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Re: Still Waters Run Deep Indeed
Gasping for air Yorgorov wiped the tears from his eyes as he registered the pain subsiding. No, not subsiding, vanishing in an instant.

Devils be! Who was that? Yorgorov thought as he gazed over the still waters stretching out in front of him. His feet began to move and he stood, begining to walk towards the edge of the water. The ground softening under his feet, Yorgorov edged closer and closer, his blue eyes piercing the distance but finding nothing out of place.

The cold water lapped at his feet, snapping him out of his thoughts. Yrgorov realised he had strayed out from the cover of the boulder and was in full view of the two men sitting atop it.
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Re: Still Waters Run Deep
"You seem quite accomplished with that bow," he remarked to one of his fellow guests who had introduced himself as "Emeric." The fellow had also opened up and spoken some about his family life. Brax nodded understandingly when Emeric had mentioned his mother's early death.

'Tis a hard thing, to lose one's parents," he muttered, staring out over the lake and watching the breeze make eddies and swirls on the waters. Especially since my own foolishness led directly to my father's death.

Emeric looked up at the comment, but held his tongue. He had been around Brax enough to know he kept things close to his chest, and Emeric didn't want to intrude. Just nodding his head, he wondered to himself how Brax had caused such an event to occur.
"I myself have only my brother left in my family," he added, rising to his feet and stretching his arms up over his head. There was still a little soreness in his left shoulder, but Mera's pampering had done wonders to very nearly restore him to full health.

"My father still", Emeric hesitates for a moment, "lives. At least the last I saw or heard of him. I've only met him a few times in my travels. He always seems to arrive when I need a bit of help." Looking out to the world outside Emeric added, "I half expect to see him arriving here with some of his acquaintances. Thankfully that hasn't happened. Not sure that the Lord would appreciate that though." With that thought, his face took on a darker look.
Brax turned his full attention to Emeric. "Have you figured all this out? I mean, why we are here, and that 'mark' that we all supposedly bear? I must confess that I have learned damnably little, although," a hint of a smile played around his mouth for a moment, then he continued, "although I have been vigilant in attempting to establish some 'contacts' here on the estate -- men and women  whose tongues can mayhaps be loosened by a little gold."

"I have no idea what we are supposed to be marked with or for. As to finding out what is going on, there is little talk from anyone. Even the vine workers are keeping quiet, if they know anything. And I don't think anyone but the Lord of the Manor knows what is going on. Hopefully with sleeping beauty up and about we might find out more. Until we are kicked out, or told what is happening I am happy to have someone else feed me. They could just do with a proper forest nearby though."
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What Is To Be Believed?
"Well," Enigma began, "we know what Lord Voraelin has seen fit to tell us, thus far. You remember that meeting between him, you and me in his study? He called us 'Seers,' as I recall, and spoke of the 'Shards' that had been stored in the vaults at Duke Dorian's estate."

Enigma glanced over at the man whom he knew as Emeric. "Seems as if you did a grand thing by saving one of the Shards, although the other two were supposedly lost in all the confusion that night. Who knows where the bloody hell they might be now? And if Lord Voraelin is to be fully believed, there is still the matter of the missing Codex."

Enigma smiled. "The question, of course, is how much of what we have been told is to be believed. It is possible, of course, that Lord Voraelin has told us the complete truth. Or, mayhaps he has told us as much as he thinks we need to know, and has withheld other information for purposes known only to him. Finally, it could be that we have been told a mixture of truths and falsehoods."

"Truth be told, I am uncertain in my own mind as to which is the case."
Enigma's smile broadened. "I will observe, however, that in my experience 'tis the rare man who voluntarily reveals all that he knows. Thus, my reason for pursuing my own . . . lines of inquiry amongst our host's retainers."

Just about then the heavy-set Korskhan wandered into view, wading out into the lake. "Hoi, Varakzy, you scoundrel!" Enigma called down to him good-naturedly. "I thought I was a most clever fellow, but it seems that you have put one over on us by sneaking about  upon quiet little cat's-feet, and you have been listening to our secrets this whole time!"

