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Wed 20 Sep 2017
at 18:51
Editing Maps by Phone
Some games that make use of maps and counters/miniatures utilize Google docs with separate graphics elements. It's a good solution, but has fallen a bit short for me, because I am often reduced to viewing them on my phone which doesn't appear to enable me to click and drag elements to edit the map. I know others have run into this.

I recently learned that I can use the arrow keys on my phone's keyboard to move an element I have selected. This has proved to be adequate to move my character's marker, so I wanted to mention it to others.

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 Umm.. yep.
 So, there's this door...
Thu 21 Sep 2017
at 01:05
Editing Maps by Phone
Huh... I had never even thought of using Google docs in the first place.  That's pretty cool idea/information all 'round.  Thanks.
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Thu 21 Sep 2017
at 16:35
Editing Maps by Phone
In reply to GamerHandle (msg # 2):

Yeah, it works pretty well, as long as you have or can make the necessary graphics elements.
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Mon 25 Sep 2017
at 23:07
Editing Maps by Phone
I have never found a good solution to this problem. The great thing about google is the embedded image updates to what has been moved so you can at least see what has happened.