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Tue 13 Dec 2016
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick attempts to recognise the object he saw without making it known that he saw it. He also responds with, "I recently went to the capital, I've been there a few days and then yesterday I began traveling in this direction; my mistake was not waiting another day to avoid the worst of the rain," he gives a small laugh.

Attempting to do a mix of identify/bardic lore the orb.

16:24, Today: Fredrick Grannar rolled 17 using 1d20+6.  History.
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Tue 27 Dec 2016
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
While Fredrick spoke, he stole a glance at the object now in the girl's hands. It looked like a regular rock, but there were markings on it and if Fredrick had to make an intelligent guess, he would deduced that it was a sending stone.

His studies told him that sending stones came in pairs. And each smooth stone is carved to match the other, so the pairing is easily recognized. When a user touches the stone, he/she can send a short message of twenty five words or less via a Sending spell to the bearer of the other stone. The message will be heard in the other bearer's mind and vice versa.

And by all accounts, that's a magical item and as an Inquisitor, Fredrick knew the laws about the ownership of magical items.

"The capital?" said Eliza, "That's nice. But you still haven't answered my question.  Are you just traveling through Marsis then? Well, sorry, maybe it's none of my business. I just don't get out alot and wonder about the world outside."

She then reached forward, as though wanting to take the plate from him, "Are you done with your food?"

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Wed 28 Dec 2016
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick's on hand snaps out and grabs hold of her wrist as she reaches out, not a painful grip but strong enough to prevent her easily yanking away. "I was going to say just passing through but then I noticed that stone in your hand. You do know it's illegal to own items imbued with magic. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to ask you a few questions."

Frederick is expecting her to fight back and is prepared to defend himself, and to counterspell any magical attack she might throw at him if necessary.
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Sun 1 Jan 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Eliza gasps audibly when Fredrick closes a hand around her wrist. In her hand, is clutched the Sending stone. Frederick watches her expression change from shock to slightly annoyance. But she tries her best to compose herself.

"I suppose you're no ordinary traveler if you're going to be asking me questions," she said.

Frederick shook his head and indicated the Star clipped on the inside of his vest to showed that he had the authority of an Inquisitor.

"Well, Inquisitor, what are your questions?" Eliza asked, taking a seat on the stool across him, the Sending stone still clutched in her hand.

OOC: Sorry, in the interest of moving forward. I assume that Fredrick will prove to Eliza his authority. If he would rather keep it a secret, let me know and I'll edit my post.
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Mon 2 Jan 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
First he attempts to take the sending stone from her hand. If she doesn't allow it he'll attempt to talk her into giving it up. If he can get it off her he'll then cast detect magic to see if there's anything else magical around before he starts asking questions.
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Mon 6 Feb 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Eliza snatches her hand away from Fredrick when he tries to touch her, "Keep your hands to yourself, Mister," she snaps. She is still clutching the item tightly in her hands and though Fredrick tries to reason with her to give it up, he only manages to get her to put it down on the table but not give it to him.

"Yes, I do know it's illegal to have magical items. But its the only thing I have left of my family. When I was adopted, I had no possessions save for this stone and I don't see why I shouldn't be allowed to keep it. I ain't doing any harm to anyone by keeping it," she argued.

While she talks, Fredrick utters a spell under his breath and immediately his eyes are equipped with the ability to see the strands of magic that weave through the air.

OOC: I'm sorry for the delay. I had a busy month in January and became lazy to post in RPOL. Fredrick's detect magic spell shows that the stone is magic and as before, those residues of magic, the dust, though very faint, can be seen on Eliza's hands.
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Tue 7 Feb 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
There's nothing else magical in the room?

Also insight on that story and her reaction to what Frederick is about to say, while I'm pretty sure she was using it, she may not be lying when she says it was her family's. 16

"I'd be inclined to believe that you don't intend harm if you hadn't just been using it," as he says this he takes a step closer so there's little light between them. His expression becomes harder as he studies her reactions, "Who were you talking Eliza?"

I hope everything's ok. I'm glad you're continuing because I am enjoying this.

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Tue 7 Feb 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Fredrick's eyes flicked around the room quickly, noting that besides the stone in her hand, and the magic dust on her hands, there was nothing else magical. He was certain that Eliza had been communicating with someone else. But it was clear that she wasn't about to cave in just because an Inquisitor of the Order of the Silver Star was asking.

When Fredrick closed in the distance, she looked up at him defiantly. His hard expression appeared to un-phase her, but he could tell from the subtle movements of her lips and brow that he was making her uncomfortable, and maybe even a little scared.

"Who were you talking to, Eliza?" he asked.

"No one you know," she retorted. "Am I under arrest? I don't believe I committed crime to warrant an interrogation."