Enigma felt reasonably certain that such was not the case, else Varakzy would have stayed under cover and kept listening. But he wanted to see how the other man would react.

OOC: This is from the Prologue: ". . . It is uncertain how many of these gems were there in the world, but the rumours of a single gem's power was real enough. Hastor had seen it at work once before when he was a young guardian and vowed never to let anyone see it again. The locations of all known gems were cataloged in a Codex and kept in the vaults of Aberhaven together with three of the very same gems . . ."

". . . By the time they arrived at the Estate, the gem in his  . . ."
[Emeric's]" . . . pocket had been long forgotten until a meeting with Enigma and Hastor. Hastor had explained to them, as best as he could, their current situation and the reasons for their arrival. And it was then, that the gem was mentioned and retrieved . . . ."

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Re: What Is To Be Believed?
Milord to hear your voice alone is to listen to secrets, Enigma. Said Yorgorov bowing as low as his cane would allow. Though a curious cat I make indeed with a wooden leg and a fondness for the water it seems.

Yorgorov took a step back from the water's edge and made his way up towards the pair sitting on the rock, his cane tap tappping on the stone. Despite his injuries the Korskhan's steps were true, though he politely accepted Enigma's outstretched hand as he reached the summit. Laying down his cane he sat down on the far side of Enigma to his companion.

I will admit two curiosities I currently cultivate to you, the first being the matter of your name good sir. I do not believe you've had the pleasure yet, as I am sure you are aware my name is Varakzy.
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A Gentleman Must Have His Secrets
Enigma grinned upon hearing the Korskhan refer to him as "Milord," followed by the clever turn of phrase upon his name.

After the man had climbed up and taken a seat on the rock, he heard him out, then  replied, "Of course I know your name, my dear Varakzy. You told it to me on the evening of the masquerade -- and other various and sundry goings-on -- at Duke Dorian's mansion."

"You are quite correct that I have not yet told you mine . . . well, other than my name of convenience, of course. And I fear that I must beg your continued indulgence in my little idiosyncrasy."

"But please don't take offense, my dear fellow. I daresay, in all of Aberhaven, I can count those who are privy to such information as you request upon the fingers of a single hand."

Enigma smiled. "I'm sure you understand. A gentleman must sometimes have his secrets."

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Re: A Gentleman Must Have His Secrets
"And some of us keep our secrets, even when we are not Gentlemen." Emeric said in a somewhat sombre voice. Where he had been trying to forget the Shard, and how it had felt in his hand, Enigma had managed to bring it up again. Already he felt the tingling in his palm where the item had once felt so comfortable.

Scratching his hand, he turns to include Yorgorov and says, "Enigma here was just bringing up the reason we appear to be here at this time. I don't know how much you know since you've been asleep for so long, but we were just beginning to wonder what is really happening in the world. Good to see you awake. How much have they told you?"
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Re: A Gentleman Must Have His Secrets
Oh I hear many things, friend. Yorgorov nodded at Enigma's companion. I hear a great many things worthy of firesides and tankards. I hear of great battles, terrible monsters,heroes, villains and enigmas. Though they have not yet told me your name.

Yorgorov titled his head back and smiled, breathing in deeply the clean and crisp air, tasting on the tip of his tongue the warm rain not quite in the air yet. He savoured the anticipation for a moment before continuing.

Though perhaps it would be a better question to ask what you would like to be called?
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Re: A Gentleman Must Have His Secrets
Emeric almost burst into a blush as he answer Yorgorov. "They call me Emeric. I was a forester before life changed for me some years ago, and now I pay my way by my skills with the bow. Which in the current climit might make me more a recruit for any army passing by. So I am happy to stay as the Lord Voraelin's guest. Yet Enigma and I were just discussing some of the things that happened to get us here. Like talk of Shards and the Codex. I suspect we might be hearing more of those things soon." Again his palm itched at the idea of the shard, and he found himself wishing he could get the feeling out of his head.
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Audience with Hastor
After Emeric replied Yorgorov's question, the three of them heard a faint rustling and turned to see a teenage boy, running up the slope where they sat, panting with exhaustion.

