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Sun 17 Sep 2017
at 04:08
Harry Dean Stanton, 91
A favorite actor who has been in many a serious and many a cult classic.

He will be missed

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Sun 17 Sep 2017
at 04:26
Harry Dean Stanton, 91
He was always good in everything he did.
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Sun 17 Sep 2017
at 04:35
Harry Dean Stanton, 91
He was one of those actors I'd see in movies and then forget where I'd seen him, then go back and look again, and realize that those movies would not have been the same without him.  Never overbearing or heavy-handed in his portrayals, he gave cohesiveness and a sense of the real to whatever he played in.  That whisper in the wind that gives voice to the fallen leaves?  Yeah, that was him.

Good-bye, Harry.  Travel easy on your journey westward.