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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
Mage: The Awakening   [last]Kagekiri404:33, Today by eternaldarkness
solo superhero in original universepurpleprose018:02, Yesterday by the author
Very experiential nWoD game   [last]Tortuga515:45, Yesterday by Norwood
Monsters vs. The World, Co-DM's neededSir Swindle015:30, Yesterday by the author
Fate Mecha   [last]von_das313:00, Yesterday by oniwolf2000
Only War Game   [last]Eco Cola100:59, Yesterday by Eco Cola
Looking for DnD 4   [last]Giancarlo600:55, Yesterday by Giancarlo
Mindjammer [2e/Fate Core version]   [last]lowlyminion123:32, Mon 14 Apr by ffordesoon
Rogue Trader Empire Building Game?   [last]Hexariah622:19, Mon 14 Apr by Murcurie
Iron Kingdoms [New Ruleset]   [last]Andhaira520:14, Mon 14 Apr by Andhaira
ST Wanted for Changeling: the Lost game   [last]EightBitEighties210:11, Mon 14 Apr by EightBitEighties
GM Wanted for Robotech 2E Game!EightBitEighties009:50, Mon 14 Apr by the author
Immortal's Hot Springs SpasD_Siebert008:14, Mon 14 Apr by the author
Games I'd Like to See....   [last]Hunter801:47, Mon 14 Apr by Hunter
GM for Pathfinder AP wanted!   [last]Visceri22122:03, Sun 13 Apr by Phantom Mouse
Dragon Age RPG (Green Ronin)   [last]Andhaira516:20, Sun 13 Apr by dragonrider912
Seeking a freeform Batman game   [last]TD1302:33, Sun 13 Apr by TD
DnD 3.5 - Seeking Solo Nethack/Grimrock inspired gameZeke Argo023:23, Sat 12 Apr by the author
RP heavy play; mainly d20 but see details   [last]alum666219:17, Sat 12 Apr by alum666
Shadows of Esteren   [first|last]Andhaira2812:45, Sat 12 Apr by Andhaira
Black crusade   [last]Retias407:48, Sat 12 Apr by Hexariah
Naruto d20: A Path Less Travelled   [last]Shogimaru907:30, Sat 12 Apr by Shogimaru
Pathfinder or 3.5 City Sandbox   [last]Sleepy104:41, Sat 12 Apr by doom29169
BESM and/or Freeform Games   [last]Sleepy304:36, Sat 12 Apr by Sleepy
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