"Sirs...," He breathed, Master Hastor has asked you all to meet him. I was sent to look for you all and fetch you. It's my luck that I would find all three of you together."

* * * * *

Making their way back at a considerable pace, the trio kept the silence. When they reached the mansion, they were greeted by Hastor Voraelin himself. After the boy was tipped, Hastor led the trio down the hallways and into his study room.

There, he presented chairs on which they could rest and a couch for Varakzy so that he would be more comfortable. Hastor himself took a seat directly opposite all of them and before he started, he gave a considerable pause and glance at the each of them. The atmosphere was awkward, to say the least.

Clearing his throat, Hastor began.

"I'm sorry to drag you all here so early in the day. But... Since Mr. Varakzy is mobile and looks well on his way to recovery, I thought it is best I begin this conversation as soon as possible.

I know there is much for Mr. Varakzy to catch up but I am afraid we have not much time and I will make it brief."

After repeating briefly to Varazky what happened and how he got here and their reason for being here, the Fox, the Duke of Aberhaven and also of The Codex. Hastor paused briefly to allow Yorgorov to take it all in.

"I understand that there will be a great many questions from the three of you and I will try my best to explain. I understand that trust was not so easily earned and now I find myself at the mercy of gaining yours.

But the time now has come where things are growing dangerous. With the Codex lost, and to make matters worse,"
Hastor continues pulling out a Shard of Iris to let it rest on the table. The red jewel was dull and looked unimpressive. "2 of the Shards from the Aberhaven vault are missing. The world's safety hangs in a balance.

You three are Seers, some would call it a blessing, some a curse. You have been gifted with a connection with the Shards. Know this, there are many others out there who are like you. Some know it, some do not and will come to know it just like you three do now.

And now, I come to you because I need your help. Your help to regain the Shards and Codex."

OOC: Feel free to ask questions etc...
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Re: Audience with Hastor
Emeric quickly puts his hands on his lap, clasping his hands together, whilst he considers the words just spoken. The chair was comfortable, and now he sat on its edge.

"The shard you hold, is that how they normally look? And what does the Codex look like? If we are to seek them, then I would like to know how we can identify them." Emeric, slightly uneasily, wanted to know as much as possible.
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Re: Audience with Hastor
Hastor nods at Emeric, "Yes, the gem always looks like this. However, as a Seer perhaps you see something different...?" He looks at Emeric questioningly, and he looks at Yorgorov & Brax as well.

A moment between them passed before Hastor rose from his seat and pulled out thick tome. He flipped through the pages and then came to rest on drawing of a scroll with arciac scribbles on it. "The Codex looks just like any other scroll.  Records have stated that it varies with individual. To an ordinary man, he would see it as a blank piece of parchment, or perhaps a scroll containing maps or a story or perhaps even a picture of a woman or an animal. Most would probably ascertain it to be a magical scroll, a toy of a street magician.

However, to a Seer he would be able to see what was hidden underneath. A runic map indicating the locations of all known Shards that have been recorded within.

I know now, you must be wondering, how is it that I, a Guardian and not a Seer, would be identify such a thing? You see, when a Guardian comes of age, he or she must go through a ritual of joining and it is in that joining that we gain certain...enlightenment."

He looks at the trio and clears his throat uncomfortably, "Perhaps... it is best if I show you. After all your questions are answered..."

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Re: Audience with Hastor
"If its not rude, what do you join with?" Emeric asks, intrigued, and slightly concerned as to what the answer might be. That there was a shard so close didn't distract him as much as he thought, and he tried to hide his interest from the others.
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With a smile, Enigma politely declined the chair that Lord Voraelin offered to him. Out of long habit born of oft living outside the law, the highwayman preferred to keep his to feet when in unfamiliar circumstances, for he knew that if the need arose, he could move much more quickly that way.

He paced back and forth behind his chair, head down and deep in thought, listening silently as Lord Voraelin spoke his explanation for Varakzy's sake. At a break in the discussion, Enigma stopped his pacing and turned to face the nobleman.

