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Wed 27 Sep 2017
at 12:57
DM assistant for Tomb of Annihilation wanted
I recently picked up ToA and am itching to run it. I just need a DM's assistant to help in a couple places.

For the most part, you'd be a regular palyer. You'd have a definite place reserved for your character in the party, and the majority of the storyline, mechanics, secrets, etc would be kept from you.

What I mainly need help with is the map of Chult. I'm totally blind, and a large portion of the adventure sees the party moving hex to hex in the wilderness. Obviously, that provides an obstacle. You would have access to the DM's version of the map, and as the party travels, you would give any notable features in that hex for random encounters, major locations, etc. You'd also help plan out routes if the party was being lead to a location not on their map.

Outside of that, you'd just help someone who's DMing their first game on the sight. So if you want to play Tome of Annihilation, and don't mind helping me out with the hexploration aspect (I hope I just coined that term), then check out the game at the link below and shoot me a message.

Link: link to another game

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