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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
Seeking fast paced Palladium based game.Sittingbull003:37, Today by the author
Looking for superhero adventureGamergirl003:03, Today by the author
Star Wars - Sith or Jedi Apprentice/Padawan   [last]BewareofCrisps200:41, Today by BewareofCrisps
Looking to play some Delta Green   [last]tutunaku101:14, Yesterday by jait
The Witcherkensai004:55, Mon 27 July by the author
Fading Suns or Dragonlance?   [last]SeventhZombie611:51, Sun 26 July by Scoop
Star Wars D6: Smugglers and/or free traders?   [last]RossN410:46, Sun 26 July by RossN
Game of ThronesGanurath006:15, Sun 26 July by the author
1e ADnD Oriental Adventures?   [last]Kroork501:15, Sun 26 July by Kroork
DnD 5e anyone?   [last]Feycromancer301:13, Sun 26 July by kaiisaxo
Looking for a particular Game style!  DND 3.5   [last]Rinthor_Skymoore502:49, Sat 25 July by ne68127
Superhero(in) Fan Service (for Group or Solo Campaign)minioch020:30, Fri 24 July by the author
Looking for 'literary' RP without a complicated game system   [last]Dread Pirate420:13, Fri 24 July by Princess With A Pea
Rogue Trader!   [last]Retias219:55, Fri 24 July by ForsakenHunter
Looking for a Pathfinder DM for a Duo game.   [last]Grimjack318:37, Fri 24 July by Grimjack
Looking for a Pathfinder game.   [last]joshyfox414:46, Fri 24 July by rurousha
Inverse World or Dungeon World?   [last]StarlitSpider621:59, Thu 23 July by mileszs
Only War anyone? Looking for a GM/group for some active 40k!Epichero021:53, Thu 23 July by the author
GM/DM Wanted for Shadowrun 5th Edition - New Player   [last]razielStrakes520:18, Thu 23 July by JCStafford
Bookhounds of London   [last]cymon508:08, Thu 23 July by tutunaku
Recon   [first|last]aguy7772603:26, Thu 23 July by aguy777
Honor+Intrigue   [last]hegemon117:07, Wed 22 July by atminn
Need 1-2 GMs to help run fantasy gameXethryl006:52, Wed 22 July by the author
Iron Kingdoms   [last]Willis402:32, Wed 22 July by Nightracer
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