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People, Places of Interest & General Knowledge

Purple names denote characters from current adventure

Alleck: The money holder introduced to Emeric in Aberhaven.

Althane: Inquisitor from the Order of the Silver Star, friends with Fredrick Grannar

Angeline: The vegetable seller at the Trader's Market, Aberhaven.

Anthony: The younger healer from the Aberhaven Encampment Aid Tent who took Lily to Agatha.

Archbishop Olmen: Member of the Council.

Aurun Voraelin: Elder son of Hastor Voraelin. A young Guardian-in-training in the Guild of Iris.

Boric: The hardworking innkeeper of The Sleeping Mermaid tavern/whorehouse

Caalum Oldwizard: Lucinda's wizard uncle who knows of Lucie's secret in releasing Valerian. Accused of being an accomplice to Lucie and is currently waiting trial.

Count Richard Talmort: Count of Talmort County. Duke Dorian Aberhaven's cousin. Successor to Aberhaven.

Devlin: The grumpy old tailor of Aberhaven who is apparently, also an old family friend of Brax.

Duke Dorian Aberhaven: The duke and ruler of Aberhaven who is reputed to be a kind soul and effective ruler. Missing & presumed dead.

Duchess Alicia Aberhaven: Wife of Dorian Aberhaven. Missing & presumed dead.

Ellamin Serpenthelm: Wizard-adventurer who lived between 10-115. It is uncertain how long he lived, or when he's born. But records show his adventures date between 84-112.

Gwenneth: Wife to Hastor Voraelin

Gerome: Fredrick's squire at the Order of the Silver Star.

Hastor Voraelin: Master Guardian of Iris. Lord of the Voraelin Estate, and father to Auran, Mera & Yoran.

Henri: Mera's deceased husband. Died guarding Hastor Voraelin.

Hort: The aged physician at Voraelin estate.

Lady Araval from the Order of the White Rose: Member of The Council

Lady Ravena of House Tallon: Member of The Council

Lasaexal: A demon lord from the Abyss.

Lo: Mera's younger son

Lord Belmont of House Fern: Member of The Council

Lord Hirsh of House Calton: Member of The Council

Lord Rholand Grail: Knight and Master of House Grail & Rhollin's father.

Mage Lord of the White Rose: The mysterious man who caught Lucie and put her to justice. Last seen entering the hellish portal summoned by Lucie, to the Abyss.

Magistrate Ternst Fallow: Portfolio - petty crime and minor disputes. Currently, also has to handle murder, lawlessness and civil unrest as well as dictate the verdict on the plight of wizards.

Maedlin Voraelin: Daughter of Hastor Voraelin. Blinded while fighting the imps of the Abyss, saved by Brax.

Mera: Brax's hostess at the Voraelin Estate.

Oren: Mera's elder son

Page Lowen: Grail Page. Part of the Savaan-Aberhaven Envoy.

Petie: Lucinda's pixie familiar

Piquet: Book-keeper and owner of Piquet Books. Landlord to Agatha

Redic: Emeric's host at the Voraelin Estate. Guardian of Iris.

Red Fire: The sorceress sentenced to the dungeons for attacking innocent bystanders. Currently waiting trial.

Roric Aberhaven: The Duke's ten year old son. Missing & presumed dead.

Stewart Holsen Bismont: Count Richard Talmort's personal advisor. Member & Head of The Council

The Deathmask Maker: The strange old woman who has offered Emeric a deathmask

The "Fox": A renowned thief in Aberhaven whose signature is a fox's paw. Culprit of the stolen sacred Codex.

Tyr of the Grail: Rhollin Grail's dutiful and quiet squire

Sir Robin Grail: Rholand's brother & Rhollin's uncle. Part of the Savaan-Aberhaven Envoy.

Sir Junic: Swordmaster of House Grail. Part of the Savaan-Aberhaven Envoy.

Sir Berent: Knight of the Grail. Part of the Savaan-Aberhaven Envoy.

Sir Agravan of Lowsmeet: Knight of Lowsmeet. Part of the Savaan-Aberhaven Envoy.

Sileaunus: Emeric's father

Tharius Kilbare: Grand Inquisitor of the Order of the Silver Star, former adventurer and companion to The Seers of Iris

Valerian: The demon summoned by Lucie who now hunts the enchantress. Not much is known about this demon.

Yoran Voraelin: Younger son of Hastor Voraelin.

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Aberhaven Encampment: Set up during the attacks during the Aberhaven Masquerade as a rallying point. Now, currently converted to a temporary hospital

Abyss: This world's version of the underworld

Akrosh: A strong tasting nourishing Savaan brew.

Bandits: Armed thieves usually traveling in bands who prey on travelers. Very common on the highways toward Aberhaven

Forest Hog: Commonly found in sounders (herds) of 20, consisting mainly of females and one dominant male, they, as their names suggests, are commonly found in Khorskan forests.

Hall of Scales, Aberhaven: Court of Justice and temple of The Watcher.

Imp: Mischievous creatures of the Abyss. Attack in swarms and are easily provoked.

Khorskan Whiskey: A common drink in Korskoya. Known for it's potency and fiery taste.

Order of the Silver Star: An organization created in reaction to the Masquerade Massacre in Yr 209 whose sole aim is to weed out rogue wizards/magic users.

Piquet Books: Bookshop in Aberhaven. Proprietor: Piquet

Pinebark Forest: Deep forest in Aberhaven. Near Aberhaven City.

Red Nightmare: Mysterious blood red-clothed individuals who attacked and caused grievous harm on the citizens of Aberhaven. Dubbed the Red Nightmare by the Aberhaven populace.

Shard of Iris: A small & mysterious gem of power. It is uncertain how many there are in the world. 3 were originally housed in the Vault of Aberhaven. 2 is lost. 1 was saved by Emeric and in Hastor's possession.

The Abbey of Red Haven: A Abbey to which the three Shard of Iris from the Vault of Aberhaven were to be transported to.

The Codex: A sacred tome cataloging the locations of the Shards of Iris

The City Guard: City guardsmen of Aberhaven. A branch of the Aberhaven military.

The Council: Current rulers/decision-makers of Aberhaven

The Guardians: Individuals who protect the Seers and guard the Shards of Iris.

The Seers: Individuals who can identify and summon/harness the power contained with the Shards of Iris.

The Sleeping Mermaid: Tavern & Whorehouse in Aberhaven

Voraelin Estate: 10 miles from Aberhaven City. An armed estate which produces the famous Voraelin Wine. Also home to the Guardians of Iris.

Voraelin Wine: A popular Aberhaven red wine from the vineyards of Voraelin

Wolf: A predatory canine animal that usually hunts in packs. Can be found in the Pinebark forest. Its pelt is particularly valuable, especially those of the albino breed.

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