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Sun 24 Sep 2017
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A Question About: Changeling the Dreaming
First of all, please don't kill me!
My question might annoy CtD fans.

It's about the illusionary nature of the game, everything from the character appearence, to his weapons and armors is basically a delusion.

If two elves are dueling wearing shining armors and wielding sparkling swords, a possible human witness, will see only two adults who are wearing cardboard armors  while wielding broomsticks. I'm right? To me this sounds just ridicolous, or I'm missing something?
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Mon 25 Sep 2017
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A Question About: Changeling the Dreaming
Nope, you pretty much got it.
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 Captain Oblivious!
Mon 25 Sep 2017
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A Question About: Changeling the Dreaming
And the characters could pretty much pass it off as LARPing, too.
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Mon 25 Sep 2017
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A Question About: Changeling the Dreaming
In reply to Ipergigio (msg # 1):

The illusionary aspect is very relative. Though chimera are pieces of the dreaming that don't actually exist in the mundane world, they are very real to changelings and can affect them for real like, for example, chimerical food will nourish them as if it were real. A changeling can deny the existence of chimerical stuff at anytime but doing so gets them banality.

Your example is correct. Though the swords will hurt the two elves, to everyone else it will look as if they are larping or playing around and can't be used to hurt normal people (unless they are enchanted, but even so, the damage will be purely chimerical, and thus not physically hurt them, despite the pain being very real).

They can work around that by calling upon the Wyrd, which makes all chimera real for a scene. That means the shining swords and armors become real and can cut and kill for real too. It also means that whatever imaginary creatures nearby such as dragons, monsters, santa claus, etc etc. also become real.