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Chapter 6b. Tindle is My Name
This is Emeric's exclusive thread.

Emeric followed the instructions written on the note, leading him to a row of thick and aging books sitting on a shelf. As he walked pass the myriad of books he started to notice that he was in the section of his clan - it was a record of their stories and histories.

Then, he came upon a dull green coloured book. It was not particularly thick, and neither did it look old. Riffling the pages within, the book appeared to be well-read. Flipping to the first page, Emeric's attention was immediately captured by the picture of a pine tree...

Then, when he started reading what was next, - his vision swam and his knees felt weak. Something was happening and there was nothing he could do about it....

* * * * *

The forest was dark now but the scent of the female was strong. Soft steps like a gentle wind upon the leaves threaded through the forest - silent and graceful. Eyes like the glowing sun pierced the darkness, always certain and always alert.

In a distance, a raven cawed with displeasure before fluttering off into the darker depths of the forest.

Along a winding path was a road less traveled, but tonight, it was to be the road taken by a pair of desperate runaways. A female and a male... but there was something wrong. The male smelt of death - he was dying. And the female smelled of blood... and fear.

Upon the path was a fallen horse - an arrow to it's heart. And surrounding was men in the darkest of cloaks. Their swords glinted in the darkness eager to taste flesh, while their eyes hungered for something else as they spied their female prey.

But little did they know that the eyes who watched them all was also hungry - hungry for blood.

* * * * *

"Oi, Breck, look at what we have here!" said the one sporting a scraggly bread, "And purty too! Hahahaha!"

Letsa leave her alone and get their belongings, Tag!" Came a gruff reply. Two men were tugging at the packs strapped to the dead horse.

"No, I says we kill the male and we take the female. I bet she could fetch a nice price at the Market. Never expect to run into one of her kind in the woods, bet she'll work well as a slave." the one named Tag pondered, swinging his sword in their direction menacingly.

Taking a pace forward, he gave the male a hard kicked across the chest and the man howled in pain. Then, he reached down and grabbed the girl roughly by the chin and spat, "What say you, whore! Come with us nicely or I'll gut you like a pig."

OOC: For your info, the female there is Emeric's mother. The male there is her guardian/brother/father, up to you. But he is not your father. I have no idea what her name is, or neither do I know what is Emeric's race. So feel free to make those up and let's see where this story takes us :)
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Re: Chapter 6b. Tindle is My Name
Emeric wasn't sure what was going on, until he recognised his mother. The shock nearly took him, and he went to put his hand against a nearby tree for support, and found it felt very funny. Looking down he saw that he wasn't quite all there. He could feel the tree, but he could also see his hand moving into the tree. His mother was young again, her beauty more evident than ever, her face touched by elven blood his uncle once said when he should have been asleep. Now Emeric could understand.

His mother screamed out a challenge as her head was lifted, "I'm no whore, and you have no need of one!" With that Emeric saw her hand slice upwards into his groin, the sun glinting on a thin metal needle sharp knife, as it penetrated deeply. Emeric winced, almost feeling the blades edge himself, and stepped forward automatically. Yet as he did a breeze wafted past him. Not the soft ones he felt even in his altered state, but a hard one. He couldn't see or hear anything, but his senses told him something was moving.

Looking at his mothers defiant face, he wondered who could save her now. One of her attackers was down, but the others would not give in so easily on such a find as her.
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Re: Chapter 6b. Tindle is My Name
Tag howled in pain as Emeric's mother cut him swiftly with her knife. He grabbed his groin and was on the ground, squirming like a gutted fish as blood started to soak his pants and stain the grass beneath him.

"Argh! You bitch!" He screeched, "You'll pay for it!"

In a flash, the one of the other two men who had been packing up their stolen goods rushed forward to restrain the elven maiden - weapon drawn. As she was injured, the man quickly managed to subdue her by pinning her to the ground and holding her by her scalp.

Then, the one identified as Breck made his way purposefully towards Tag who was still hurling abuses at the elf while he clutched at his stolen manhood. "I told you to live her alone, Tag. But you wouldn't listen. You're now a liability." Breck reprimanded, and then in one swift motion, he drove his sword through the fallen man, delivering a coup de grace. With a strangled cry, Tag died. "Come on Lefty, let's go. Looks like we have one less person to share the gold --"

But before he could reply, a flash of silver, like a bolt of lightning crashed into the thug. Sending him sprawling to the ground. Cursing, Breck struggled to get to his feet, but before he could do so, he was knocked off again by the same bolt of silver. Then suddenly, a low and guttural growl was heard and out stepped a large dire wolf with fur that shone with such a light that it looked silver. The wolf bared his fangs and before Breck could many any sound, it's large jaws clamped down around the thug's neck and the two disappeared into the dark woods.

Left, the thug who had been holding down the struggling elven maid was petrified. "Wha... Breck? Breck!" he stammered.

"BRECK! Where are you!" he cried. In that moment, all the gold they packed was forgotten and Lefty released his hold on the elf. He scrambled to his feet, his sword held out meekly before him as he eyed the shadows that danced with the trees.

"No more games! Come out and fight like a ma--"

And Lefty was gone too.

* * * * * *

She had fallen unconscious, and when she woke, she saw the dead eyes of the thug, named Lefty, staring at her. Blood pouring from an ugly wound on his neck. Yelping in fear, she sat up quickly and came face to face with the face of a monster.

The dire wolf!

It's face was at least 2 times larger than hers and it's piercing amber eyes threatened to bore holes into her skin as it stared at her. It's muzzled was caked with dried blood and for a moment, it bore it's fangs at her.

It sniffed her curiously once, and it was off.

Stunned by what just happened, the maiden heaved a sigh of relief.

"H...h...You..Yo.." it was the injured Cendril calling out to her. He coughed painfully..."You..."

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