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Thu 1 Nov 2018
at 21:21
How to run Combat for D&D 5e
I’ve run 5e in person before, and over Skype calls, but never on Rpol. How do you guys run combat using the thread system? Do you keep initiative order (I worry this will leave behind people who can’t post as often). Do you use maps and “minis” or just leave it up to written descriptions? Please respond via PM if possible.
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Thu 1 Nov 2018
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How to run Combat for D&D 5e
Maps and icons of some sort can help if you need them, but well written descriptions with specific details tend to work well enough.

Initiative is a hoax, just make the NPCs set the stage each round, and the PCs post reactions.  Set a time limit or a minimum threshold of PCs to post before you make your next round's update.  And let anyone who didn't keep up make non scene altering catch up actions when they get around to posting.

Also it helps to keep as much of the system mechanics or discussion in thread to Private Lines so the other players don't get distracted or confused by things their characters know nothing of.
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Fri 2 Nov 2018
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How to run Combat for D&D 5e
Here's another way that might work, if you have the right players: make all the mechanical bits visible on the surface.

When a fight breaks out, go ahead and roll initiative for everyone. Unless someone has an ability that is used during an initiative roll (and to my knowledge, there aren't any in 5E), or some way to alter their roll, there's no reason to have to wait on all the players to roll their own.

Consider grouping enemies together; if there are four goblins and a bugbear, you might want to just make one roll for the goblins and have them act as a group.

Post everyone's status in a table, using the Easy Table. (You can find how to make them in the Help page.) Keep it simple, just list every combatant in order with their AC and hit points (and maybe saves) and a section for any status effects. This way everyone can see who is in what shape. Don't bother hiding monster hit points, that just slows things down.

Whenever a player posts their action, they should be able to tell success or failure immediately because you've posted all the enemies' defenses. Let the players roll everything they need to write their actions up, including enemy saving throws. Have them post the results, and copy-paste the table at the end with the effects added in.

If they do it this way, and post frequently enough that everyone can post in their initiative order, then each player knows the current state of the fight when their turn comes up, and you don't have to worry about conflicting actions or people left hanging because they don't know if they hit or not.
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Fri 2 Nov 2018
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How to run Combat for D&D 5e

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