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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick looks towards the man and, looking at his demeanour, realises this man will need some pushy convincing. He watches the man's stance and face, as he raises a hand up to shoulder height and speaks a word of magic, creating a ball of light over his fingers to fly up and hang over his head to light up the area. He is able to get a better view of the man now and also demonstrates he's not some vagabond to be driven off.
"You appear to have the wrong impression of me sir. I didn't come here for food, I'm just looking for someone. You haven't by chance heard of a James Windmere."
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
At the sight of Fredrick conjuring a light from thin air, the man swallows the lump forming in his throat nervously.

"You do know that displaying magic like that is illegal right?" the man said, his voice cracking a little, as he tried to re-assert control of the situation.

Then, instead of flashing his authority with the Order, Fredrick decides to just jump straight in and ask for this mysterious James Windmere.

At the mention of this Windmere fellow, the man appeared more flustered. "Ah, oh my! Keep your voice down. Come on, come on in!"

The man hurried Fredrick into the house. Inside, three men and a women were seated around the table eating supper. They stared at Fredrick, their looks one of caution. The men and women looked quite like one another.

"Here's one of them," the man who invited him in said. "He's looking for James Windmere." He turns to Fredrick and says, "My brothers and my sister. I'm Harold Blackmere. That's Joseph, Jacob, Benji and Sandra. The monks at the Abbey. They supply us with hops and wheat, but when Benji drove up his cart yesterday, the Abbey... they're all dead.

If you don't already know or guess, we're not just Brewsters. My family, we are Guardians. Guardians of Iris. The Monks, they've been protecting THE shards. But it's gone. Someone killed them and took it.

You must be sent to come and catch whoever did this and help us recover it right?"

OOC: Fredrick would know of the Shards of Iris. They are artifacts of great power and they are said to be lost. But just before the mage crisis, one of the shards had been recovered and it is said that that particular shard is being guarded.
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick mutters a few expletives under his breath at this. He then looks to each of the family before deciding he needs to sit down to deal with this. He finds himself a chair and drops his pack next to it, saying, "One moment."
He pulls out two books, one his normal notebook and the other the magical communication one. Then, ready to write he says, "As you may have already guessed I am an inquisitor. I did not know about this theft. I've been tracking a man, a magic wielding criminal and I'd been instructed that I could find someone capable of divination or scrying here. It might be that my case is linked with this theft, especially if magic was involved. So please tell me more."
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
"The monks would have been able to help you. The Abbot is an adept in the art of scrying," said Harold.

"Hey speaking of the Abbot," said the sister Sandra, "Benji, did you see him among the dead?"

The youngest brother who looked no more than a teen of 16 shook his head. "I.. I didn't stay around long enough."

"Argh, I can't believe we didn't think of this sooner," cried Harold as realization dawned on him. "Well if Father were here, he'd killed us to think we were such fools!"

The oldest brother now turns to Fredrick, "Inquisitor! Come with us. There may be hope!" He now turns to his siblings, and orders, "Come on, stop staring at me, get your weapons!"

* * * * * *

Fredrick finds himself back on the road. But this time, he is riding at full speed with the Blackmere siblings who are racing 10 miles down the dirt road, in the chill of the night towards the Abbey of the Red Haven.

When they finally arrive, Fredrick takes in the dark, abandoned abbey and couldn't help but feel the ghosts of the dead watching him. "There!" whispers Harold as he points at the small gate to the side of the courtyard.

"We'll have to make the rest of the way on foot. Benji, stay with the horses, be on guard," Harold says as he draws his sword.

The young Blackmere nods dumbly, but Fredrick can see the fear in the young man's eyes.

Now, the other Blackmere siblings too draw their weapons and they pass through the abandoned courtyard that only just the day before would have bustled with activity in the daytime and make for the side gate.

Harold pushes the gate and it swings open softly.

They enter the tiny manicured garden and Fredrick immediately notices the buzzing of bees. At the end of the garden, he sees more than twenty wooden beehive boxes. Unfortunately, a few of them had been destroyed and now the bees were loose and buzzing around them. Beehive Fredrick remembered.

"Watch yourself, don't provoke the bees," Harold said quietly as he lead Fredrick and his siblings. Finally, they arrive at the end of the garden and Harold and his siblings now go down on their knees and begin clearing away a patch of mulch and rotting leaves, before finally revealing an iron grating.