OOC:  Everything is ok, thank you :)Thanks for sticking around! I do hope we can bring this story to a conclusion, we are too far along now not to complete it! :)

You can roll to try to intimidate Eliza. Or persuade/manipulate/charm her. But do write out what Fredrick's going to say so that I can see how well he did.

Or you can also try any other alternate plan you had in mind.

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Fri 10 Feb 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick held her gaze for a moment longer before stepping back again, "Of course not. There's no need for that, you know the best thing here is to do things quietly without a struggle. That way I'm not compelled to call in assistance to deal with a situation and we're both so much more likely to be able to just put this unfortunate little incident behind us tonight and move on."
He pauses a moment, his disposition becoming less harsh as he gives her a moment to process, but not so long that she has time to analyse the situation, "You've been discovered with an item with magical properties, fair enough it wouldn't be the first time someone's had something magical in their possession that was a keep sake or handed down. They might never know it was magical until they were told. However, you use yours, that's a little more problematic and that does mean I have to question you. So like I said instead of creating problems for both of us, how about we just deal with it right now and be done with it." Frederick still keeps a close scrutiny on her reactions, watching mainly for two things. The first is some indication that she might escalate this in which case he'd have to be ready to defend himself; and second if she looks relieved that his entire focus is on the sending stone and not perhaps delving into deeper secrets she wants to keep hidden.

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Wed 15 Feb 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
As Fredrick spoke, he watched her struggle with herself, considering her options. But in the end, it seems his powers of persuasion have done some good and knocked some sense into the poor girl.

"Fine. You're right." She relented with a sigh. She reached out and placed the sending stone on the table.

"I don't know who I'm talking to. It's a voice," she explains. "He or she or it, I can't really tell, came to me one day. At first, I thought I was hearing things, but then I realized it was coming from the stone. I didn't understand it at first, I had wondered how is it that a rock can hear my secret thoughts and respond accordingly.

But soon, I suppose I got used to it. Of course I know the law about magic and the role of Inquisitors, so when I saw you come in, I got frightened and thought that maybe the stone could give me some advice on what to do."
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Fri 17 Feb 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
After she agrees and places the stone on the table Frederick will pick it up to examine. Before she begins explaining he'll pause her and say, "First I am going to cast a simple spell to help determine if you are telling the truth, please do not attempt to resist it as it will only make this take longer."

If she agrees Frederick casts zone of truth in the room. If she refuses to continue if he casts the spell or makes her save to resist the spell he'll instead use detect thoughts to probe her surface thoughts, not probing deeper so as not to make her aware that he's doing this, and using that to get an idea as to the truth of her words and anything else she might be hiding.

If she does go along with it and the zone or her thoughts tell me that she isn't lying Frederick then asks, "What advice did the voice give you?"

If she seems to be lying another tactic may be necessary.

I am assuming that since she is warned ahead of time about the zone of truth that she can choose to not resist it and therefore not attempt to save against it (if that's what she wants to do).

Also rolled additional insight and persuasion in case you wanted more of that.
20:03, Today: Fredrick Grannar rolled 13 using 1d20+10.  Persuasion.
20:03, Today: Fredrick Grannar rolled 16 using 1d20+6.  Insight.

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Tue 21 Feb 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Eliza looked at Fredrick defiantly while she considers his terms. She then sighs when she realized the truth of his reasonings and nodded sullenlly.

And so with her permission, Frederick now cast a spell that would help him tell truth from lie. <purple Leah-"Forum Verum!"</purple> he chants. Immediately, he feels the air change. As though some spark had been lit and the molecules in air now vibrated at a difference frequency and Eliza who was in the vicinity of his spell displayed the classic symptoms of someone hit by a truth spell.

He asked his first question.

Eliza looked at him, unwavering and answer mechanically, "To tell the truth."
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Fri 24 Feb 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick nods, her willingness does make him relax a little as he then begins probing into these conversations, asking things like how long have they talked, what have they talked about, prodding for details where necessary, who she thinks the person is, etc.

If all goes well he will then ask if she has ever left the town and if so for her to go into detail.
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Tue 14 Mar 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Under Fredrick's spell, Eliza had no choice but to tell the truth.

He finds out that she and her mystery talker rarely talk. And when they do, it is when he wants to know more about her. Her likes and dislikes, how she likes her tea, what's her favourite colour, how she grew up. Intrigued, Eliza indulged this mysterious speaker because it was nice to talk to someone else other than the two innkeepers and the constant stream of patrons who wanted nothing more than to grope her ass.

This mysterious stranger took a genuine interest in her and that was something Eliza treasured.

When asked if she has left town, Eliza revealed that she only left Marsis once, under the guidance of her mysterious stranger. She had been under the impression that they were going to finally meet at the Green Griffon Inn along Trader's Cross. Her room for one night had been paid for but whoever it was that she was suppose to meet never showed up.

