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Thu 31 Jul 2008
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0. The Taproom (OOC)
A warm digital fire burns within a hearth that rests along the southern end of the wall. The room is decorated adequately with pennants, hunting trophies and advertisements. Tables and chairs rest placidly in organized rows around the room while a bar filled with drinks and spirits of all kinds invites one and all to sample it's collection.

However, looking through the façade of this room, one can tell that the room is serves a function of a higher purpose. It is a room thinly disguised as a taproom, where its real purpose is to provide a space for avid rp-ers and people with real lives to congregate. Armed with their digital devices which are the gateways to a world of virtual possibilities, all are welcome to contribute and share.

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Thu 28 Aug 2008
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Re: 0. The Taproom (OOC)
Greetings and well met, Emeric and Yorgorov!

I very much enjoyed reading your introductory posts, and I look forward to reading Lucinda's as well, when she posts it in "The Letter" thread.

I also look forward to getting to know all of you, both IC and OOC, (and that includes you as well, Guildmaster), and to writing with everyone to collaboratively create an enjoyable game for everyone. ;-)

Lucinda Blancoeur
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Fri 29 Aug 2008
at 06:34
Hey there, Guildmaster, Emeric, Yorgorov, and Brax!

I shall be delighted to warm my toes at the digital fire as we get to know one another in the coming days. This game has caught my fancy and I am expecting a grand time as we weave our tales.

RPOL has been home to several of my heroines over the last few years. Most recently I have been writing the bittersweet story of a 'soiled dove' in love with a gun- toting Irishman. However, the dust has settled on that Western and I am ready for something new. I count coming upon The Colour of Night as a stroke of luck!

Nothing delights me more than a complicated plot rife with mystery, romance and surprise. I am a dependable poster, although not what you might call speedy. As for the rest, you'll find out about me and Lucie as time goes on.


~ Joanna (who is Lucie's typist)

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Fri 29 Aug 2008
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Re: Hello!
Salutations to you all...

IC - Emeric will be an interesting development for me.  Hopefully he'll stay hidden, and his secret will be safe...  But I doubt it.

RL - Live in UK, and luckily have access through work to keep up with all the posts.  Only been on RPOL for about 4 months, but write stories for a pastime, so hopefully this will show, or develop, my limited (!) skills.

aka Emeric
aka ???
Yorgorov Varakzy
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Fri 29 Aug 2008
at 17:41
Re: Hello!
Hey guys, I haven't actually RP'd for a few years now so I might be a little rusty but I'm reading a lot at the moment and I like to think I post write better the more I read so hopefully it won't take me too more to warm up.

There's not much to say except I echo wht you've already said, especially"Nothing delights me more than a complicated plot rife with mystery, romance and surprise"

Can't wait.

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Sat 30 Aug 2008
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Re: Hello!
Dear fellow players,

Based on the RTJ's you sent me, I'm really glad we have a group of really good writers and rp-ers. I am amazed by the imagination and various interpretations of the letter and so we have a very interesting and diverse bunch! As such, I too look forward to working with all of you into weaving a world and creating something we can all call our own!

Do treat this like little creative writing exercises because at times I may post a situation without set guidelines as to how to respond, or at times I may just PM you with a scenario and ask you to write something to add to the game. It all helps add alittle flavour to everything :) Don't worry it won't be anything you guys can't handle.

Now a self introduction is in order too!

You guys can call me Belle, or Guildmaster or GM, or whatever takes your fancy. I currently run 3 games, this being the newest and this game's genre of a completely freeform fantasy/mystery is rather new to me.

I don't run speedy games if you are expecting the story to fly by due to my very busy work schedule. But I like to make time for writing stories so be sure that I won't be flaking out anytime soon. I live in Singapore, which makes my GMT +8. So worry not if I'm taking forever to reply you, it's the world that is moving too slowly for us. :P

We currently have another player who sent in his RTJ, but I'm waiting on a confirmation on his character name. So, hold your horses and I think we're going to begin soon!

