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Duties of a Knight
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Many judge a Leonyr's nature and his honour by his mettle in battle, ferocity, size and his sense of judgement. However, little is known of these beings who pride themselves so much on doing what they think is right. Are they are infallible as they seem to be? What lies deep inside a Leonyr's heart? What are their troubles and their woes? How does a Leonyr grow up to be what the world sees him to be? Perhaps Rhollin Grail, the upright and just knight from Savaan will tell us...
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Re: Duties of a Knight
"The lines of battle will be drawn at Arrowhead Island."

Six other Leonyr in the tent showed their distaste or surprise at the suggestion. They felt little need for courtly composure towards this mere squire and his preposterous suggestion. Only Sir Eckhart kept an even expression and waited to hear further explanation from young squire Rhollin.

The eight Leonyr were gathered in the war pavilion to arrange terms of battle, as was custom. Each kingdom represented had put forth a chief knight, along with his squire and two lieutenants. This committee would lay down the rules of engagement for the coming fight, that both sides might be satisfied with the resolution. And why should they not be? In a fair fight the winner would always be the just.

This particular dispute concerned land, as did so many in Savaan. The expanding alliance of houses under the Grail banner shared a recently acquired border with Duskvale, and strife was quick to come. Heavy rains had altered banks in the Three Rivers area, and the confusion of borders led to skirmishes over farm and road rights between the two kingdoms. Rather than let the sporadic fighting continue indefinitely, a War Meet was arranged to settle the border dispute honorably and permanently.

"Despite the abundance of unfarmed, open land here, you wish us engage on a strip of heavy forest only a few acres long? Pray tell why, young master." Sir Dune of Duskvale was wondering why Eckhart had let his squire speak for the Grail.

"Rain," Rhollin replied simply.

To understand why this one-word response silenced all, one must understand Leonyr warfare.

With razor claws, heavy weapons, and immense strength, superior protection was a must for the Leonyr knight. Therefore armorsmithing was an art perfected early in the culture. A Leonyr suit of armor was incredibly hard and durable, resistant to almost all cuts and thrusts. Therefore, it was more common for knights to fall unconscious due to exhaustion or blunt blows than to die outright from wounds. This, of course, had the advantage of allowing a victor to be determined without high casualties; many fallen knights would be woken after the battle was decided. Thus Leonyr war culture carried on.

A battle in the rain, however, was a different story. Face down in the mud or face up to a weeping sky, a fallen Leonyr knight would likely drown. Casualties would skyrocket. In Three Rivers, the wooded Arrowhead Island afforded the only cover.

"Very well. Arrowhead. There shan't be much room to maneuver."

But Rhollin was not worried about tactical advantage. He wanted his men to live to fight again, and gain land again, and gain glory again. But for that they must first survive the test at hand.

The old knight Eckhart said nothing in response, but put a hand on his squire's shoulder in approval. The terms of what would become the Battle of Three Rivers were negotiated. At that battle a new knight would be made, and that story shall be told hence...