And so, she left disappointed and the mysterious stranger never afforded her an explanation as to why she was stood up.
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Tue 28 Mar 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick nods taking note of the information. It looks like he has a new destination in mind. He then questions on what she knows about the stranger, what information he might have revealed to her and/or what she has surmised or guessed about him.
Finally once he feels he has all the information he can on the situation he considers ending the spell but first asks one last pair of questions, "We are almost done, just some final questions. Are you capable of using magic? And are there any other items with magical properties that you know about?"
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Wed 19 Apr 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
"Magic? Well... Yes," Eliza says truthfully. "And no, there are no other items with magical properties that I know about."

OOC: I'm so sorry! I was away for the first 2 weeks of April and thought I could have internet access but it turned out I didn't. I'm back now and ready to continue if you want to. We are close to the end, if Fredrick can solve the mystery!

We can skip forward to the next scene, if you give me an idea of what Fredrick's next steps are and we can fast forward to the part which are important to his investigation.

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Wed 19 Apr 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Well he wants to find out what magic she can do, and depending on what that is and what the law says register/report or whatever is necessary but put in a good word that she was cooperative. One of Frederick's theories is that she did meet someone in the inn and either with her knowledge and later had her memory erased or without and someone just had her go there because it benefited him, maybe reading her thoughts or something. So investigating that place and asking around about the night in question would be a priority. Also delivering a report about the situation in case something new has come up or if any advice/information is forthcoming.
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Mon 24 Apr 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
7th Firnset, Starday, Year 215
The Green Griffon Inn
Trader's Cross

And so, Fredrick finds himself back where he started. The Green Griffon Inn, the popular stopover for anyone traveling between the capital city, Asterleigh, and the Duchy of Aberhaven.

The biggest differences was that at least this time, Fredrick didn't have to suffer cold torrential rains to get here. Though the air was cold outside, it didn't bother the young Inquisitor for he was warm and dry with a cup of coffee in hand.

His investigation with the simple inn-girl from Marsis, Eliza, proved to him that there was someone bigger - someone who had access to magic and wasn't afraid of using it - at work. But Eliza was also a girl who was born with some magical powers but perhaps the lack of training has limited her abilities and save for some minor tricks of prestidigitation, she did not seem to possess any other abilities.

But problem is, whether or not this mystery person who had been directing Eliza was  actually involved with the theft of Harold's Barimont Jr's grandfather's painting, Fredrick still wasn't able to solve that. Ultimately, his mage thief remained in the shadows and Fredrick knew that finding he or she was vital for his promotion!

After his interview with Eliza, Fredrick wasted no time writing in his Path Journal, telling his superiors what he found out and also he notified them that he would travel straight to the The Green Griffon inn where Eliza was supposedly stood up by her mysterious stranger.

So, now here he was seated in the lower floor of the tavern. Thinking about how he would go about with the next step of his investigation.
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Thu 27 Apr 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Once Frederick has soothed away the chills of the road he starts his only personal brand of suave yet inconspicuous questions to find out who was booked in on and around the date in question, if people remember the girl, if they remember anyone else that he finds unaccounted for in the bookings and/or who interacted with her; generally trying to build a timeline and list of suspects so that he can start to piece together what happened. While he has a theory on what happened he tries to keep that set aside, it doesn't do to try to make the pieces fit your narrative, that just leads to bad assumptions.
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Sun 16 Jul 2017
at 16:55
Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
It was exhausting to try and talk to every single person in the tavern. And so, Fredrick decides to speak to the owner of the Green Griffon Inn first. The owner and innkeep was Marta Lanley. She was a large woman with round red cheeks and a mop of curly brown hair. Her daughter, Stella, was a pint size, willowy girl who looked like the slightest of winds could toss her over.

When Fredrick asked Marta about Eliza or who possibly entered the inn, the woman said, "I've got LOTS of travellers here, son. Coming and going as though this were their own home. You can't expect me to remember everyone, can ya?"

When Fredrick flashed his Order of the Silver Star badge, Marta rolled her eyes, "Badge or no badge, I can't remember!" Then she paused, and did a double take when Fredrick explained who he was, "Wait, what's that now? You are one of those inquisitors who catch those magic peeps ain't ya? Well, FINALLY. You're here!

I wrote a letter to your Order several months back and all I got was a lousy letter saying that you'll send someone to look into it and that someone never came! You're who they sent huh? Anyway, several months back, my nit wit of a daughter let a room to some fair-haired young chap who checked in, never checked out and worse of all, never paid!

