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Wed 4 Oct 2017
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Beneath the Kingdom of Demons
In the Dark forest there is a dungeon that only the most seasoned adventures attempt to explore. Within it's dark depths many adventures have found treasures and vast riches, many more have lost their lives.

It is said that this vast dungeon holds untold secrets if only the most heroic and powerful adventures could defeat the ancient evil that holds dominion here. One such group pushed past all the demons they could, fought until they were at the very doors that held back the ancient evil. They gathered themselves and prepared for their fated battle. In the lair of the Overlord, they met their fate. Or did they?

At the moments of their deaths the Overlord sensed something within them and gave them a choice, live and serve him or fade into the black. They chose life. They returned to the world as his servants.

An Anime inspired game using Big Eyes, Small Mouth game system, that focuses on the life of the former adventuring party as they adjust to their new roles in the dungeon. they will find that life amongst demons isn't that different from life amongst humans. Inspired by the Harem, Comedy, Action, and Supernatural anime genres. A Harem game told from the Harem side.
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Wed 4 Oct 2017
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Beneath the Kingdom of Demons
Sounds interesting.I'm interested.