"Inquisitor," Harold whispers, "You know how to get yourself out in a pinch right? We're going to go down there. The Monks probably whisked the Abbot away through these sewers. But whoever was after them could have found it. So, we have to be ready for anything."
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Wed 20 Dec 2017
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick's head was spinning from everything that was happening. As the monks seemed to be getting the idea to leave Frederick quickly flipped the book open and scrawled, with bad penmanship, Abbey attacked. Rescuing. Send Help.

It was by no means a report but he had to send something. He barely had time to put his books away before he was dragged out by the siblings and found himself riding once more.

Once they'd uncovered the hatch he looked at the others, noting their fear and nervousness. If he had to be honest he felt it too, but within his mind he thought to himself. You're an inquisitor. You have to be brave.
So that was what he did, he straightened himself and with a tone that hid his own nerves said, "Are there any dangers down there I should know about? Traps? Wards? I'll go out ahead. Stay behind me and be ready to aid me."
As he spoke he allowed his magic to infuse his words, inspiring the siblings to give them some hope and a better chance of getting through this.

Using Bardic Inspiration on each of the siblings.

Assuming there was nothing else he needed to know Frederick started to climb down into the depths, relying on his darkvision to keep an eye out for danger.

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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
"There are wards, but nothing we do not know how to deactivate or get back, they are ours after all," says Harold. "But if whoever attacked the Abbey has found his or her way down there, who knows what other dangers there might be. Keep your wits and sword sharp."

If there was ever a time to show bravery, it was now. Fredrick presented the Order of the Silver Star and though he was not made for combat, he was the one with the authority. And it was their job to hunt down lost/stolen and recover magical artifacts.

Whether or not this was linked to the stolen painting of Harold Barimont, it certainly took a backseat now that the most magical artifact in the world was in danger of falling into the wrong hands.

Upon dropping down through grate and into the sewer system, Fredrick was assailed by a sickeningly sweet stench that mingled with human waste. Even the siblings recoiled.

"Urgh, what's that smell," gagged Harold in a harsh whisper. "Come on now, it should be down that way. Are you sure you don't want me to go first?"

Fredrick merely shook his head, place a finger to his lip and motioned for the siblings to follow. The sewer tunnels were narrow, only big enough to walk comfortably in single file. It was wet with mud, rain and sometimes Fredrick found himself wading through thick slush which he tries to avoid thinking about.

Then, they come to the end of this entry passage and enter the larger chambers of the sewers which also serve as the Abbot's escape tunnels. They were obviously ancient for the large stone stabs were carved with designs that were clearly not of the current age and Fredrick can only guess that perhaps the Abby was built over an ancient structure.

When they finally turn the corner, they see what it is that is giving off the stench. Bodies, burned by a fire so intense that it seared the flesh of the bodies in a split second. Fredrick had seen this type of damage before, it wasn't any normal fire that did this. It was magical fire.

Some of the bodies had remnants of their clothes seared into their skin but it was plain to see that they were tatters of their once red robes.

<i>"Come on... we've got get a move on," said a voice.

Fredrick tensed. So did the siblings. Harold tapped Fredrick on the shoulder and motioned for him to let him take the lead. Together, they creep forward and from the shadows, they see three figures. Hooded and masked. One was crouched over a dead body, rifling through that dead person's clothes.

Shuffle. One of them looks up and sees Harold and Fredrick.

"We've got company!"

The alarm goes out!

"Get them!" cries the hooded figures.

OOC: Roll initiative and post two rounds of action.

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Thu 11 Jan 2018
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
The smell would take forever to get out, and the sight of the bodies even longer. This was not a good day.

When these vagabonds spotted them Frederick prepared to defend himself and those with him. He drew his rapier in one quick motion as his other hand began tracing arcane symbols in the air. His priority was to reduce the number of opponents they faced and at the same time allow them to get some information. For that reason he picked on of them as he finished his incantation with the words, "I suggest you lay down your weapon and crouch by the wall to avoid getting harmed."

He would do this again on another of the combatants whether this worked or not while at all times preparing to react to any offense they might mount. If he succeeded he'd also tell his allies not to target the ones he had enthralled with his spell.

11:51, Today: Secret Roll: Fredrick Grannar rolled 16 using 1d20.  Initiative.

Action: Cast suggestion on one of the enemies.
Move: Approach to within 20' of the enemy.
Reaction if necessary: Use Cutting Words, Shield or Counterspell to avoid attacks from hitting/occuring in that order of priority.

