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Thu 13 Oct 2016
at 23:00
Only War
I'm looking for a relatively short and dangerous campaign that sets the squad directly on the front line and provides objectives, but mainly tasks them with surviving.

One PC regiment, no support specialists, constant setbacks.

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Mon 17 Oct 2016
at 00:15
Only War
A single custom-made regiment of the Players' or GM's design [choose one]? Or a group of regiments to choose from and this is a 'survivor company' of mixed backgrounds?

Against what type of enemy?

On what type of (in)hospitable world?

How far into their careers are the soldiers?

Having read Fifteen Hours several years ago, I'm inclined to want this, too...though not sure if I would run it or want to see it run.
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Mon 17 Oct 2016
at 05:11
Only War

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Sat 22 Oct 2016
at 14:25
Only War
Never played a OW game, but would be interested playing in a higher level game against secessionists, probably as a light infantry/drop infantry type of regiment, or armoured regiment...

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Sat 22 Oct 2016
at 17:52
Only War
I would play if a game gets started up.
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Sat 17 Dec 2016
at 07:06
Only War
So that didn't quite go to plan, and as a whole experience, it didn't feel like the group or GM was really on board for an excursion into grimdark in which characters die and the squad / regiment is the main focus. Some of which I enabled by accident.

I am looking for an OW game that doesn't shy away from being brutal. Not unfairly, unexpectedly, or preventing the regiment from completing missions (necessarily), but in ways that are difficult to tackle without casualties.

Preference for following regiment & character creation rules as written, with a something similar to the Tanith First (Hammer Of The Emperor) in that they're three sub-regiments in one, but with different role orientations per sub-regiment. No official regiments.

GM interest?
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Wed 1 Feb 2017
at 19:22
Only War
Did anything come of this? I've got all the Only War books and no one to play the game with.
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Thu 2 Feb 2017
at 00:06
Only War
Nope. Still, remaining hopeful that someone will pick up the idea as it stands, the group will truthfully be prepared to stick with it, and everyone will get how this can be fun rather than trying to change it.

Only War is (IMO) the best set up 40k game for fast PC turnover. Regiments decide a significant portion of resulting PCs before the game starts, so you can pick your new speciality & regiment mid-game with little fuss, then slog on.
That does mean making the regiments distinct and useful to different character types matters a lot.

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Wed 4 Oct 2017
at 05:18
Only War
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Fri 6 Oct 2017
at 13:16
Only War
I'll GM.

I'll attempt to post once a day but for work and life reasons may be late for up to a week.

You got any specific ideas for regiments or campaigns other than what you stated or do you want me just to run with it?
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Fri 6 Oct 2017
at 17:29
Only War
I was looking at the Universe class transport a while back, and something about it stuck with me as a campaign locale. 12km long. Capable of hauling 60,000 voidborn crew and 500,000 imperial guard passengers, plus gear, supplies, etc.
They are almost self-contained worlds, where entire voidborn communities live out their lives, uncaring as to the vessel’s current owners’ motives or identities. Simply unloading the vessel is a mighty undertaking, requiring months at a time.

The regiment itself; poorly provisioned Orcan penal colonists, plus a few Orcan stonecrusher ogryns? (Shield Of Humanity 20-23)
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Sun 8 Oct 2017
at 10:01
Only War
I'm interested but not sure how it would work as an actual war as opposed to a large protracted skirmish.

I was thinking perhaps a mutiny on board with the pc's attempting to retake the ship one deck at a time?