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Chapter 6c. The Life & Times of Aleksi Varakzy
This is Yorgorov's exclusive thread

Yorgorov watched his other two companions leave, leaving him with the priest. When his turn came to retrieve information of which he asked, Yorgorov found himself in a small enclave of shelved books.

When he examined the book bindings,  various family names were printed on it and to Yorgorov's surprise, he found some vaguely familiar. Finally, he came upon a shelf that proclaimed itself as the "V" section and sure enough, he found his family name.

And within that section, Alexsi's name jumped out at him. Sliding the book from it's place, Yorgorov flipped open the book and immediately, images of Alexsi, of himself and of his family and friends filled his mind and the words printed in the book took him to another time and place...

* * * * *

The woods were strangely quiet at this time of the day, the birds refused the sing and even the wind was silent today. No leaf moved, not even a stalk of grass.  Streaks of sunlight rained down from the sky and illuminated the forest floor with its silver hue. Then, the first signs of life: a rabbit. It walked over calmly to a small patch, its tiny nose sniffing furiously at a fallen piece of wood, its ears twitched and – “Ahhh!”

Frightened the rabbit hopped off without hesitation, leaving a large boy dressed in brown with bits of leaves and twigs stuck in various places of his clothing and hair staring wide eyed at the spot the rabbit stood previously.

“Now you did it, Yorgorov.” Alexi hopped out his hiding place. The taller and lankier dark haired boy walked over to the clearing and picked up a small rabbit trap. He unhooked the piece of carrot from the stick and threw it to the ground.

Alexi and his best friend, Nic stepped out for their own hiding places, dusting their dress, shaking their heads at the younger boy, Yorgorov. It was almost midday and the boys were out scouting, hunting and having fun like boys do.

“So, what should we do now?” Nic said, tearing off his camouflage outfit that was nothing more than just a fan of leaves and some twigs. The boys shrugged and then Alexi looked over at Yorgorov, "Well, we were suppose to teach you hunting, but doesn't look like you're any good at keeping quiet."

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Re: Chapter 6c. The Life & Times of Aleksi Varakzy
But I... It ran over my...

Yorgi stared over at the dismantled trap in dismay, the rabbit had been right there but then the forresthog had brushed past his leg and startled him. He looked over at Aleksi and Nic, both boys older and taller than him. He felt crestfallen to have lost them their dinner, the two boys had told him that Father wouldn't let them back home untill he had caught a rabbit for his food and become a man.

Yorgi wss tired and his tummy grumbled, they had been out in the woods for what seemed like forever and ever. He wanted to go home and curl up in his blankets, to drink the honeywine and eat dinner.

Dinner, a mix of cold meats, cheeses, berries from the creepvines and...


Yorgi bounded off crashing through the undergrowth, snapping twigs underfoot and generally making enough noise to scare off all the rabbits in the entire forrest. He knew that the only thing that mae a forresthog move that fast was when it was returning to it's  stash of truffles, the trail shouldn't be too hard to find.
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Re: Chapter 6c. The Life & Times of Aleksi Varakzy
"Yorgi!" Aleksi called out, his voice laced with fear and worry. Forest hogs were common in these woods, and while they were generally harmless but if provoked, they were known to attack with the fury.

Cursing loudly, "Come on  Nic!" he barked and the two older boys gave chase to the younger Varakzy.

"Yorgi! Yorgorov!" Aleksi continued calling, "Come back!"

* * * * *


Yorgorov could hear his brother's voice echoing in the forest. But ignored it for his attention was now focused on the forest hog ahead.


The forest hog was a medium sized one, male, judging by the looks of it's tusk but not quite full grown. It was strange for it to be traveling alone however it could be it was chased out of his sounder by the dominant male recently.

As he stood there spying on the animal from behind a bush, Yorgorov felt proud that his instinct on the appearance of a forest hog was right. But, what attracted the forest hog wasn't a nest of truffles... Forest hogs while herbivores, were also scavengers. Lying just head, Yorgorov squinted to make out the figure the hog was sniffing and realised that it was a man - a dead man.

And suddenly, he felt very alone for his brother no longer called out to him.

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Re: Chapter 6c. The Life & Times of Aleksi Varakzy
The trees loomed overhead, blotting out the sunlight, what little got through cast ghostly shadows on the clearing where the forest hog sniffed furiously through the dead man's clothes, the pure silver hue now turned a wicked grey. The light wind that had until a moment ago carried his brother's voice to him now only seemed to convey cruel whispers that he could not make out clearly.

The dead man.

Yorgi had seen a dead body once before, at the funeral of one of his grandmothers. It had been years ago and although he remembered little of the event he recalled thinking that she looked at peace, asleep on her funeral bed. Surrounded by the ivy and silk wreaths placed there by those that knew her, Yorgi imagined her to have floated away to the far shores to be with her mothers and fathers of old in the long halls.

The dead man.

The body that lay before him had none of the scerenity or calm he had seen in his grandmother. The corpse before Yorgi was stretched backwards over the largest root of the tree it lay beside, the eyes impossibly wide and looking directly at him. It's mouth open and it's right hand outstretched as if grasping for him.

Yorgi tried to let out a scream but it evaporated on his lips, he tried desperately to move but his legs may have been carved from stone for all he could lift one foot. All he could do was stare in to the lifeless yet penetrating eyes of the dead man in front of him.

Then someting happened that caused Yorgi's petrification to end. He cried out and fell to the floor as something touched his shoulder.
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Re: Chapter 6c. The Life & Times of Aleksi Varakzy
Opening his eyes slowly, Yorgorov struggled to get the fuzz out of his mind. What's happening? He pushed himself to a sitting position and waited for his blurry eyes to clear. A figure appeared before him and Yorgorov blinked, mumbling a weak, "I can't see..."

"Yorgi..." a voice replied, "You need to rest."

"My eyes can't clear up," Yorgi complained and as he reached a hand up in an attempt to rub his eyes, a strong feminine hand clamped down on his own and pushed it gently away from his face.

"Don't rub your eyes. You'll make it worse." Then Yorgorov recognised the voice, it was his mother's voice. "You just need to rest."

And with her soothing calm, Yorgorov felt a wave of sleepiness wash over him and collapsed back in bed.

* * * * * * *

When he next woke, Yorgorov opened his eyes and saw that he could see much more than he could before. Although still not as clearly as before. Just then, a familiar figure approached him and Yorgorov could recognise the form of his older brother.

"Yorgi! Sleepy head, you've been asleep for too long! Time to get up and let's go hunting again!" Alexsi exclaimed, "You did really well brother. You helped catch a murderer!"
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Re: Chapter 6c. The Life & Times of Aleksi Varakzy
Yorgi rubbed his eyes and shook his head, it felt like he'd been asleep for weeks. The colours were all too bright and nothing had any hard edges but the sound and shape of Aleksi calmed him considerably.

I Don't remember... What happened?

The room got a little clearer as Yorgi got himeslf sat up and out of bed, the wind blew chill through the open window and he could hear the hawksong in the distance.