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Thu 5 Oct 2017
at 19:01
Convergence Wars (Mutants & Masterminds)
Choose your legend, choose your destiny, choose your fate.

The Omniverse has collapsed and now all that remains is Battleworld a patchwork planet of worlds old and new, some forgotten other elseworlds yet to be. Fight for your home and help resurrect the Omniverse. A Game PL 14 or below for 3rd edition Mutants and Masterminds. Now seeking players to participate in this new game inspired by the comic series Convergence (DC) and Secret Wars (Marvel) the setting will include other worlds beyond just DC and Marvel hoping it will spin off into individual games with a multiverse of possibilities....
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Game: Theogenesis of the Immortals.
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Game: Legends and Chronicles: Fate of the Immortals.
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  • Its last post was made at 21:04, Friday, 03 November 2017.
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