(same on next turn)

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Sun 14 Jan 2018
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
As non-combatant by nature, the swiftness of the battle catches by Fredrick by surprise. In an instant, the first hooded figure closes in on him and slashes him with his sword. Fredrick instinctively raises an arm to protect himself and that is his first mistake.

The sword slices through his forearm nearly and cleanly, drawing blood immediately! A white hot pain causes Fredrick to cry out and stumble back. The cut is deep, but at least it did not injure bone or lope his entire arm off. He staggers backwards and Sandra catches him to steady him on his feet even as her Blackmere brothers jump into the fray, swords drawn and fighting!

Biting back the pain, Fredrick clamps down on his bleeding arm with the other hand, he looks at one of the attackers and barks out a command for him to stop. The man is taken by surprise and freezes, as though scared by the sight of blood and the horrors of battle. He drops his sword and hangs back while his other companions continue the fight.

Harold and his brothers expertly parry, slash, cut and feint.

"Aiiiieeee!" cries one of the attackers when Harold deals him a disabling blow! But still the hooded men refuse to give up.

OOC: Fredrick sustained a 5 HP wound to the arm. He cast a shield spell to fend off another attack which I did not describe here.

One of the men is "feared" by Fredrick's cutting words and is cowering in the corner. One of the other men is gravely injured. Post another round of action. I don't think it'll last longer than the next round as the brothers outnumber the attackers

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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick had never gotten into a straight up fight like this before, a couple of scuffles and some practice fights and such, but never fighting for his life in the muck like this. He's always been supporting his superiors or doing his job. A part of him wanted to flee but the other part made him stand firm, this was who he was and he'd be damned if he didn't stand up and fight.

Unfortunately that still didn't mean he was an expert swordsman, or even a good one at that. His rapier was mostly ineffective as he attempted to put the final man out of action.

Unsurprisingly didn't hit anything while trying to stay in the fight.

13:55, Today: Fredrick Grannar rolled 5 using 1d20+3.  Rapier.

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Sun 21 Jan 2018
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
As deadly as the hooded figures are, the Blackmere siblings prove to be equally deadly when working as a team. The fight is over as quickly as it started and with the tide turning against the hooded men, the one remaining fighter upon seeing one of the men fall under the sword, now beats back a retreat and flees.

 "Let's get outta here!" He cries. He doesn't look back. The formerly cowering companion manages to snap out of his fear and clambers to his feet in an effort to flee...

OOC: One of the hooded men is dead. The other two (One is injured and bleeding) is fleeing. You can choose to give chase or not. If you do give chase, roll an Athletics Dc 13 check to see if you manage to keep up with them. If not, let me know if you're investigating the bodies or whatever it is you want to do.
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Mon 22 Jan 2018
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick calls to the others, "Try to grab one of them." He tries running after the pair of them, gaining on the injured one as he tries to tackle the thief down and stop him.

13:46, Today: Secret Roll: Fredrick Grannar rolled 17 using 1d20.  Athletics.

13:45, Today: Secret Roll: Fredrick Grannar rolled 9 using 1d20+1.  Concentration.

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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Ignoring the shooting pain in his arm, Frederick launches to his feet and gives chase to the wounded hooded individual. The uninjured but frightened man managed to run away panicked. But for his aggressive and injured partner, getting away was much more difficult and he soon finds himself cornered by Fredrick and the Blackmere siblings.

He pants and clutches his stomach wound as he leans against the stone wall, trying to catch his breath. Fredrick can see his eyes staring back at him through the two holes of the hood he wore. Frederick sees the man reaching for the dagger in his belt...

OOC: Dex contest rolls! Roll Dex if you wanna stop him, whatever it is that he's going to do.
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Thu 25 Jan 2018
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick reaches out to try to grab the man's arm. This man might either be trying to attack again or to finish himself off before he can be questioned. Either way though he reaches out with his injured arm, causing him to flinch and slow his movement.

10:03, Today: Secret Roll: Fredrick Grannar rolled 4 using 1d20.  Dexterity.

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Mon 29 Jan 2018
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Faster than Fredrick or any of the Blackmere siblings can react to, the hooded individual draws a deadly looking knife from a hidden sheath.

"May the Red Fire take you!" he curses at them and in one swift motion, he plunges the weapon into his chest. Fredrick can hear the gurgling of blood as he slumps down to the ground, his breath wet and heavy. Blood starts to seep through the hood and dribbling onto the man's shirt...

