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3.1 The Aberhaven Encampment

A cool dawn air rushed between the trees, tossing the leaves from the slumber as a brand new day began. The sun was still making her ascent and the sky shone with a healthy pink glow. Birds roused from their nest and chirped merrily overhead as our duo weary duo, the Grail knight Rhollin Grail, and the enchantress Lucinda, and her pixie familiar Petie found their way out of the great woods and onto a the dirt trail.

Just beyond the trail was a small hill and as Lucinda stopped to take care of her tired feet, Rhollin embarked on climbing the hill's gentle slopes to take stock of their location.

Upon reaching it's peak, Rhollin was please with what he saw, Lucinda's magical compass had not failed them. However, his rapture was shortlived.  From where he stood, he could see the city of Aberhaven up in smoke. Thick grey clouds climbed the sky and tarnished the beauty of the morning that greeted them.

And just a few miles south of the burning city, Rhollin could see the white peaks of settlement tents and movements of what he believed to be military troops.

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Re: 3.1 The Aberhaven Encampment
Rhollin's legs ached under the weight of muscle and steel. He had walked hundreds of miles to this foreign land, and only a single day of rest separated him from that epic trek and his current journey. Reaching the top of the hill was a victory in itself. The view beyond wiped that away, telling of more and more challenges to come.

"The city burns," he called back to Lucie solemnly. "Over your great land hangs the smoke and smell of war." To the knight's eyes, the burning city had lost its majesty. The familiar sight of a smoldering city meant a lost battle. One day it would stand for the culture and lives and loves of those within, but for now it was a tactical omen and no more.

"As I understand this saying exists in many tongues - we may have lost the battle but the war goes on. Come Lucinda, sorceress, see what I see and point our path. The settlement may provide us with information and supplies, and we can repay them with our knowledge to send them to safety."

He looked back to Lucie and gained strength from the sight of her. She claimed ignorance and vanity, but he saw determination.