pagan Knights of the Round Table   [last]NotTheRedWire800:30, Mon 29 June by NotTheRedWire
D&D 3.5 Solo Mission   [last]Revs3535218:25, Sun 28 June by Tnight
Ars Magica, anyone?   [last]Cossyc113:02, Sun 28 June by Dr. Mindermast
In Search Of   [last]Yaaraer119:13, Sat 27 June by ne68127
ST wanted for W20 Judge of doom solo game   [last]Celestial WArrior1206:31, Sat 27 June by Celestial WArrior
Looking for supers under a specific system   [last]Phantom Mouse521:16, Fri 26 June by Crimsonfrost
Looking for a solo/duo game of PTU   [last]Xiphoniii116:53, Fri 26 June by OptimalCarnieage
Dark Heresy 2ed   [last]susliklev216:46, Fri 26 June by susliklev
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