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D&D 3.5e Solo or Saga Edition Solobhalfmann002:34, Fri 26 Sept by the author
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Seeking a freeform Batman game   [last]TD1802:18, Thu 25 Sept by TD
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Solo game (see list of possible games inside)   [last]greenvoid214:38, Wed 24 Sept by paganone
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(M&M 2nd ed) PL 10-12 group game?   [last]Sir_Chivalry1621:06, Tue 23 Sept by Sir_Chivalry
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Birth Right ?   [last]Grimmond320:40, Tue 23 Sept by 42Nato
DnD 5   [last]Mustard Tiger1318:05, Tue 23 Sept by LittleJumbo
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