"My Lord Voraelin. You speak of the Codex as being -- insofar as the Seers are concerned, at least -- a map that reveals the location of all the known Shards."

"How many 'known' Shards are there? It sounds as if there are many more than the three that Duke Dorian held in his vaults. So, then . . . what difference does it make if two more of them are added to the total that are  in hands other than the Duke's?"

"And what of this 'Fox'? Do you suspect that he is an independent party, looking simply to line his own pockets -- or is he an agent acting on behalf of others? And if the latter, whom do you suspect has hired him?"

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Re: Questions
"The blood of a Fallen," Hastor said plainly. He regarded Emeric calmly before adding, "Will you join me later? Perhaps... I can show you. I have three new Guardians, who will be your guards who are awaiting their Joining."

Then, it was Enigma's turn to speak. Hastor sighed, frustration growing evident in his tone, "The danger comes not from owning a Shard, Milord Enigma. The danger comes from uniting the Shards back to it's whole - back to form Iris.

Even so, there is an immediate danger of those who can wield the power of the Shard - individuals such as yourself - The Seers."
Hastor paced the front of the room, hands behind his back as he considered what to say next.

Then, his pacing stop and he turned to face the trio. "In my youth, I saw... I saw a single man tear an army apart with the sheer power of his bare hands. No doubt his rage and strength was imbued by the power of a single Shard. Imagine what could happen if Iris were to be whole again?

At present, we know of 7 shards. And we can only assume that there are more according to legend. Alot of our work is based on research, exploration and history.

Pausing for a moment, Hastor nods at Enigma's direction, "Yes, the problem of the Fox. Reports of individuals dressed in red clothes leading an attack have surfaced in light of the events, perhaps the Fox was working with these individuals? There is much to be done as we need to ascertain the motivations behind such attacks.

Naturally, my immediate suspicion would point to a group of Fallen who yearn to control the Shard. But so far there are no organized groups of Fallen that we know of and the attack at the Mansion seemed far too organized. Regardless, whether the Fox is an independent party or not, he is a threat.

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Re: Questions
Reclining on Hastor's couch Yorgorov tried to take in all that he heard, stories of shards and seers, of foxes, the fallen and the fate of the world, and most importantly, of his destiny. Destiny? That he was fated to be a seer, able to identify and control these Shards of Iris? Yorgorov scorned the idea. Although possessing a near unique ability to weild the power of these stones should be awe inspiring instead Yorgorov fealt resentment at the idea. Although life had given him many surprises he had always at some level believed that he was in control, that he wrote his own story. Was this now not the case? Had the the events of his childhood, of his relationship with Aleksi and Sveta, of his Ennunciation and his exile from Korskoya all been guiding him to this point here and now?


Surely not.

Yorgorov cleared his throat in an effort to sound contemtpuous though, he could not keep the doubt in himself from his voice as he addressed Hastor.

What makes you so sure of us, that we are Seers?I know little of my companions here but for myself I can say with certainty that I find it hard to believe that I am so different from my fellow man, what twist of fate has decided it so?
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Re: Questions
Hastor smiled slightly at Yorgorov. "It is difficult to understand that one may be greater than one assumes oneself to be. Yes, perhaps it is a twist of fate that you are who you are today.

And you ask, how is it that I know? Because I can see it. You are marked,"
Hastor pauses for a moment, as he looks between the trio. He was sure that their gaze spoke of uncertainty and disbelief. He could not blame them, this was as insubstantial as the supposed creatures that dwell in the deepest of seas, or in the Abyss. But who was to say that they didn't exist?

"Perhaps... it is time that I allow a glimpse into the truth of your heritage? After all, it is trust that I need to earn today," Hastor asked. "Will you follow me?"

It wasn't so much of a question than a formality. Before long, the trio followed Hastor down the winding hallways and down the stairs to the basement of the mansion. The basement was a cellar of sorts, holding large bulky equipment, food stuff, wines and spirits, and other broken and unused furniture.

