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Hello I'm the new guy   [last]Trogdor49119:24, Fri 27 May by GamerHandle
New to RP   [last]ButterMoth202:32, Fri 27 May by RedTeamPyro
Rusty player here   [last]Goofboy86118:01, Thu 26 May by C-h Freese
New HereJonTheWizard015:16, Thu 26 May by the author
New RPerenchantedkatana012:29, Thu 26 May by the author
New to the site, but not RPs   [last]Chef_Umaril518:46, Tue 24 May by Ulyssess
New player here   [last]sheik yerbouti202:59, Tue 24 May by Shannara
The fault in our star   [last]eternallydarkened113:57, Fri 20 May by Gaffer
Hi all   [last]rgrassi213:19, Fri 20 May by rgrassi
New to here, but not to rpgs.   [last]Bornite121:12, Sun 15 May by Dr. Mindermast
New to RP   [last]Tulip118:39, Sun 15 May by Ameena
Help pls   [last]Salamanders200:08, Thu 12 May by Salamanders
New Player   [last]gotha113:18, Tue 10 May by Livember
New to RP   [last]Sue Lewis913:04, Mon 09 May by Livember
Hi, what do I do   [last]Yorimasa117:56, Sat 07 May by Merevel
Moved: New to Shadowrun 5E and would like help building a...Crusader2010013:34, Fri 06 May by the author
Greetings   [last]CaptainGuy119:50, Tue 03 May by Livember
HelloLord_Johnny016:31, Tue 03 May by the author
I'm new   [last]yummykelly100:21, Sun 01 May by Bebo8096
New to the Site   [last]Choomie218:10, Fri 29 Apr by GamerHandle
New to play by post, looking forward to try it out!   [last]Kurodani123:54, Tue 26 Apr by Kawaiis Friend
New and Eager to start!Daigneault019:03, Sun 24 Apr by the author
Kawaii's Now On RPoL!Kawaiis Friend010:34, Tue 19 Apr by the author
Fresh little rp'erDanny007002:57, Tue 19 Apr by the author
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