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Mon 29 Oct 2018
at 14:36
Black Hack?
Have people run or played The Black Hack on rpol? I'm liking the 2e updates, but I'm curious how well it works in pbp format.
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Mon 29 Oct 2018
at 14:41
Black Hack?
I've always felt that player-facing systems were ideal for PbP given there's no waiting for a GM response--you can even have the players roll the monster/opponent damage if they're hit!
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Mon 29 Oct 2018
at 17:32
Black Hack?
It works very well, and if, like badpenny says, the GM provides details of monster HD, the players can handle nearly everything themselves.
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Mon 29 Oct 2018
at 18:30
Black Hack?
I'm in a game which uses The Petal Hack and have no complaints.
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Tue 30 Oct 2018
at 07:35
Black Hack?
In reply to atminn (msg # 1):

All the various offshoots of The Black Hack are lean, fast-paced, and work well enough with some only slightly imaginative tweaks to play well here on RPoL.  Can't knock the price in the head, either.

It is a rule-light system, and invites customization/derivative works, as if one were being handed a retro-style old-school game building toolkit.