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Secrets of a Tavern Wench
This thread belongs to Lily

Gold coins and a warm candlelight is all that is precious to the lass known as Lily. She was not always who she is today. Lily was once beautiful, full of dreams and hopes - only to be taken away by those who steal and leech off the fortune of others. Bitterness, hardiness and a sleek mind are all Lily is left with, and these qualities have served her well - helped her to survive this cruel and unjust world. Perhaps now is the time we can get to know Lily for who she really is...

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At the End of the Day
Weary to the bone, Lily slumped against the wall and closed her eyes against reality. The day had been never-ending. All that she wished for now was some quiet privacy and a few moments to think her thoughts before she slept. But if such a tiny haven existed for her, it was not here. For just beyond the attic door was Celina, anxiously awaiting Lily’s arrival.

“Lily, Lily. Come quick, my girl,” came the tremulous call.

“You are too much for me,” Lily sighed in defeat. What would you wish for, then? That she be gone from this world? Shame and a wave of remorse flooded Lily, drowning any ignoble thoughts that the exhausted young woman might harbor.

Careful not to spill a drop of the steaming posset that she had concocted to ease the old lady’s pain, Lily opened her eyes and pushed her tired body away from the wall. “Watcher, forgive me for my selfishness,” she implored. “Please, look after Celina and give me strength.” She had ceased praying for a cure moons gone by.

Lily turned the door handle and jimmied open the plank a crack. Holding the covered mug in one hand, and taking up the heavy pail of hot water with the other, she juggled the door wider with a push of her slippered foot. “Celina,” she called out, her voice as light as a feather. “I’ve brought you something delicious to drink … and a warm bath, if you can call it that.” Lily laughed to make everything right for Celina. Her worried glance swept the tiny room for a hint of her friend’s condition. She frowned, for only one candle burned, barely lighting the dark, and there was no evidence of Celina’s needlework about.

Lily settled the drink on a rickety table and the bucket on the floor, and then came near to smile at Celina, so frail within the bed. “Dearest, you know we can afford tapers…” Lily did not bother to scold her, but quickly lit three more, bringing light into the dingy room and cheer into Celina’s heart. She plumped the thin pillows, tucking the one from her own narrow cot behind Celina’s thin shoulders.

”Lily. . .I’ve befouled myself,” the woman's shameful confession was a broken whisper; embarrassed she turned her face to the wall.

Gently Lily brushed a strand of silvery hair from the Celina's pinched face, and leaned to touch an honest kiss upon the wrinkled cheek. “’Tis no matter for I love you,” Lily breathed softly. “You are the only mother that I have ever known and you must take care for I could not go on without you.”

Celina brightened when Lily spoke and she made to say something in return, but broke into a phlegm-ridden cough that shook her frail body repeatedly.

After a moment’s pause Lily took up the cup and lifted the soothing drink to her friend’s lips. “Drink, Celina, for this will help to ease your pain.” She encouraged little sips. “And after you finish, I shall give you a warm wash, and then I shall tell you all about my day,” her soft voice hitched. “Perhaps something wonderful has happened . . .”

It was some time later when Celina was clean and the bed linen's fresh that Celina stayed Lily’s busy hands.

“Lily,” Celina croaked. “You fret too much over me. Take food for yourself now. I shall be no more bother.” The old woman managed these few words before the spasms overtook her again.

The lady’s worsening condition concerned her, but Lily smiled into her eyes, putting a good face to their woes. “You are no trouble, Celina. . . no more than I am to you.  Hasn’t our pact been to stay alive for each other?” There was a note of uncertainty in Lily’s voice, something she didn’t dare to trust. She wanted to push, to see how far caring would go. But this path led to heartache, and she had been down it before.  Still, Celina was all she had. “Together, we are a force to be reckoned,” the girl laughed with feigned merriment, taking pain to disguise the effort.

Lily held the steaming posset to her friend’s lips and supported the frail, slender shoulders so that she might drink. “I’ve made this just for you. It will insure you have a good night’s sleep so that you can do for me tomorrow. You know that I can’t manage a straight hem without your guidance, and I shall need all your skill with needle and thread if I am to be ready for the ball by tomorrow’s eve.”
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Dressed To Kill
On the wall mismatched nails held a small looking glass at eye level. Out of habit Lily glanced at the cloudy shard of silver, trying to make out her reflection in the hoary film, looking for a hint of the scimitar’s slice that marred her jaw line. But all she could see were bits of herself; the ebony sheen of her hair, swept back; large, dark eyes; a gown of blue that shone with a shimmering edge.  Was she the lady of her dreams?

Lily could not tell if she looked well in the gown. She could not tell if her cheeks were flushed or pale, or if the color of blue became her, or if the precious pearl drop at her forehead added to the peculiarity as she feared. She wanted to be lovely, desperately so. At least for tonight she wanted to dazzle, to smile and strike envy into the hearts of all the other maidens. Tonight was to be her escape and Lily fervently wanted to be noticed.

“Grown men will be walking into walls for staring so hard,” Celina cackled, meaning to sooth the girl's jittery nerves and lift her spirits. She put the finishing touches to her handiwork, cheering Lily on as her old, gnarled fingers fastened the corners of silk that held the flowing harem pants low on Lily’s hips.

Lily turned away from the glass, drawing a heavy breath to test the restraints of the cropped vest barely visible beneath the long, flowing veil. She kicked up one foot, and folds of indigo silk fluttered in place, falling back into gathers at her ankles with rippling sighs. “What if I am uncovered as an impostor?” Lily questioned softly, her eyes above the veil were transparent and full of doubt.

“Are you anxious?” Celina smiled reassuringly.

“Yes.” Lily nodded.

Celina stepped back to consider Lily and then the old woman gazed around the room that had always been hers, and then hers and Lily’s. It was as safe and familiar to her as could be and had remained exactly the same for as far back as she could remember, becoming home on the day when the wretched child had been given over into Celina's care and training. But soon Lily would reside in rooms fit for royalty where men would come to her, bow low, and call her princess. So it would be if the secrets that Lily cried and whimpered in her tortured dreams were truth.

Celina came forward, taking Lily’s hands. “I would be, as well,” she laughed a little to quell Lily’s nervousness. “But you have the feather, so who is there to gainsay you? Let us not think of it. You will know what to do when the time comes.”

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