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 member, 1 post
Mon 21 Aug 2017
at 15:14
Pathfinder - Walnut Mill - 4th level starting.
Looking for additional characters, but with a VERY STRINGENT 4-day a week minimum posting requirement.  If (and only if) you can show that level of activity, let me know.

Also, and I can't stress this enough....  Sell me on the race/class being THE race/class for you.  I'm open to ALL paizo classes, races and archetypes (with the exception of there being no 'guns' nor Synthesists), and even some homebrew options... I allow balanced mix-matching of classes (hybrid classes) in order to insure a character tailor made to YOU.  Don't list off several options you'd be willing to play... I only care about that ONE you'd rather play than any of the others.

That being said, my active players receive a 10% to-next-level amount of XP per week, in addition to story XP.  You will see character advancement!

Lastly... expect a lot of combat.  While I want you to play that diplomat if that's your thing, do so understanding that your life will often be in danger... bring something useful to the table.

PS.  No to 3rd party (let's just homebrew something simple as an archetype of something).  No to any race that has a CR adjustment (feel free to modify a race a small bit to meet your fantasy).  No to Gestalt (go hybrid or archetype).

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 member, 2 posts
Fri 22 Sep 2017
at 12:27
Pathfinder - Walnut Mill - 4th level starting.

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 member, 3 posts
Tue 3 Oct 2017
at 14:38
Pathfinder - Walnut Mill - 4th level starting.

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 member, 4 posts
Thu 5 Oct 2017
at 08:21
Pathfinder - Walnut Mill - 4th level starting.

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 member, 5 posts
Mon 16 Oct 2017
at 14:30
Pathfinder - Walnut Mill - 4th level starting.
I'm happy to say that we're up to about 6 active players who meet that 4x/week posting requirement.  I've room for a couple more if you're active enough.
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