Oh yes, feel free to continue posting in the letter if you feel like adding on anything. I would be creating a new scenario of a market scene for you all to purchase your masks soon enough! :)
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Sat 30 Aug 2008
at 11:51
Re: Hello!
Hello, All,

I agree with our GM regarding the marvelous creativity and varied interpretations of “The Letter” – all of the posts made for very enjoyable reading. And I confess myself delighted to hear that everyone is interested in *writing* our story – not just firing off slap-dash posts that serve little purpose other than to annoy the more serious role-players and writers in the group. ;-)

And thank you, Belle, for explaining that you reside in Singapore. I find that knowing one’s fellow players' (and the GM’s) approximate locations and also knowing something of their posting schedules can quite often prove to be useful.

As for myself, I live in the state of Florida in the USA (which is in the U. S. Eastern time zone). I believe that is GMT –5 (although Daylight Savings Time makes a difference of an hour – I never can remember which way!). Thus, I am either four, five or six hours (depending upon how the Daylight Savings Time works) behind Phil, and eleven, twelve, or thirteen hours behind Belle.

As for my posting schedule, during the workweek I am generally limited to a window of a couple of hours in the evening, after work. However, like Belle, I also play in other RPOL games, and sometimes they demand my posting-time – or sometimes that pesky RL slips in and imposes issues that must be addressed! ;-) During the weekends I generally have more leisure time available to write my posts.

Undoubtedly I will be absent from the game from time to time, but I shall endeavor to give fair warning (in advance) before any such disappearances! ;-)

And now, I have a game-setting question for everyone. Is the setting for CON to be a “sword and sorcery” setting similar to Fritz Leiber’s stories (think Dungeons and Dragons, although hopefully without all the bizarre monsters), or will the setting include rudimentary firearms (e.g., harquebus, flintlock pistol and cannons firing round-shot), similar to 17th-Century Europe? Regardless of the decision regarding “mundane” weaponry, I think that it is clear that magic is included in our setting.

That leads me to my second question. Should this be considered a “high magic” or a “low magic” setting? By that I mean, is magic something that is more or less commonplace (I don’t think that “commonplace” is exactly the word that I want, here – perhaps “not so uncommon as to incite a near-panic” is a better way to phrase it), or is it so rare as to cause commoners to cringe in fear and make the sign of protection against the Evil Eye whenever they witness a demonstration of it? Joanna, I would be especially interested to hear your comments on this point, since you are writing for a sorceress. ;-)

Thanks in advance for everyone’s thoughts on these matters.

~Bill (Brax’s personal secretary)

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Sat 30 Aug 2008
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Game development
Very interesting topic to raise Brax. Here are my takes on the matter:

1) I personally have never read Fritz Leiber's stories (Shame on me?) although his influence is undoubtedly a part of all inspirations of fantasy story telling. It really depends on what you define as bizarre Brax, although I wouldn't see Cthulu appearing in this game anytime soon. I think D&D is a safe bet in my first inspiration of CON, however there have been times when historic reality does seep in, which brings me to point 2.

2) I am pretty open to this idea. I quite like the idea of a 17th Century Europe having some roots in CON. The Renaissance feel does allow for many possibilities within the game, however I like to think that these firearms are unavailable widely and only really accessible to a select few? I.e. those who can afford them?

3) Aye, magic is clearly a part of this game. It really brings in an element of iffy-ness in my experience in managing a freeform game with magic. It is difficult to judge how well the spell work and my discretion has always been - to use the quality of the post.

"Bob casts a magic missile on Ann" could easily mean he misses, while "Bob summons all the powers within the weave and releases a shower of magic missiles on Ann which shoots towards her chest like raging bullets" tells me easily what he is doing and what he hopes to achieve.

That said, despite it's iffy-ness I couldn't help but bring magic in.