Hastor turned to look at them once before reached up for a torch that sat placidly in it's holder. He gave the torch a pull, and a low groan was heard. Suddenly, the once empty wall shimmered with magic and a rock face appeared.

What rises after a dark night? a low and crumbly voice asked.

"A red dawn," Hastor replied confidently. And suddenly, the wall before them yawned open, revealing a large well-lit passageway. As they stepped through, the wall behind them shimmered shut and the passage out was sealed.

They walked down the passageway that seemed to go on forever and finally came to the top of a large and grand stair case that lead down to reveal an underground network of shops, smithies, laboratories, infirmaries and many more.

"Fayum's Deep - Welcome to the Guild of Iris," Hastor introduced.

OOC: Everyone would know that Fayum is a mountain near Aberhaven. And as if it's a suprise, Fayum is in the vicinity of the Voraelin Estate.

Not sure if I should have a short history surrounding Fayum.... What do you guys think?

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Tue 8 Jun 2010
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"Aye, Milord Voraelin," Enigma replied to Hastor's comment about red-clad attackers being involved in the events at Duke Dorian's estate on the evening of the Grand Masquerade,"I can personally testify to their presence and involvement. We three," Enigma nodded at Varakzy and Emeric,"together with Auran and Maedlin, tangled with a group of them down in the sewers below Duke Dorian's mansion that evening. 'Twas then that Master Varakzy suffered his wound."

For his part, the highwayman was intrigued by Voraelin's description of a man who was imbued with the power of one of the Shards ripping apart an entire army. Well, now. If I had powers such as that, my revenge against Montague and Oakshotte would be the stuff of legend. 'Tis something to keep in mind, no question about it.

Joined by his two fellow so-called "Seers," Enigma followed Voraelin down into the basement of the mansion and through the magicked wall. The fact that the magicks of the wall did not over-awe him was testimony to the power of the magicks that he had seen on the evening of the Grand Masquerade.

"I hope that you do not mind if I continue with my questions, Milord Voraelin," he said, speaking as he walked. "When we were upstairs in your study, you spoke of a suspicion that the Fox might have been acting as an agent of the Fallen. Who -- or what -- are they, Milord?"

"And you also said that you doubted that the red-clad ones were the Fallen, by reason of the level of organization that was evident in the attack on Duke Dorian's estate. Assuming that to be true, whom do you suppose the red-clad ones are? Surely you must have a very good suspicion as to the identity of these foes."

"Finally, Milord,"
Enigma said, hesitating for a moment in order to carefully choose his words,"I must tell you that although you have been a most gracious host, I have thus far neither seen nor heard anything that has convinced me that I should pledge my loyalty either to you, or to this so-called 'Guild of Iris.' You must understand, sir, that I have learned -- by dint of extremely dire circumstances being visited upon both myself and my family -- not to necessarily accept a genial visage and honeyed words at face value."

"If you wish my loyalty, I fear that you must show me more -- you must show me some measure of proof of that whereof you speak, Milord."

OOC:  I am in favor of adding as much information as you care to provide with respect to Fayum, Belle. It seems to me that each bit of information that is made available serves to enjoyably increase the depth and complexity of our setting.

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Library of Tomes
Hastor shook his head at Brax, assenting to the man's questions. "I understand very well that it is my word now that is in question. I find your questions no bother at all, if they are what it takes for me to acquire the aid of you and your companions, then I will gladly oblige."

As Hastor led them through the guild's grounds, they could feel that the guild was well ventilated despite the fact that they seemed to have gone underground. However, when the trio looked up, they could see skylight peeking through portholes high up in the stony ceiling and as they walked, they could feel that the ground was sloping upwards.

"The Fallen is the name we give to Seers and Guardians who had heeded the called of the Shards but have decided to use it for their own gain. The Shard is a powerful artifact capable of imbuing power, inhuman power - to put it plainly, it is the key to Immortality.

Seers can harness its power, bend it to their will, while the Shard can also work to bend a Seer's will for it's own purpose. It's a symbiotic relationship which, in my experience, ends with catastrophic results."

