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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
7th Sea set in historical Venice   [last]Bod Man721:40, Today by hegemon
oWoD Mage   [last]El_Phantasmo915:44, Today by noiseconspiracy
Looking for a Pirate Game   [last]PsychoJester207:13, Today by OggyBenDoggy
OWoD Co-GM NeededEggy008:45, Yesterday by the author
An M&M 2nd ed game?   [last]Sir_Chivalry400:45, Yesterday by Gray-Exile43
Game of Thrones: To Rule the Kingdoms   [last]Lord Caladin313:35, Sun 20 July by Lord Caladin
Shadowrun Newbie looking for a game   [last]Puppet Cancer611:11, Sun 20 July by Lwaxy
Pathfinder Adventure Path   [last]Mystrich1402:20, Sun 20 July by warjoski
Honor + IntrigueE_FD000:48, Sun 20 July by the author
DnD sans big 4 races and classes (4e/3.5 or PF)   [last]kaiisaxo1715:21, Sat 19 July by Damian_Alpha
Looking for solo DnD 4th Edition game   [last]Ameena114:51, Sat 19 July by Ameena
Looking for a Game or Two   [first|last]Rez17414:30, Sat 19 July by Rez
DnD 3.5: Looking for a home for a nezumi or halfling ranger   [last]Rez1914:28, Sat 19 July by Rez
Solo free form urban fantasy.   [last]Redefinition413:47, Sat 19 July by Redefinition
Pathfinder GM looking to play instead.   [last]Axis_Sunsoar107:59, Sat 19 July by NooDleZ
WOD   [last]Mortannis420:03, Fri 18 July by Azraile
Monsterhearts GM neededdrfeck012:35, Fri 18 July by the author
LF: Game based on Cosplayers in another world   [last]chaosninja1600:58, Fri 18 July by chaosninja
Edge of the Empire Style game, but with a different system   [last]Mustard Tiger800:51, Fri 18 July by orbis_tertius
Dungeon World   [last]Mustard Tiger1100:51, Fri 18 July by orbis_tertius
Looking for beginning DnD Next and/or Pathfinder (Adult)   [last]Brytestar122:02, Thu 17 July by Aslanii76
Valiant Universe rpg   [last]cero1120:21, Thu 17 July by st_nougat
L5R   [last]the_outer_church519:30, Thu 17 July by Alvian
40K   [last]Nurgles_Rot1613:17, Thu 17 July by StormHalo
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