I think Brax, you did a pretty good analysis of what the attitude towards magic is in this world. I very much like to maintain the exclusiveness attached to wielding magic thus I prefer a slightly more negative attitude towards magic in this game which in turn explains the ignorance among citizens. Instead of "Not so uncommon as to incite a near-panic", I think "not so common as to incite near-panic" would explain the situtation better. Thus, when magic IS displayed, you get people who are both struck with awe AND terror.

But what do the rest of you think?

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Yorgorov Varakzy
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Sat 30 Aug 2008
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Re: Game development
Well okay lets see...

First of all, My name is, I'm 20 and I live in England so yay for me I'm GMT so I don't need to worry about daylight savings (mwah ha ha).

I haven't had much success in online gaming so I don't mind this being a reasonably slow paced game, it gives people more chance to write inventive and well constructive posts, all I would say is that although it may not be the fastest game in the world but if you are going to be absent for whatever reason then just tell Belle, I'm sure it'll be okay and it means we can work around your absence rather than having to cope with your disappearance.

I once played a GREAT D&D campaign years ago in school that was set in an alter-earth Rennaissance setting so I'm all up for that, same goes for magic really - people know that magic exists but for some (or many) it's as bizzare and unreal as it would be if someone were to drive up outside your house today and summon a few flaming goblins.

I guess I would expect magic, much like the technology of the period to be more available and accepted in the higher echelons of society, though the dregs may well have a thriving black market and/or arcane/techno culture of it's own.
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Sun 31 Aug 2008
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Welcome, Rhollin
Welcome to our fledgling game!

I very much enjoyed reading your introductory post, and I look forward to writing and crafting a campaign with you. ;-)

Lucinda Blancoeur
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Sun 31 Aug 2008
at 07:52
About Magic
A highwayman. A bard. A sorceress. An enigma. Welcome, Rhollin. Your knight in shining armor is the missing piece to a fantasy game that I hope will be overflowing with intrigue, romance and surprise!  ;-)

We certainly are a far flung lot. I live part of the year in southern California and part of the year in Hong Kong. My real life involves a good bit of travel so a slower paced game serves me best. Whenever I will be away from the game and unable to post I will give plenty of notice. Be assured that I will never expect the game to wait for me.

I detest the tedium of writing minutiae. Having languished in games that spend days of real time passing a few minutes of game time, I am a firm believer that much can be explained in a few sentences to move time along, fast forward a situation, and bring a character up to speed. After being away, I always catch up.  Belle, if you have a particular procedure for absences please let me know what you expect. I will do my best to oblige.

As the resident sorceress, I suppose that I should toss in my $.02 worth about magic. I think that magic should be a rare and elusive commodity in a game. Like quicksilver, magic slips through fingers, never held for very long. The possibility of magic can be acknowledged by all in the realm but the practice of magic should be secret and mysterious – its existence something fleeting and rare and kept for a select few. That being said doesn’t take away my magic wand!

Of course, I’m kidding about the wand! But in all seriousness, I think it very important that any character that is a magic user use the gift carefully and in a miserly way that does not give his or her character an unfair advantage over another.

~ Joanna

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Mon 1 Sep 2008
at 11:59
And Another Joins The Flock
Welcome, Lily! Now we add a tavern wench (at least for the nonce) to our cast of fine characters!

It is always enjoyable to see new players join the game, for that means more creativity when indulging in the pleasure of crafting our world from whole cloth, and more pens with which to enjoy the craft of our writing.

I look forward to writing and gaming with you.


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Mon 1 Sep 2008
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A Question For Belle
Hello, Belle,

What is the name of the fair city where our cast of characters now finds itself?

Rhollin Grail
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Tue 2 Sep 2008
at 02:12
Re: A Question For Belle
Wow, this is the most eloquent ooc thread I've ever seen. It really is a pleasure to meet everyone.

I just got back from Labor Day vacation so this might be briefer and less refined than I'd like. I'll make up for it during the week.

