Chapter 0. The Taproom (OOC)   Posted by Guildmaster.Group: 0
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Thu 31 Jul 2008
at 02:00
0. The Taproom (OOC)
A warm digital fire burns within a hearth that rests along the southern end of the wall. The room is decorated adequately with pennants, hunting trophies and advertisements. Tables and chairs rest placidly in organized rows around the room while a bar filled with drinks and spirits of all kinds invites one and all to sample it's collection.

However, looking through the fašade of this room, one can tell that the room is serves a function of a higher purpose. It is a room thinly disguised as a taproom, where its real purpose is to provide a space for avid rp-ers and people with real lives to congregate. Armed with their digital devices which are the gateways to a world of virtual possibilities, all are welcome to contribute and share.

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Thu 28 Aug 2008
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Re: 0. The Taproom (OOC)
Greetings and well met, Emeric and Yorgorov!

I very much enjoyed reading your introductory posts, and I look forward to reading Lucinda's as well, when she posts it in "The Letter" thread.

I also look forward to getting to know all of you, both IC and OOC, (and that includes you as well, Guildmaster), and to writing with everyone to collaboratively create an enjoyable game for everyone. ;-)

Lucinda Blancoeur
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Fri 29 Aug 2008
at 06:34
Hey there, Guildmaster, Emeric, Yorgorov, and Brax!

I shall be delighted to warm my toes at the digital fire as we get to know one another in the coming days. This game has caught my fancy and I am expecting a grand time as we weave our tales.

RPOL has been home to several of my heroines over the last few years. Most recently I have been writing the bittersweet story of a 'soiled dove' in love with a gun- toting Irishman. However, the dust has settled on that Western and I am ready for something new. I count coming upon The Colour of Night as a stroke of luck!

Nothing delights me more than a complicated plot rife with mystery, romance and surprise. I am a dependable poster, although not what you might call speedy. As for the rest, you'll find out about me and Lucie as time goes on.


~ Joanna (who is Lucie's typist)

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Fri 29 Aug 2008
at 08:13
Re: Hello!
Salutations to you all...

IC - Emeric will be an interesting development for me.  Hopefully he'll stay hidden, and his secret will be safe...  But I doubt it.

RL - Live in UK, and luckily have access through work to keep up with all the posts.  Only been on RPOL for about 4 months, but write stories for a pastime, so hopefully this will show, or develop, my limited (!) skills.

aka Emeric
aka ???