The man's breath are slow... heavy...then stops.

The eldest Blackmere sibling curses at him, "Damn you Coward!' He turns to Fredrick, "Cowards all of them. I have a feeling one of these bodies belongs to the Abbot."
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Mon 29 Jan 2018
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick grimaces as he sees the blood seep out and the light leave the man's eyes. Some bards knew spells to heal but he had never bothered to learn them, he'd never seen when they would come in useful, he didn't expect to be in a fight and now here he was in one. He takes a deep breath to calm himself and then looks to the others.

"Check for the abbot to make sure. They might have even captured him for all we know," as he says this he kneels down beside the man and starts looking around for anything that might be of use. Identifying marks, notes, anything to help give him an idea of who these people were and what they'd been doing. Once he'd searched the man he heads to the other to do the same.
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
When Fredrick rips the hooded mask off the men who tried to kill them, he signs. These men looked like ordinary folk. People would have passed them on the street and none would be the wiser that these people were killers.

Fredrick began to search them and it was apparent that these men didn't bring much and were equipped only with the weapons they needed to finish their grisly job. However, when he searched their bodies, Fredrick noticed that tattooed on the back of their necks was a graphical design of an open flame.

"It's no use, they are all burnt beyond recognition," sighs Harold.

Just then Sandra, his sister calls out to them, she holds up a tiny scrap of burnt clothing, "I guess they must have tried to escape and were cut down and burnt. They don't look like fresh kills. Maybe whoever those hooded men were sent to clean up and we interrupted them."

"Sandra..." calls out Harold who is stooped over one of the bodies, "Look..."

Harold reaches into one the burnt corpses and brushes away the fabric covering the dead person's chest revealing a simple chain of gold of which a holy symbol of the Watcher hangs. "This... this is the Abbot's. Do you think....?

Sandra turns to Fredrick, "Do you know how to or maybe there is someone at the Order who specializes in this sort of thing - you know? To identify bodies?"
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Tue 6 Feb 2018
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick quickly jots down the symbol in his little notebook. He can be more precise later when he writes in the communication book. He then heads over to the body the others had identified and takes a moment to look over it himself for any other identifying signs, respectfully of course, while saying, "Those kinds of spells aren't ones I have though there are others who will have access to them. I think it's fair to say though that someone wouldn't have transplanted the abbot's holy symbol onto another corpse; unless it's a misdirection but I doubt that. Let's secure the rest of the area and make sure no one else has gotten in. Where does this go and can it be sealed off at least temporarily?"
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Sun 11 Feb 2018
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
"These tunnels lead into caves in the mountains, we don't know how far into the mountain it goes or where exactly they lead to," Harold said, "We've never traveled in there before. Maybe we could secure it by closing off the well which led down to these sewers. Will they suffice?"

Sandra looked at the bodies and sighs, "I suppose the least we could do is give these poor souls a proper burial."

She looks up at Fredrick and asks, "While we do that, what are you going to do, Inquisitor?"

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Sun 11 Feb 2018
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick nods, "Sealing off the well should do for now once the bodies have been moved. The first thing I need to do is report on these events, that shouldn't take long though and then I suggest we all search the premises quite thoroughly. We should go in pairs just in case. Also while I don't want to sound disrespectful, I suggest the burials wait until I hear back from my superiors. If they can send someone capable of speaking with the dead in short order, it wouldn't do to be digging up graves."
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Thu 15 Feb 2018
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
After making his report to his superiors, Fredrick and the Blackmere siblings did what they could to search, investigate and secure the ransacked Red Haven Abbey. It was tough, tedious work and when it was all done, Fredrick took the opportunity lie back on one of the wooden benches. He was terribly tired, his arm was aching but his mind was in overdrive.

Through searching the Abbot's study, reading through his notes and listening to what the Blackmere siblings had to say, Fredrick was convinced that the Abbot James was hanging onto, or perhaps guarding one of the legendary shards of Iris. And if that was true, there was alot of reasons why the Abbot would be a target of assassination.

But how did this tie in with the stolen painting of Harold Barimont? Or did it even link? But why would Elisa, the long-lost sister of Harold Barimont be tied to someone that led him on a trail straight to the Red Haven Abbey, and just on the night where the Abbey was attacked?

If only there were some answers that were more clear cut....

"Yo, you lazy bum!" called out a voice that Fredrick found all too familiar.

Fredrick opened his eyes. Light was shining through the stained glass windows of the Abbey. It was morning and Althane was standing over him. "Wow, you look like shit," his friend chuckled.