Soon, they arrived at a large empty chamber and beyond that chamber, a door. Hastor turned around to face them and said, "Beyond that door, perhaps you'll find, not all, but some answers. I will be waiting here..."

* * * * *

From wall to ceiling, rows and rows and shelf upon shelf of books. Books of various thickness, sizes and shapes. The smell of knowledge - of aging pages and ink lingered in the air. The sounds of muffled talking, shuffling of feet and the faint scratching of quill upon parchment could be heard. Individuals, dressed in dour robes of grey with red trimming moved about silently and gracefully, going about their business. When the trio entered, never once did they look up or take notice.

Then right in the middle of this large library, was a tall and white marble statue. It was the figure of a woman and she was beautiful - and not to deprive the sculptor of his due credit, she was beautifully carved. She was Cathapia - The Keeper of Knowledge. In her left hand, she held a large open book and in her right hand, a shield.

Standing by her feet, was an individual in a grey robe. His head was bowed and when they approached, he said softly, "What have you come to ask The Keeper this day, children?"

OOC: Time for some creative writing! :)

Be sure to only ask one question, as specific as you can, at one time. I will write a "short story" of sorts to answer your question, taking it as you've done research at the library. Now, just a heads up this is a "magical" library of sorts - meaning, you ask a question, the statue points to which row, which shelf to read up on the subject. This library has information on almost everything. [WORLD WIDE WEB ANYONE? LOL]

However, what I'm looking forward to in particular is for characters to ask questions with regards to their own heritage. If you guys didn't guess it already, it's time to reveal this OOC - becoming a Seer has something to do with being "born with it". But how Hastor knows, you'll have to find out in game.

As such, I'd like to do a spin off and do some solo RP with each of you to help build some back story. I'm aiming for ONE MINI ADVENTURE within these solo threads. I think this is important as it will help me build the story as well.

You can trigger this anytime as we can run both this thread & the "solo" thread at the same time.

Hope you guys are as excited as I am about this! It's almost unfortunate I don't have EXP to dish out as rewards or something...

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Sun 13 Jun 2010
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Enigma's Inquiry
Enigma gave Lord Voraelin a sharp look when the man spoke of the "Fallen" as Seers and Guardians who have turned the powers of a Shard to their own use. It was as if Voraelin was privy to his mind when he gave thought to using a Shard to empower his revenge against Montague and Oakshotte -- as well as anyone else who might have been involved in the conspiracy to snatch away the ownership of Braxton's Hold and -- mayhaps more importantly -- sunder the centuries-old influence of his family within the Realm.

Of course, Enigma kept his thoughts to himself, and he quickly composed his expression to expunge any hint of his personal interest in Hastor Voraelin's comments.

"This is marvelous!" he exclaimed as he and his companions followed Lord Voraelin through the stone passageways of the Guild, that were lit by natural sunlight from high above. "I have never seen its like!" he added, his mind racing as he considered all the engineering and stone-masonry that would have been needed to construct an underground sanctuary of such magnitude.

But if the outer passages of the Guild-Hall were awe-inspiring, the library that was hidden away behind the stout door where Voraelin halted to await their return almost literally took Enigma's breath away. Truly, it was a holy cathedral dedicated to the pursuit of Knowledge! Enigma came to a standstill near the statue of Cathapia and slowly turned around in circles, gazing in every direction as he drank in the ages-old wonder of the place.

When the gray-robed man greeted the newcomers, Enigma bowed respectfully in return.

"Father," he began, in keeping with the man's reference to himself and his companions as children, "I ask most respectfully that I be granted the boon of learning whether any of my ancestors before me served the Guild as Seers or Guardians, and if so, whether the recent conspiracy to . . ." Enigma halted in mid-sentence and glanced at Varakzy and Emeric, gazing into their eyes for a moment before continuing, " . . . to end my family's position of influence in the Realm was intended to diminish the power of the Guild."

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Yorgorov Varakzy
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Yorgorov's Inquest
The aroma of the place washed over Yorgorov and he stopped in his tracks, almost dropping his walking cane. How long had it been since he had been in a librarium that that truly deserved the name? He could taste the ages of knowledge and wordcraft contained here, drinking it in like a fine wine. The Korskhan's eyes met with that of Enigma and he understood a shared appreciation for the vintage.

