Lord Gwydion
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Fri 22 Sep 2017
at 05:42
IC: Dungeon Callers
I had an idea that I think would work well here and avoid one of the main problems I've had over the years with running games here - I tend to wait too long for those slow posters to give them a chance, and then the frequent posters get bored and quit.

Old school D&D had the idea of a Caller. The caller was the point person for the group. Players debated their actions amongst themselves then the caller reported all this to the DM.

I was thinking of running an old school D&D game where each player that joins gets to be a caller. In other words, you each get your own adventuring party to run through a megadungeon (I have the megadungeon complete through the fourth level...or maybe fifth...been a few years since I ran it last).

If each player has their own party, each party moves at that player's convenience. No one needs to wait for the slow poster. And since it's old school D&D, making four to six PCs doesn't take long.

Anyone interested in this sort of game? In-party RP will be nonexistent unless you enjoy talking to yourself, but I don't run monsters as attack first video game bots. Plenty of opportunities to talk to creatures in the dungeon if RP is your thing, or if not you can focus on the exploration/treasure hunting aspects of the game.
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Fri 22 Sep 2017
at 06:51
IC: Dungeon Callers
Interesting notion. Survival is hard in classic D&D, though a couple optional rules greatly increase a party's odds once they reach 3rd level or so.

And if someone does want to give their characters personality, you can easily give that player multiple character slots -- one for each PC -- so they can stage conversations between them. Plus this would give each character their own image and character sheet.
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Fri 22 Sep 2017
at 07:13
IC: Dungeon Callers
Never done original D&D but the idea does sound interesting
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Fri 22 Sep 2017
at 09:47
IC: Dungeon Callers
I agree that the idea is a interesting one.  I'll take it just one step further and say that the idea may have broader applicability.

I cannot participate at this time, but would like to follow your progress.
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Fri 22 Sep 2017
at 23:40
IC: Dungeon Callers
I would be interested in following as well.  I only have the Basic/BX and BECMI rules though.