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Fri 19 Jan 2018
at 20:20
Hey, all

I recently joined the site. I have always been interested in RPGs whether that be PBEMs, PC games or console games (never really acquired a taste for tabletop). My PBEM experience is a bit limited mainly due to the fact the games I have been able to join seem to collapse when other players' commitment wanes.

I am looking for a game (preferably fantasy based, but I would enjoy sci-fi too) that is very focused on the writing component and is original. I don't mind something that is based  on an already-established universe such as Lord of the Rings for example, but it would be ideal not to be confined to a pre-established universe.

So, I guess my preferred game would be something that is almost akin to a collection of people writing a story together, which is limited only by imagination. Obviously, it would have to have some type of game system to add the element of real life action and consequence that would ultimately help drive the characters.

If anyone has any advice or a game that meets what I have described, let me know.

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Sat 20 Jan 2018
at 02:35
In reply to Sharazaar (msg # 1):

Welcome, Sharazaar!

It sounds very much like you want to participate in something like a collaborative novel.  There's definitely room for that here.

To find a game look at:

Wanted - GMs (if you're searching for someone to run a game for you)
Wanted - Players (if you're running a game and want players)
Game Proposals, Input, and Advice (to float proposals for a game you want to run, or to read others' ideas and maybe join in if they interest you.)

Fate might be a good game system to underlie such an effort.  Fate Accelerated may also be a good fit.  (Guess who's been reading up on Fate lately?)

System Reference Documents can be read online for free at:

Be Seeing You,

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Sat 20 Jan 2018
at 03:39
In reply to horus (msg # 2):

Thanks for your input. Appreciated.
Mad Mick
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Sun 21 Jan 2018
at 04:02
It depends on what level of freedom you'd like each person to have.  Freeform might be the best system for you if all participants should be on an equal footing.  As horus said, FATE may be appropriate, too.  You can also look at the Window for a non-intrusive system.

That said, if you wouldn't mind giving one person more authority as a Storyteller or Gamemaster, many systems could be used for that purpose, even something like D&D.  I play in a few GURPS games that might be run similar to what you're planning.  Send me an RM if you'd like examples.
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Sun 21 Jan 2018
at 08:52
Hi Sharazaar, welcome to the site. Your interests seem to be similar to mine - storytelling with just enough rules to avoid the old 'bang you're dead, no I'm not you missed' arguments.

Unfortunately my gaming interest goes in cycles and, although I do Fantasy and Sci-fi from time to time, I'm currently in a historical drama phase, so we may not meet up in a game anytime soon.

Feel free to Rmail me if you'd like a chat with a kindred spirit.
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Mon 22 Jan 2018
at 16:11
In reply to icosahedron152 (msg # 5):

Thanks. I might just do that.