I swear he must have cast a love spell on her because since then, she's been defending and swearing that he'll come back and save from "this hell hole". Seriously, please if you can do your magic, lift whatever dumb curse that fella placed on her."
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Mon 17 Jul 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick nods to the owner and says, "I understand ma'am, no one has a perfect memory. I merely wanted to impress that if you do recall something I would appreciate it. As for your daughter it would not do to have someone under some manner of enchantment, I'll examine her if you can arrange somewhere a littler quieter for me to take a look, perhaps a back room or one of the rooms upstairs. And then perhaps you and she can also tell me more about this man that did the deed."

With that in mind Frederick will examine the daughter as he said, giving her a magical examination as it were to determine if she does have some magical effect, using detect magic if necessary too. He will also question them both about this man, what they know about him, what he did and which room he had used. He attempts to correlate this with what he knows of Eliza's movements, at first thinking that perhaps they're one and the same and this incident coincides with when she visited the tavern.
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Fri 11 Aug 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Marta, the innkeep was more than happy to let Fredrick attempt to lift whatever love spell that had been cast on her rather plain looking daughter, Stella.

Stella looked like a young girl who stayed indoors too much to daydream. Upon interviewing her, Fredrick discovered that there was no actual love spell on Stella. Stella was just a simple girl who fancied the idea of a prince charming riding in on his white horse and whisking her off into the sunset. So, when a good-looking stranger with fair-haired, deep blue eyes that she could melt into and a award winning smile and perfect teeth - gave her attention, she felt right into him.

Upon examination of the stranger's room, Fredrick discovered traces of magic indeed. No doubt, there were lots of travelers who rented this room carrying little magical trinkets here and there and left their mark in the room. But what he was more interested in was the bright blue spot in the corner of the room. When he examined it, he saw that it bore traces of someone who possibly conducted a ritual or cast a larger spell than normal.

There was no way to tell what sort of spell. But he could tell that based on the fact that there was zero scorch marks, it wasn't a portal spell.

"So, did you find anything? Think you can catch that son of a bitch who can finally pay for his room?" Marta asked.

"I told you mother, he'll come back and pay for it. Phillip isn't the sort." Stella whined.

"Don't be daft! If the Watch or Police don't catch him, he's runaway. And runaway he has done once. Did you see him leave? Must have climbed up the window one night, he owes me 3 nights rent," Marta complained, crossing her arms.

OOC: It is the same days that Eliza was there at the Tavern.
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Wed 16 Aug 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
"There is no ongoing effect on your daughter ma'am, though that doesn't mean he didn't do something to her while he was here that later wore off. In either case I do need to find this man to confirm or deny that. Not to mention I'm sure you, Ms Stella, are no doubt concerned as to his whereabouts. Something may have happened to him," playing on both the mother's annoyance and the daughter's attraction in one go. So this sounds like his man, whether this all relates back to the painting or not the connection is very strenuous at best but right now he's just following the trail, and even if it turns out not to be connected it's clear this is still a magic user who needs to be brought in.

It's unlikely Philip is the man's real name, but he files it away anyway, it might be one he has used or will use again. Either way, he sees if either the mother or daughter are willing or able to divulge any more information about this man in the hopes of finding out where he's gone.
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Sun 12 Nov 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
"Yer damn straight I want to find out who this man is," the woman nods, with a snarl on her face. She now turns to her daughter and points her wooden cooking spoon at her,  "Now, go on and spit out where this so called Love of Your Life has gone."

"But Mother..." whines the lovestruck Stella, "I promised..."

"Well, you can either tell the Inquisitor, or I'm sure he and his officers have some sort of truth serum to make you tell the truth, after all, that's how they catch runaway mages and the sort! So Spit it out!" Martha warned.

"Well, I don't know where he went! But... but, he did leave me a token of his love. He say that it's a symbol of our love and that we would never be apart," Stella said as she reached into her dressed and fished out a locket she had been wearing around her neck.

The locket was simple thing but with a well-worked scrying spell, Fredrick could possibly use it to locate this mysterious, magic-wielding Philip.
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Tue 14 Nov 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick takes the locket, turning it over in his hand as he inspects it, seeing if it's the kind that opens too. As he does he says, "Thank you. I will need a little time to inspect it, I believe one of my colleagues will be able to divine what I need after which I will ensure that it finds its way back to you." 'Maybe' he adds mentally to himself. "Did he say anything else? Please think back, the sooner I can find him, the sooner we can put this whole matter to rest."

He doesn't have the necessary spells to find the man from this locket but others will and so his plan shifts towards getting this back to whoever that may be. Once he's finished with the mother and daughter he composes a sending, writing it out to make sure he squeezes as much info as he can into the 25 word limit before casting the spell.

Following trail of man. Believed involved. Only associated name is Philip. Caster and has magic items. Have personal item. Require Scrying or Divination soonest. Advise.

Satisfied with the message he casts the spell and sends it off to his 'handler', hoping he'd receive an immediate reply with the spell at least pointing him in the right direction.