You say we are marked, Master Hastor, in what way? I see nothing that connects us. I am not even of this land.

When at last he spoke it was to the lord of the estate, rather than the grey man. The Korskhan was wary of him and his association with Cathapia, who in the lore of his birthland was not a guardian of knowledge. Rather, in his home tongue her title "Keeper" translated more closely to gaoler.
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Re: Yorgorov's Inquest
"The boundaries created by man do not apply here, Varakzy. I cannot tell you how you are connected to us except by the fact of your existence as a seer. Perhaps you will find those answers through that door," came Hastor's reply before Yorgorov and the two others disappeared into the library.
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Re: Yorgorov's Inquest
Emeric had been deep in thought since the others had begun questioning Hator. He had noticed the look Hastor had given him at the mention of the Fallen, and he wondered what that linked to, guessing it was perhaps his father. What had really gotten his attention and sent him on a long line of thought was the remark about a man becoming an entity able to beat a whole army. Was that what he was feeling now? The link from having touched and used the shard he had carried? He also made a note of the inherent threat caused by the shard, as Hathor had explained its own insiduous attempts to change the Seer. Was that what he had been feeling in its presence? Emeric shuddered at the thought of being controlled.

When Hathor remarked that they were all marked, Emeric found himself looking over himself and the others to see it. It was an automatic gesture, that he regretted immediately. If he was marked openly then others would have noticed before now, even with all of his usual cautiousness around strangers.

On entering the library, Emeric wondered what information they held. At the statue, he began to understand the possibilities of this place. His question came easily, for it was one that he had wanted answered for as long as he knew who his father was. Or rather what he wasn't.

"Cathapia, I am Collis Tindle, known as Pine and Emeric, and I seek knowledge to guide me. Can you please answer this simple question, who and what is my father?" A simple question that Emeric suspected was not that simple to answer.
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Cathapia's Response
The man in robes nodded silently in reply to Brax, before turning around and whispering a prayer before the statue of Cathapia. When he was finished, he reached out to pick something out from the bowl that was at the bottom of the Statue's feet.

He turned back around to look at Brax. It was then that the group noticed that the man was blind or appeared to be for his eyes were milky white. "The Keeper is no Oracle and she cannot answer that which has not come to past nor can she say what the intentions of men are. However, she will grant you an insight of which you seek..."

Brax's story will continue in Chapter 6a. Lineage

Then, he revealed a small rolled up piece of paper in his palm and offered it to Brax to take.

Turning to Emeric, he repeated the ritual and once more offered a small roll of paper to him. "A man is best described as the son of his father. And now, The Keeper will grant you your request..."

Emeric's story will continue in Chapter 6b. Tindle Is My Name
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A future not written
Yorgorov enetered the room slowly, nodding at Hastor and keeping his eyes averted from the statue as he spoke.

Then tell me of my bloodline Keeper. Tell me of my brother, of Aleksi. Would he have been a Seer also?

None would have noticed, save unless they were looking to see it but Yorgorov's eye's wimced at the mention of the name. A name he had not uttered aloud in many a year.
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Cathapia's Response
After Brax & Emeric got their reply, it was Yorgorov's turn.

Once again, the robed priest prayed before his goddess and in return, was rewarded with a reply contained within a tiny note.

"What you ask of The Keeper is two things. But whether they are connected as one, are only for your eyes to see." Said the priest, and he handed Yorgorov his note.

Yorgorov's story will continue in Chapter 6c.The Life & Times of Aleksi Varakzy

* * * * *

Outside the Library of Tomes stood Hastor Voraelin. Fingers interlaced with each other, and hands behind his back. He stood - watching the large door that held the knowledge of Cathapia within. He hoped that by showing the trio the way to Cathapia, they would learn what they needed to know. But as with all things, there was a risk that they would turn away from him once armed with new knowledge - but it was a risk Hastor was willing to take.

And all he could do now, was wait.