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Sun 7 May 2017
at 22:51
Problem with character portrait
No, this is not a thread about wanting to use a portrait from offsite ;)

Instead, a portrait I have selected is having issues staying selected. I first chose an image, but decided that it didn't really represent my character properly and chose another one. However the new one is reverting to the old one after a few days. When I chose the new one, my old posts did not change portraits to reflect the change either. Is there something that can be done?
Evil Empryss
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Sun 7 May 2017
at 22:53
Problem with character portrait
Old posts will not change, and that is a feature, not a bug. ^_^
Some people like to have "secret IDs" and such as swap between pics to show which persona is posting, so I would expect to see that change.

Don't know what's going on with the pics reverting to other pics, tho.
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Mon 8 May 2017
at 00:11
Problem with character portrait
As mentioned, changes to a portrait are not retroactive.  So if you post, your post uses whatever portrait you have currently selected, and if you change it, any new posts post-change will use the new one, and old ones will keep the old one.

As for it "reverting", I assume you mean posts you've made since changing it are using the wrong one?  You might try clearing your browser's cache, as it may be pulling old local info rather than new info for some reason.