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 member, 9 posts
Sat 28 Jan 2017
at 05:15
ADULT DC-Themed, Street level game
Looking for a FEW good players for a adult free-form, street level superhero game. Original characters are welcome. Canon characters will be considered on a case-by-case basis. And before anyone asks, the following characters, or any derivation of these characters, are off limits: Joker, Harley, Batman, Nightwing, Robin, etc. Prior to submitting a RTJ, please read the setting thread to get an idea of the tone and recent game history. RTJs will NOT be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Since this is a freeform game, writing ability will be a huge part of the decision making process. Also, character concepts devoted solely to combat prowess, sexual prowess, or fulfilling some esoteric fetish will be ignored.

Thanks for looking!

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 member, 11 posts
Sun 5 Feb 2017
at 21:25
DC-Themed, Street level game

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 member, 12 posts
Sun 7 May 2017
at 15:16
ADULT DC-Themed, Street level game
After a recent GM hiatus, our game has gotten back under way and we have lost a hero player. However, I'd like to keep the character around, so am seeking someone to take over. The character is a female meta whose powers include healing and limited telekinesis. Minor character details and backstory are up for change, but I'd like to keep the power set and day job the same. The game has several daily posters and moves at good clip. Come check out the setting info and character profile (Paladin). RTJ with interest and I will prompt you for a writing sample.
 member, 3 posts
Tue 9 May 2017
at 15:43
ADULT DC-Themed, Street level game
In reply to belowa2x4 (msg # 3):

I'd be interested in taking over for her absense. I don't know how to access that as i am one day o ld on this forum. Need to wait a couple of weeks due to brand new account.

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 member, 15 posts
Thu 5 Oct 2017
at 01:22
ADULT DC-Themed, Street level game

Looking for some new blood. 2-4 new players will be accepted depending on quality.  Only HERO characters need apply.
 member, 16 posts
Wed 18 Oct 2017
at 05:39
ADULT DC-Themed, Street level game
We have temporarily lost another play to an indefinite hiatus and could use a boost! Though the game is focused on street-level storytelling, this shouldn't dissuade anyone from coming up with some good characters. Metahumans are a perfectly viable option, as are scions or even aliens. As long as we can agree on powers that keep things balanced with the story, I'm up for most anything!

We are getting ready to start two new arcs, so now's a great time to jump in!
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Game: Claiming the Stolen Lands - Kingmaker AP.
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