Fredrick groaned and shielded his eyes from the sun as he sat up and arched his back. Althane, his squire Gerome was closeby, as were a group of Inquisitors, who no doubt hurried here after his report last night. But what surprised him most was the appearance of the Grand Inquisitor, Tharius Kilbare.

"While you were out chasing legendary artifacts, I kinda solved our case. Well, somewhat," said Althane. "Remember that sleezeball magic merchant Thaldrin? Obviously, when we threatened to lock him up, he squeaked. We both concluded he had something to hide, right? Well, he did. He has a mistress and according to him, she's none other than Elisa, Harold Barimont's sister. And how does he sneaks her in and out of his office? Well, he loaned her an invisibility cloak. Now, we all know that is already a punishable offence.

So, my conclusion is, Elisa probably stole her step-brother's painting via an invisibility cloak! So, now we just have to track down Elisa."

Just then, the Grand Inquisitor joins in.

"Fredrick, we came as fast as we could. If the Legendary Shard of Iris is in danger, then we all are. Now, where was the body you suspect is the Abbot?"

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Thu 15 Feb 2018
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Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
It takes a moment for Frederick to come out of the haze of sleep. It hand't been long or comfortable but he's on his feet when he sees all the inquisitors. He even manages a short bow to the Grand Inquisitor when he spots him.

He listens to those speaking, his mind still kicking in speed as it processes what he's hearing. The Grand Inquisitor's words seem the most pressing and he indicates outside, leading the way, "We found the bodies down in the sewer, I had the Blackmeres bring them all out but hold off on burying them in case someone arrived who could investigate."

As he takes them outside he looks over at Althane, "The sister? That doesn't seem right. It would fit in some ways but then some things don't make sense. Hold on I'll get my notes in a moment."

Once he shows the inquisitors the bodies he describes last night's events, answering any questions on details that might come up and then, assuming he has a chance to consult with his colleage, finds his pack and pulls his notebook out. He flips to the pages where he had conducting his interrogation of Elisa and begins explaining.
"I placed her under an incantation that would not allow lies to be spoken within it, I would have known if she had resisted it. I had found what I believe is a sending stone in her possession," he pulls it out of his pack showing it to Althane. "Did that man have one too? Anyway she gave no indication that she knew who she was speaking to through this stone despite my questioning. She also said she did not know about any other magical items so it wouldn't make sense that she was using an invisibility cloak."
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Thu 15 Feb 2018
at 14:25
Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
As Fredrick leads the Grand Inquisitor and Althane to where the bodies are kept, he goes over his notes and what he says about Elisa gives all three of them pause.

"Thaldrin? No, he didn't have a speaking stone, at least we didn't find any when we searched his person, his staff and his warehouse," revealed Althane.

Even the Grand Inquisitor's brow furrowed, "So if we were to break this down, we've got someone running lose with an invisibility cloak and quite possibly a sending stone as well. And this person looks like or if we do not want to rule it out, is Elisa. And this very same person is who you chased to Red Haven Abbey?"
Fredrick Grannar
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Thu 15 Feb 2018
at 15:45
Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick shakes his head, "No sir, I was sent here when I reported in via sending. I had requested magical assistance in scrying or divination. I was on the trail of a man, the name I received is Philip though it's probably an alias. I have something that he had on him at one point though." Frederick produces the locket, showing it to the others. "I believe he is a magic user of some sort based on what I've found, he might be the one we had been looking for. It is entirely possible that this situation at the abbey is a coincidence. Then again given the circumstances I would certainly not be surprised if this man was involved."
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Mon 19 Feb 2018
at 02:37
Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Kilbare takes the locket from Fredrick and turns it over in his hand, "So, if this Philip is a magic user, is it quite possible that he has the ability to take on the identity of Elisa, or perhaps he's working with a "Elisa", or at least someone who has stolen the identity of the real Elisa."

"Keep the locket and the sending stone, if this is how "Phillip" stays in touch with the real Elisa, then it's possible that he might try to contact her again. Or perhaps we can contact him, posing as Elisa?"
Fredrick Grannar
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Mon 19 Feb 2018
at 13:45
Chapter 7. The Inquisitor
Frederick nods and takes them back, "Can someone attempt to locate this man through the locket. Maybe at least get an idea of how he looks from when he last handled it. As for the stone who will attempt to impersonate Elisa? I would assume we'll need a woman for that."