I think a fantasy Renaissance setting is just about right for this. If anyone has played 7th Sea or Castle Falkenstein, those are good reference points. The Song of Ice and Fire series also feels right; it's more medieval but has a lot of intrigue.

I assumed the world had some magic, but didn't work any into my character. I did, however, craft a race. Though it wasn't explicit in the post, Leonyr are sort of beast-men (though more man than animal), large people with hints of leonine features.

I can post 3-5 times per week but don't mind if it's faster or slower. I live in the haven of cheese and beer, Wisconsin.
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Tue 2 Sep 2008
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Questions For Rhollin
Hello, Rhollin,

Being from the land of cheese and beer sounds like a very fine thing, indeed! ;-)

Glad to have you back with us. I do have a couple of questions about the Leonyr and their kingdom that I hope you don't mind helping me with. It may be that you can answer some of my inquiries yourself, and you may need to consult with Belle on others – I’ll leave that up to you two. ;-)

How near is the Leonyr kingdom to the Duchy of Aberhaven, and what is the current political and military relationship between the two?

How common a sight would a Leonyr be in the yet-to-be-named city where most of the action is currently taking place? I suppose that what I am really wondering is how humans in the city would react to Rhollin (IC) – and whether the reactions might vary, depending upon the "class" of the humans?

For example, commoners might feel more of a sense of fright or awe, while those in the Duchy’s military or the nobility (who might arguably have had more contact with the Leonyr, or at least know more about them) might react in a different way. Then, too, merchants (especially those who have trading contacts with the Leonyr) might be favorably disposed towards them, and hope for a more expansive trade relationship. This all presupposes that the Leonyr kingdom and the duchy are at peace with one another, I suppose. ;-)

Thanks for your thoughts on these matters. I may well come up with more questions regarding the Leonyr as the game moves along. ;-)

~Bill (who writes for Brax)

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Tue 2 Sep 2008
at 04:14
Hello From Lily
Methinks we're not in Kansas anymore! What an interesting bunch we are turning out to be. I am excited to be writing with you, one and all.

I owe my inspiration to you, Yorgorov. I was lurking in the shadows reading your post when the essence of Lily came to me. I look forward to crossing paths with the rest of you, be it in a dark alley or as our glances meet across a crowded ballroom. Each one of you presents so many fascinating ideas for storytelling.

Thank you for the warm welcome and kind words, Lucie, Brax, and Belle. Although there is nothing extraordinary about Lily at least thus far, I can feel the magic in this game.

 --from Lily

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Rhollin Grail
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Tue 2 Sep 2008
at 04:41
Re: Hello From Lily
Thanks for asking, Brax. This will help build the world right away.

The plains don't border Aberhaven, but are close enough that trade and communication are not difficult. In fact, trade and communication are common. The Leonyr kingdoms pride themselves on being up to the moment with culture, so are always sending traders, scouts, courtiers, and so on into Aberhaven and other lands.

It is fairly common to see Leonyr traveling in human lands, but not common to see them living there, unless they are a courtier stationed in some prominent noble house based on a political agreement. Most people, even commoners, would have seen many in their lifetime, but likely not gotten to know any of them well since they rarely stay long.

There are no wars with them since they are busy warring among themselves. ironically, they consider human warfare savage, since any tactic is fair game. Leonyr prefer to meet beforehand and draw up the rules of the engagement. Most tiny kingdoms are too busy fighting for their own foothold in Savann to also fight other lands, and there has yet to be a united front of the race.
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Tue 2 Sep 2008
at 10:45
Thanks, Rhollin. That'll be very helpful information to know, when the time comes for IC interaction with the big Leonyr. ;-)

Hmmmmm . . . am I reading too much into Lily's reference to a "big-bellied" bard and Yorgorov's leaving a woman sleeping in the bed as he departed the next morning, or did those two keep each other warm during the first evening of the game? ;-)