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Sun 16 Apr 2017
at 22:05
LUG Trek dice roller broken.
Well, not really broken per se, but it doesn't account for difficulty levels and always reads a result of 1 on the drama die as a critical failure. I find I have to get my layers to select the option to display the raw rolls to make it useful, as there's a 1 in 6 chance that it will be inaccurate.
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Mon 17 Apr 2017
at 04:31
LUG Trek dice roller broken.
The LUG roller acts exactly as intended.  It was coded to work that way because that was the information we were given.

It doesn't account for the difficulty level because it wasn't supposed to (basically it's just like rolling dice at the tabletop - the dice are rolled and manually compared to the required target number).

The drama die doesn't do anything, but if it rolls a 1, it will report it as a potential dramatic failure.  It is then up to the GM and players how they want that to affect the result.  It also reports a dramatic success in the event that the drama die comes up 6 (though in that case it also adds in the next highest die, or re-rolls and adds if the only die rolled is the drama die).

GM rolled 6 using the Last Unicorn system with 3d6 (a dramatic failure).  Test.
GM rolled 11 using the Last Unicorn system with 3d6 (a dramatic success).  Test.
GM rolled 10 using the Last Unicorn system with 1d6 (a dramatic success).  Test.

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Wed 19 Apr 2017
at 00:54
LUG Trek dice roller broken.
As BBR mentioned it's working the way it was described to us in link to a message in another game.  I always get the requester to test the roller to ensure the way they described is the way it's working.

If a 1 is on the drama die then it flags it as a dramatic failure, but the result is up to the GM, as described in the original request.  I could change the wording to "a possible dramatic failure" but it's not going to alter the fact that with or without it the GM is going to need to adjudicate.  I'm not sure why you need to track individual rolls, it still gives the highest roll as well as the fact there was a (possible) dramatic failure.  You can see in BBRs example it was a 6 with a 1 on the drama die.  It's tracked the same way in the log as well.

As for difficulty, that simply wasn't mentioned in the original request.  If it needs to be there then we can update the roller, but it has to be a definite need... if putting in a difficulty means the system can't be used by other members then that's one step forward one step back.